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    Post Brexit Result

    There's something very fishy about those two..
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    Like a boss! Sunday I'll do a proper write up of how to do it. It's actually not that difficult. Next I'm going to change the divisions on the gauge to bring the needle in at 50 degrees instead of 75.
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    As it's been more than 6 years since the full respray, looking at the playing card reflections made me think it would be interesting to do the same thing again and compare various parts of the car. Back in 2011, as all the car had been done at the same time, the finish was very uniform. Since then the boot lid and both front doors have been replaced, the bonnet repainted (twice!) and the bonnet covered in a clear wrap. So, how do those areas compare with parts of the paint untouched since 2011? I rummaged through my draws to find the same playing card I'd used in 2011. Unfortunately the weather was not quite so good as when the original pictures were taken, so the car is inside under LED lights rather than outside in the sunshine. First, the areas that have not been touched, the same areas that were pictured previously The roof The rear wing They look pretty much the same, pretty flat, still nice and shiny! How about the passenger side front door, replaced in June 2013 due to corrosion on the seams. the boot lid, done at the same time as the passenger door. or the drivers door, replaced October 2014 due to the same issue as the passenger door and finally, the bonnet. Repainted both in 2013 and 2014 (in 2014 it was taken back to bare metal again) then covered with clear protective film. You can definitely see the slight texture of the film, not so much in the reflection of the playing card, but in the reflection of the out of focus bottom edge of the wall cupboards. Overall though, still a pretty consistent texture and finish. I'm pretty happy with that.
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    Post Brexit Result

    I fully agree with you. It is starting to depress me now. I watched QuestionTime last night. Every argument which the SNP had, I had one better i then was dreaming about it this morning. Hopefully I'm too busy this weekend to care about politics.
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    E34 540i6 touring on ebay

    Come on, don't be a tease Duncan.
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    I'm hoping so, yes. I've also emailed the company I found a while ago that make custom gauge dials. If it's not massively expensive I'll order a set and swap it over so it'll look like it should.
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    530d titansport

    E46 18inch wheels onto e39?

    You can get some bolt on spacers that will make the offset correct and also alter the center bore so yes e46 wheels will fit and no you shouldnt have any tyre issues.
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    I think I've done it - I'm just going out for a drive now to warm the car up but fingers crossed! Taken 2 sodding hours!
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    If you do work it out please rewrite the instructions in understandable English as the translation on that German website is confusing me! Also, what gauge is it that he has in the pic? It's not mpg like we have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Am I the only one? Gearbox behavior F11

    Tried to make a video... It's more obvious in the flesh, but here you go:
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    A few from last year Me on my hols Ed Force One at Cardiff Red arrows leaving Cardiff to go to the Welsh Air Show in Swansea On their way back from Swansea lining up to land in Cardiff
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Threw some water over the 540...
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    Front Caliper Sticking

    I occasionally get the horrendous screeching. To describe it, imagine a "Just Married " car where someone has tied a chain of tin cans dragging on the road behind, it sounds like that. A good Jet Wash poking the lance at the disk/pad area shifts it. I've no idea how a small stone or some such could create such a noise but it's happened about 4 times over the last 5 years, and is definitely memorable.
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    Just ordered two new front tyres from lovetyres.
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    Personalised reg numbers

    When I lived in the UK I always felt that personalised number plates intended to refer to names were very chavvy and a lot were owned by total wankers but occasionally I encountered an amusing plate. My favourite was seen on a Range Rover standing outside the local manor house in Shropshire. The plate FAT 61T had been slightly amended to read FAT GIT. Luckily here in Portugal we don't have personalised plates and my formerly UK registered car now bears the inoffensive registration 04-84-VM
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    535i Andrew

    Personalised reg numbers

    Lol, guessed that from your user name.
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    535i Andrew

    Personalised reg numbers

    If you want to flog that one I'll put you on to an old boss of mine, they are his initials.
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    Personalised reg numbers

    I don't get them at all. Each to their own though.
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    Le Wis

    F10 Coding Help

    @Funknhell to be honest with you I just laugh when I msg guys on other forums or call guys enquiring about coding BMW and get hit with ridiculous bills, or id give you a bespoke deal for £150 lol. I do know its not a major thing as to what I want done as I previously owned an Audi S4 and have VCDS software which I personally did my coding etc. I totally dont know much about BMW at all as my household has always been VAG cars. But ive been digging deep doing my research and this forum seems to be by far a good UK 5 series one. Id be grateful if you got back to me with some news. cheers pal!
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    535i Andrew

    Personalised reg numbers

    You know that was my exact response to my colleague who was telling me about his personalised plate, when he was trying to tell me that a 6 was a B and a G was a D. He claimed it was unique and I retorted with "and so is mine or I should £&@/ing hope so!"
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    Swapped the airbag out... From this to this In around 20 minutes, (it's my second one but still I was impressed. Old one... £43, so a bargain fix I'd say
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    Android headunits

    BMW radio will still be connected to allow Control of certain OBC functions.
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    Too late

    Wobbly disc

    I use a fine sanding block and then wipe off with a micro fibre cloth .Lastly a squirt of electrical cleaner etc
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    Wobbly disc

    Debris between disc and hub gets my vote too. Sometimes even aggressive wire brushing can leave the tiniest speck stuck to the mating surface. I've even used a scraper on occasions. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Personalised reg numbers

    "I think they're tolerable if they're not try hard or so contrived as to be laughable. " That's my view. The better ones are ok-ish (e.g. I used to see M4 MUM around here), but some are pretty cringeworthy. There are loads of Land Rover vehicles around these days, mostly black, tinted windows, 'unique' plates...yawn. I do already have a unique plate - the standard year-related one. [emoji1] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Personalised reg numbers

    Most aren't 'personalised' plates in the sense that they were created by the owner, they just happen to be older 'normal' DVLA issues that fit with someone's initials, business name etc. But anyway, yes I have two. One of them, K8 LCJ, I bought about eight years ago for £295 - its significance? I call it my 'family plate' K8 = Kate, L = Lauren, C = Cameron, J = Julie, in other words, the kids and wife. I usually have that on my bike, but it's on retention as I'm in-between bikes at the moment. The other is MD11 FLY . Now, for those of you not into civil aircraft types, the MD-11 was the successor to the DC-10 widebody passenger transport in the 90s and I thought that an aircraft type and 'FLY' as a reg plate was too good to miss, particularly at only £395. I think that DVLA missed a trick there. I've only assigned it once to a vehicle, a bike, but it's been on retention for a few years now. In the past I've been offered four figures for it from a couple of pilot colleagues, so I may just sell it on. The only thing I think is a bit naff is when people space letters to make a word or name, also using the plate fixing bolts to create a dot or make a C look like and E etc - I saw that the other day. I just think that looks really crap, sorry.
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    Personalised reg numbers

    No I don't have one.......
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    Personalised reg numbers

    I have one and quite like it...but a cautionary tale, my business partner bought his Mrs who hadn't worked a day in her life AJ08 BEC, she promptly got a job and then left him.
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    Personalised reg numbers

    I'm not a fan. Couldn't wait to get the m3 plate off my m3 when I bought it. I think they're tolerable if they're not try hard or so contrived as to be laughable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post Brexit Result

    I've watched the SNP since 2004 .... their special welcome to the workers of the world DVD back in 2005 must have been forgotten by the Scottish. The SNP cares little about Scotland or the Scottish .... Just as the mob in Westminster really cares little about the people of Britain
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    Feeler 2002 Carbon Black M5 FBMWSH 75k

    Stunning car, that's got to be a keeper! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post Brexit Result

    I am just sick to the back teeth of Sturgeon and Salmond including the mass of tv time afforded to their crap.
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    Mr C

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I fitted some lovely AXE EX15 18'' staggered alloys and tyres.....drool
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    Hidden Menu help req'd

    Higher values give fuel consumption readings that are lower. So if your car is optimistic (and they almost all are!) then increase the number. 1050 sounds about right.
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    They are all very different, and in different ways. In a straight line, the M6 will leave the M5 for dead, it's much, much faster. The M6 is also a better motorway mile muncher, not that the M5 is bad, the M6 just makes it effortless. In the twisties, there is probably not a lot in it, the M6 is heavier but has slightly wider tyres. Tech wise, the M6 is obviously better, the HUD especially is fantastic as is the surround view (although I wish there was a front camera as there is in the i8), Nav is more modern, the iDrive system has matured and is very easy to use and navigate. Practicality, the M5 probably just wins, the boot is theoretically slightly smaller, but the opening and shape are more useful. Rear head room in the M6 is slightly less, but leg room more. Comfort, not much in it. Once the M6 seats are adjusted correctly they are great. The M5 seats are very good to and with less adjustment somehow easier to get right. The DCT in the M6 is great if you're on a track or in stop start traffic, you can just be lazy and the auto part does a great job. You can get a little more involvement using manual mode, but it still doesn't have the degree of involvement that using a clutch and manual gear lever do. For manoeuvring, especially reverse hill starts the DCT and electric hand brake combination is shit, just bloody hard to control. There is so much power and the way it engages meany you have to almost instantly get the throttle pedal position just right. Not enough and you roll forwards, too much and you wheel spin backwards. Same in snow, the M5 gives much better usable traction. The steering in the M5 (especially now it's back to normal after changing the servotronic valve) gives much more feedback than the steering in the M6. It feels like there is a lot of rubber between the steering wheel and the track rods in the M6. This dampens vibrations etc. but it also limits feedback so it's relatively numb. The whole experience in the M6 is more 'remote' than the M5, if you had no speedo you could easily be doing 130 in the M6 and think it was 70. From a visibility point of view, which includes parking and placing the car accurately on a track or down a narrow lane with oncoming traffic the M5 wins hand down. Both are big cars, but the M5 feels much smaller to drive. In the M6 you're lower down, the lowest seat position on the M5 is about the same as the highest on the M6. This makes it more difficult to judge the front of the car. The A pillars are much wider in the M6, they will undoubtedly give better strength but they hamper visibility especially in conjunction with the door mirrors. The combination create a very significant blind spot looking at about 1 to 2 o'clock, just where you need to look to judge the curb. I've never curbed a wheel on the M5, in the first year of owning the M6 I curbed 3, although now I'm more used to it I've not done another since. The M1, that's a different ball game. It always feels special to drive, not because the interior is plush, it's quite austere, but because of the history of the car and the engine just behind your head. It's about as fast as the M5, probably would corner much better if you pushed it, which I haven't! It's surprisingly easy and comfortable to drive, the possible exception being the tweed like material of the seats which must be one of the best thermal insulators known to man, if it's hot, your back and bum get very warm indeed. Bottom line, they all feel epic, in their own unique way. The M6, it looks fantastic and goes like shit of a shovel, there are not many cars you're likely to come across on the roads that could live with it. But at the same time you can drive 300 miles, collect your slightly nervy mother and father-in-law and drive the 300 miles back to be home by lunch time. I did that when they planned to drive up for my sister-in-laws wedding the day before, got a phone call very early in the morning saying they had set off as planned and then lost their bottle, turned round and gone back home. Obviously they had to attend their own daughters wedding, so I just went and got them! The M5 is probably the most 'normal' car, it does everything very well, but does not excel at anything. It's fast, but not ballistic. It handles well, but would be left for dead by any number of small nimble sports cars. It does not stand out, to many people it's just an old 5 series. It's got a big boot and can seat 5 in comfort. I took my son to University for the first time in it, 5 up and all his crap in the boot, no problem at all, it would have been possible in the M6, but a bit of a squeeze for the occupant of the middle rear seat. The M1, it's a bloody M1! Every time you go out in it you get looks. Almost every time you fill up at the petrol station someone wants to talk about it, "You don't see many of those about". But I'd really not want to use it as my daily driver. It's the oldest. It has the most character. It needs respect as it has no power steering, no ABS, no traction control, no air bags, no seat belt tensioners. It's raw, but surprisingly civilised, drive from North Yorkshire to Munich, about 1000 miles, in two days, no problem.
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    Top Gear

    This is one of his better videos for sure. And what a car!