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    On 11th March 2003 E39 M5 reg AK03 DJJ was first registered in the UK by Sycamore BMW of Peterborough, 14 years ago today. I've posted quite a few threads in various places about my M5, but there has never been a single thread that's covered my ownership of the car. Quite a lot of information has been lost on various forums that have died, BMW Land and M5 Torque being two that come to mind. This forum too seemed to come pretty close too due to the tragic death of Darren last year. So I thought I'd try and document my ownership from scratch in one place rather than start another thread about things that I've done recently, it seemed a fitting day to start the task. CB37514 was built on 15 October 2002, so she was probably sitting around in the showroom at Sycamore for several months before being registered as one of the few 03 plate E39 M5s in the UK. There have been 4 former keepers, Sycamore being the first, Lord Edward James Russell being the 4th. I first saw the car for sale at Hexagon of Highgate in September 2008, the advertised price was, for that time, very high at just under £24,000 for a 40,000 mile car. I actually ruled it out as being too expensive. I was trying to sell an early E60 535d that had belonged to my father, it was 3 years old and had only done a little over 7,000 miles. The E60 was an odd spec. a non Sport 535d in Chiaretto Red with grey interior, no Bluetooth but a HUD. It was not a good time to be trying to sell a slightly odd car! I'd looked around locally and the best offer I'd had was under £10k. I considered keeping the car myself, but after doing a couple of trips decided that I could not live with the soft suspension, auto 'box and the E60 styling. I though, why not see what Hexagon would offer against their expensive E39 M5. To my amazement, they offered me just under £18k without even seeing the car. As the effective price was now only £16k the M5 suddenly went from expensive to very good value. A trip to Hexagon and an inspection and test drive in the M5 soon lead to a deal being done. I collected the car from Hexagon on 28 November 2008, a rather chilly day with a little snow at home on my return. So began my ownership of an E39 M5!
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    So after a long search through the classifieds recently I have been looking for another e39 and found a nice looking E39 530i sport for sale and hournor so away so I went to look today and came away with it It's done 119k ish miles, sat nav, leather and sunroof and just had 4K spent on it at Bmw for a new abs pump. Full service history and other than the usual brake wobble drives great Advert pics are all I have at the moment but it's just another silver sport
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    Change of heart I'm going to keep it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Early 2013 heralded some serious Alcantara upgrades. First, the boot was trimmed in Alcantara. I always hated the awful material used in the M5 boot, it wears terribly and shows every mark. To complete the look the 'Titangrau Dkl' versions of the rear boot trim panel were fitted too. Followed shortly by an Alcantara headlining, Sun Visors etc. The new headlining did not have the cutouts for the lights behind the sun visors, so it had to be cut out. A little nerve wracking cutting into a £1,000 part with a craft knife! Parts list for the Alcantara headlining Main headlining 51 43 7 894 392 A pillar Left 51 43 2 693 607 A pillar Right 51 43 2 693 608 Alarm cover 51 44 2 698 330 Sunroof lid 54 12 8 159 557 Sunroof trim 54 12 2 693 636 Sliding cover 54 12 2 693 644 3 Off Nuts for sunroof 54 12 8 119 975 Covering Left 54 12 8 159 601 Covering Right 54 12 8 159 602 C Pillar Left 51 43 7 894 397 C Pillar Right 51 43 7 894 398 B Pillar Left 51 43 7 893 545 B Pillar Right 51 43 7 893 546 As my rear tyres were now worn out, I sources some Michelin Pilot Supper Sport tyres from the USA, the rears were not available in the UK for quite some time, I think late 2013. The thermostat failed again, so was replaced. As new tyres were fitted, I thought it would be best to have a full KDS alignment done. Unfortunately in the process the drivers side front wing was damaged, something caught the lip and bent it. It would be possible to fix, but I managed to get a free wing, all I had to do was paint it. However, when the car was resprayed, it had been noted that there was a small amount of corrosion on the seam of the passenger side front door. The corrosion had been treated, but as is often the way with these things it had returned, there had also been a few signs on the boot lid. So, a new door and boot lid was purchased, the bonnet and front bumper were resprayed together with the new wing and boot lid. A few other bits and obs replaced at the same time. Right front wing 51 71 8 159 424 Left front door 41 51 8 216 817 Left front door vapour barrier 51 48 7 055 929 Outer door gasket 51 21 9 069 322 Butyl tape for door vapour barriers 83 19 0 153 321 Reflective sticker 63 31 8 363 847 Boot lid 41 62 8 167 801 Spoiler 51 71 7 901 594 Adhesive spoiler tape 51 71 0 141 495 Boot light 63 31 6 962 039 Boot lock with code 51 24 8 216 812 Boot lock actuator 51 24 8 172 177 Boot lock grommet 51 24 8 120 166 3 Off bolt 07 14 6 985 055 Boot latch striker 51 24 8 120 848 2 Off boot gas strut 51 24 8 222 913 2 Off Grommet for fastening bonnet badge 51 14 1 807 495 2 Off Grommet for fastening boot badge 51 14 8 209 932 2 Off Plug in Nut 51 13 1 961 243 Grill Left 51 13 2 497 261 Grill Right 51 13 2 497 262
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    Because we all really know that if Ford made a decent rear wheel drive car, we would all be driving that instead. But as only BMW make cars that are driven by the rear wheels which aren't for old men or golfists, then we all drive BMWs!
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    It's not the total mileage that can have a detrimental effect, rather it's the type of journey. An excess of short trips is bad news. I do less than 10k a year, but that includes several 200+ and 400+ milers, and if I happen to have a spate of shorter journeys I schedule in a 50+ motorway blast to give things a blow through. I don't wish I'd bought a 530d either - 525d does all I need. Horses for courses I guess. [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Most of the rest of 2009 and up to August 2010 passed with just maintenance items and a few small additions : - Installed Home-link universal garage door opener, which did not work! So I stripped the insides out and fitted the internals of a 12V key fob remote, worked perfectly. - Final Stage Resistor replaced under warranty. - Replaced steering wheel and control buttons as they were slightly worn. - Replaced various small trim pieces. - Inspection 1 service, replaced gearbox and diff oil. - Replaced fuel filter and regulator. - Drop links, rear wishbones and centre tie rod replaced under warranty. - Passenger side headlight replaced under warranty due to broken adjusters. - Winter tyres and Style 66 wheels bought and fitted over winter. - Drivers side seat belt replaced due to small cut. - Brake disks, pads and handbrake shoes replaced. - Drivers seat base foam replaced, the foam had started to break up on the outer squab. - Fitted double glazed units to the front doors. - Windscreen replaced due to stone chip. The screen had to be refitted due to wind noise above about 100 mph (on the autobahn of course). - Rear diff seals replaced under warranty. I installed Alpine PDX 4-150 and a pair of Pioneer slim subs in a custom enclosure to get a bit more base, a short term fix until something better could be installed. I wanted to retain as much boot space as possible. In June 2010 I'd taken the mileage to just over 60,000 at which point the BMW warranty prices increase dramatically and the components that are covered reduce. So I decided to fit the Evolve 4-2-1 headers and race cats. These were fitted by Car Planet Racing in Warrington, not too long after the owner did a runner as it appeared he owed quite a lot of money to the local drug dealers! The car was dynoed at 440hp. I retrospect I wish I'd not had the cats fitted, it made passing the MOT emissions test difficult, but not impossible.
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    On March 11th 2009 the car would be 6 years old and out of the 6 year corrosion warranty. I'd noticed that the inside of the filler flap was just starting to show the signs of corrosion coming through the seam at the bottom and thought that I might as well get it fixed under warranty. What a mistake that turned out to be!! Photos were taken at the dealership and the warranty repair was authorised. The car was taken to an authorised BMW repair centre and came back about a week later. Given that the car had been detailed and looked fantastic about a month before, I could not believe the state that it came back in. I marked up more than 250 defects in the paintwork! Parts of the car that should not have been touched had obviously be painted and finished badly. Here are a few of the many pictures that I took at the time The whole car looked as though someone had gone over it with a pan scourer. There were obvious sanding marks down the sides of the boot lid And on the join of the rear wing above the bumper The finish was like the surface of the moon, orange peel of mountainous proportions inclusions, 'fish eyes' and other defects all over Nasty blotchy areas of paint, very difficult to picture, but probably caused by massive amounts of paint The filler flap recess itself was awful too, the paint was barely covering the area around the filler cap and a large ugly fillet had been put on the seam itself to simply cover up the corrosion After two attempts to rectify the work it was better, but still much worse than it had been originally. It would be two years before I sorted it out completely, In the mean time, other jobs included : - Replacing the oil filter and power steering reservoir mounts which had sheared. - replacing the oil separator hoses. - Installing an OEM reversing camera. - replacing the windscreen wiper mechanism as someone had previously over torqued the drivers side wiper bolt and it sheared off (possibly the body shop but I could never prove it). - replacement of the instrument cluster due to running cool, followed by replacement of the thermostat, both under AUC warranty. - replacement of the brake servo as it was full of water, again under AUC warranty. - replacing the central Titan Line trim as the ash tray clips were broken and it kept popping out. - repairing a loose connection to the Bluetooth ULF module. Previously the ULF module had been replaced 3 times under warranty, this was probably the cause. - replacement of the TFT nav monitor screen as it was slightly scratched. I sourced a Sharp TFT module for under £100. - replacement of some of the A/C control buttons as they were missing the small tabs that hold them in and kept popping out
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    ^nah, I think the outcome of this thread is that you should go an buy a Mk4 Cortina with a 2.3 lump in it. It would make a far nicer noise than the Merc you want. Might not be quite as quick/reliable/well built but......
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    In my opinion the Merc is a different class of car driven by a different class of owner. I was always for BMW but the last few years iv appreciated the Mercedes look more and more. im not a massive fan of the new C Class coupe and prefer the looks of the saloon. The AMG kitted saloon is one of the nicest looking cars on the road. The new CLS is simply stunning. For me BMW has lost its soul with the newer stuff and as I spend eight hours a day on the road they are also generally driven by idiots.
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    I changed my OEM navi with a AM navi and was the best thing i did to my car
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    Tow Bar Ctek adapter I have a Ctek 7.0 with comfort connector for my Range Rover Sport and I use the above connector. I extend the towbar and lock the car then I can charge it using the adapter. Works perfectly. I have the 3AC towbar on my 535d but haven't tried it on it, but I will just in case BMW connected enough pins to work ok!
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    It's not just me then that's hoping the new Mustang will depreciate like a stone! I think that although they are actually cheap to buy new considering what you get for your cash they will hold their money and still be worth a few quid in five or ten years. Look at the prices of Monaros, they were only about £30k new and decent ten year old ones still fetch £10k plus. I did read that Ford have deliberately kept stock levels of new Mustangs low so as to keep the residuals of second ones high. P.S. They never should have made the Mondeo front wheel drive, the chassis/floorpan is actually laid out in a way that could take a rear wheel drive powertrain but instead they sent power to the wrong wheels.
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    They do and I'm waiting for them to become affordable to a peasant like me..........Mustang!
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    You are right, low annual miles can be offset by regular long journeys but you shouldn't have to schedule in a long journey just to keep things working properly. That is the downfall that no one told us about 10 years ago when the government of the day made us all go out and panic buy diesels. A car salesman told us that a diesel wants a motorway journey of at least 30 miles once a week to keep it happy. Sod that!
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    You could call it the '5' forum, oh, wait an minute........
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    I love how this is a BMW forum but the slightest mention of an old Ford gets everyone talking. I don't know if rose tinted spectacles are involved but I think it says a lot for the old blue ovals.
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    I could finish my alpina'd 540 touring project and sell that instead. Won't bring in anywhere near as much money but will tick a box with the wife! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The USB WiFi drive may not be capable of running at your broadband speed, typically you can find older WiFi sticks (and older ethernet ports) to be limited to 100Mb/s.
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    The first couple of things I did immediately were : - move the Intravee from my E46 touring. - get some new floor mats, the front drivers side mat was from an E60 so would not fasten down properly and was really tatty. - remove the Traffic Master system. - refurbish the alloys as the paint was flaking off. Being new to the Shadow Chrome finish I had them done by The Wheel Specialist. The finish was OK, but not perfect and it turned out to be quite susceptible to stone chips. - Replace the GoodYear runflat tyres with Michelin Pilot Sports. - fit some mud flaps. - replace the wheel centres as the logs were corroded. - replace the shadow line trim on the top of the rear doors as it was corroding from the bottom. The two pieces were included as part of the purchase deal. - replace the MAFs. - replaced the wheel bolts and locking bolts as they were quite badly corroded in places. - Replaced a couple of pieces of the Titan Line interior trim as they had scratches. - replaced the ///M emblem on the plenum as the chrome was dull and the colours had faded. Luckily a friend had just started working at the local dealers parts department and I got all parts at cost price, usually more then 20% off list. An arrangement that would last a couple of years before he moved on. The also had an arrangement at the time that meant if the parts were ordered before mid day and were UK stock, they arrived by 3:00pm. In early February 2009 the car was detailed as the paint had quite a few swirl marks and was generally rather dull, being Carbon Black meant that every little mark was quite noticeable. This was the first time I'd ever had a car professionally detailed, you could say the weather was not ideal! But I was very happy with the results
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    6HP26 with Exedy stage 2 (1000 bhp) clutch packs in Jag: 6hp26 upgraded clutch packs - Exedy stage 2.
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    I've had the Kumho and have just acquired a pair of the Vredestein in 14 inch format. I had all 4 khumos and found them to grip well (I ran my 518i right through the winter) and have no complaints. In the past however and on different cars I have found khumos to be great in the dry but not so good in the wet. Personally on a 2.8 I'd be going for the Toyo's or the Vredesteins as a second choice. Have rated every set of Toyos I've ever had and used to religiously fit Toyo Proxy's to my MK2 Golfs. A fantastic tyre in the wet or dry and reasonable life span. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Buy BMW warranty on monthly wait 5 weeks clear codes and then take into BMW to have it all done under warranty.
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    Hi, sorry only just replied wouldn't let me sign in. I know what you mean I have changed my BMW so many times and always go back to the e39. Just can't get enough of them nothing else compares in my opinion.
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    I have had issues in the past with some devices not being able to deal with the encryption being set to 'WPA Auto'. This includes my Windows 10 Surface Pro 4. I changed the encryption on the router to 'WPA2-PSK [AES]' to solve the problem. You might want to try that. You can do so by logging onto the router, selecting 'Advanced Settings' and then going into the '2.4 GHz Primary' and '5GHz Primary' sections to update the 'Security Mode' settings.
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    Hi guys I have seen an Ipad integration kit from a FB company https://www.facebook.com/customcarinteriors/ and i'm getting pretty tempted, i dont suppose anyone has fitted this and can give some feedback ?
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    Hi all, so as the title says, my work horse E39 will be up for sale in a month's time or so. I will pay the money to advertise on here in due course (having major surgery in next couple of weeks) What I wanted to ask, is that there are a couple of bits that need doing to the car, and would i be better off doing them and then selling, or should i leave them for the buyer to do. The temp sensor (engine temp is fine, but dash reading shows -40 degrees regardless of weather) PDC - (had a light front end miscommunication with a motorbike at standstill traffic and insurance replaced the front bumper, but PDC gives a long beep when in reverse but no repeated beeps when i get close to anything) Front wheels vibrate over 60mph (been told that the front wheels are either off an E38 or i have E60 hubs on. Balancing is fine, but there is no 'ridge' on the inside barrel of the wheel) - I have some spigot rings that i haven't had time to fit, no point buying new wheels if the car is being sold and the outlay wouldn't increase the sale price enough i don't think. Self Levelling suspension - this was removed by a previous owner and has shocks and springs on but the SLS light on the dash is present and not been cleared. Have a Full SLS kit from a breaker ready to be fitted should the new owner wish to do so. (F.O.C to new buyer) New wipers and rear brake bulbs will be fitted this weekend, and will be having an inspection II at Birds before sale. Door Lock needs replacing as upon depressing the relevant buttons on the keyfob the drivers door is still unlocked. have a new lock and actuator ready to be fitted Passenger Mirror lens broken - Have power mirrors ready to go on, just waiting for them to come back from a friend who is spraying them for me for a donation of beer tokens. It's an Automatic Titan Silver sport on a 53 plate with just shy of 208k on the clock (I've done 3k since October). Always been on Shell V-Power. Looking to list it at £2000 [what i paid], and don't really want any less than that, unless a purchaser has an E39 M5 to sell, in which case I've got some cash i've squirreled away and will be tempted to do a deal, but again for that my budget will only stretch to a pre-facelift. If you guys have any advice, that would be appreciated, given this is my first E39, and i'm in no shape to do much work to it that would require specialist tools, or jacking the car up, as i have no space (sloped drive) on which to do it, nor ability. Thanks! Deepan
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    Had new discs, pads and calipers fitted. Scmeidmann pedals set too. Also discovered that I need rear tyres. And some camber bolts by the look of the wear on the NSR.
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    We'd all be f*cked with out you Dennis.....
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    Too much imho. Last one I had done by an indy was £49. Depends how much you value the dealer stamp in the history. S
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    Yes Taxboy, a bit sloppy there with the cleaning sir!!!! Anyway, thanks very much for taking the time to do the photos, really helpful, especially as Michelin could not be bothered to send me any!!! As things stand, these will defo be the tyres to replace my P7's with I think. I would have liked the rim protection to be a bit more pronounced but not a show stopper to purchase. A great price also, the best price in the south tends to be Michedever tyres and a price I always use for price matching. They are £215 a corner, so, I am amazed at the F1 autocentres price.
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    Some pics as requested. I cant' really comment on how effective the rim protector is as it's not something I've ever considered when buying tyres so have no experience to draw upon I'm afraid. As can be seen it does have the star
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    Thanks so it's a like a crash case for a mobile then, lol! Yeah when I fitted a 13 pin to my E60 I wired all the pins but if you specify a factory fit 13 pin towbar from new from BMW you do not get all the pins wired as legally in the EU you don't need to supply a caravan with 12v for cooling your beer enroute to site when on the road but you do for things like road lights. So as a result not all the pins in my socket on my towbar have the electrical contacts, if I can add them I can use pin 12 as a charge point. Pin 12 is spare and not wired to anything, but you could wire the red wire of your charger to it, and use one of the three earths on the socket as the connection back to the battery.
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    The bumper is just a rubber surround for the charger to protect it and the car's paintwork. I fitted my towbar and wired all 13 pins (not that I'll ever use them all, I just use the towbar for my Thule bike carrier. Your idea is a good one and means you have a permanent external connection for the charger. Yes, the Comfort connector is the 1.5m cable, connector and battery charge level indicator that I connect to in the boot. A pic of the bumper in place:
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    Hi, the car is often left for 1 to 2 weeks in the garage and as it is 6 years old I want to prolong the battery's life as much as possible.
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    I did not realise they did an extension cable, will be getting one of those for sure.
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    Good write up. What's the in the box ' Ctek bumper' ? Just to clarify the thing that is in the box marked 'comfort indicator' is what you have wired up in your boot? I've looked into this and wondered as I've got towbar 3AC option which does not use all 13 pins in the socket, I could somehow wire something up so that all I need to do is extend out the towbar and then plug in a standard 13pin plug that is connected to the charger.
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    Looks good. Do you leave the car without driving for long periods? Mine can go a few days between drives so I'm hoping my battery is ok otherwise I shall do similar to this setup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ive just driven my petrol car 35 miles on twisty B roads M8 and M77 and stop start traffic and at no time did my engine go above 2250 rpms and that was momentarily before changing up, the only time this was exceeded was during the odd downshift when I hit 3000 rpms but the exhaust gasses are nothing as I'm off the power. As a diesel revs lower, the same journey in my dads 530d F10, I can guarantee that I never have hit 2000 rpms. Ok so yes the F10 has 8 speeds but the ratio in 8th when you at 70 on the motorway will result in engine rpms much same as in a 6 speed E60. That's a very good point! But looking at my last journey it will be difficult to achieve on most driving experiences. This is why my local BMW dealer tells punters who come in with a clogged DPF to drive to Carlisle and back in third gear.
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    Sweet car. In that spec it will be a smooth cruiser. Welcome me back to the fold!!
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    The F07 is different from my old E61 where, as you say, the whole thing opens. On the F07 the rear panel is fixed, just the front one that tilts/slides. I never has an issue with the E61 roof in four years of ownership and I did use it a lot. (Maybe that helps)
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    Its not a saloon ... its a Coupe.
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    So here is the silica gel solution . Shocking that I have to do this on brand new lights
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    Finally fitted my new bilstein shock absorbers [emoji106]discovered I need new rear tyres [emoji107]
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    She had full service today , good for another 8k miles
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    Still want your plate! Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    BMW do use Kumho as OEM on some/quite a few of their vehicles. But what you are saying is similar to saying you should stick with stock everything because that is how the car came. No light upgrade. No brake upgrade. No speaker upgrade. etc etc. Manufacturers tend to supply things to a cost. If they can save £100 a vehicle, then when you multiply that across the 2 million vehicles they make annually, then that adds up to a hell of a lot.
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    Which Superhub do you have? some of the newer ones have 2 frequency bands (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). On looking for wifi services to connect to they should look like - VMxxxxxx - 2G or VMxxxxxx - 5G. do you see both of those? some older devices won't connect to the 5G band, as they're not equipped to deal with it, and you may need to enable the settings in your VM superhub. Out of the ox they should be enabled, unless you had the VM engineer set it up, in which case they might have been presumptuous and only enabled 5G. Deepan.
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