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    Rear lower shock bolt

    If the dowel in the shock is missing or damaged (not a tight fit in the trailing arm), the bolt will break as it's the dowel that takes the load and the bolt just clamps it in.
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    That video's worth watching/reading even if you don't have a ZF box [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Am I the only one? Gearbox behavior F11

    This is irking me more and more and I hope there is a solution you guys might now about... I have the sports auto on my F11, it also has VDC, I mention this as I usually pootle about in comfort mode, because you know, UK roads and 19" runflats... am I right? The gearbox is doing my nut. I read before I bought it that it was super smooth, the best BMW put in a car, yada yada, mine isn't. It's dim witted IMO, say your coasting to slow down coming up to a roundabout, at around 20mph dropping speed it's like it's mistiming a gear change, so you get a slight jolt, think of when you shift down (say from 4 to 3) and the revs go up, you get that forward jolt, would be the best way to describe it, then, if you lightly press the accelerator, nothing happens and I swear this catches me out everytime, I give it a tiny bit more gas and jolt!, as it eventually realizes I've hit the gas and want to move forward. It's the clearest way I can explain it. I've changed the setting on Idrive to only change the suspension when selecting comfort to see if normal mode does the same thing, it does, I rarely use sport so can't comment. I did some research and it was suggested on another forum a software update was required, I asked the dealer to look at it quoting the forum info (big mistake- they look at you like your a loon) they said nothings wrong with it. Anyone know what I'm on about here?? I can't be the only one. I did try a sequence of "resetting the gearbox" where you turn the car on but not the ignition and hold the accelerator pedal down for 30 seconds or something but either I did it wrong or it didn't work.
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    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    On 11th March 2003 E39 M5 reg AK03 DJJ was first registered in the UK by Sycamore BMW of Peterborough, 14 years ago today. I've posted quite a few threads in various places about my M5, but there has never been a single thread that's covered my ownership of the car. Quite a lot of information has been lost on various forums that have died, BMW Land and M5 Torque being two that come to mind. This forum too seemed to come pretty close too due to the tragic death of Darren last year. So I thought I'd try and document my ownership from scratch in one place rather than start another thread about things that I've done recently, it seemed a fitting day to start the task. CB37514 was built on 15 October 2002, so she was probably sitting around in the showroom at Sycamore for several months before being registered as one of the few 03 plate E39 M5s in the UK. There have been 4 former keepers, Sycamore being the first, Lord Edward James Russell being the 4th. I first saw the car for sale at Hexagon of Highgate in September 2008, the advertised price was, for that time, very high at just under £24,000 for a 40,000 mile car. I actually ruled it out as being too expensive. I was trying to sell an early E60 535d that had belonged to my father, it was 3 years old and had only done a little over 7,000 miles. The E60 was an odd spec. a non Sport 535d in Chiaretto Red with grey interior, no Bluetooth but a HUD. It was not a good time to be trying to sell a slightly odd car! I'd looked around locally and the best offer I'd had was under £10k. I considered keeping the car myself, but after doing a couple of trips decided that I could not live with the soft suspension, auto 'box and the E60 styling. I though, why not see what Hexagon would offer against their expensive E39 M5. To my amazement, they offered me just under £18k without even seeing the car. As the effective price was now only £16k the M5 suddenly went from expensive to very good value. A trip to Hexagon and an inspection and test drive in the M5 soon lead to a deal being done. I collected the car from Hexagon on 28 November 2008, a rather chilly day with a little snow at home on my return. So began my ownership of an E39 M5!
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    weber magic

    Tyre choice

    I've had the Kumho and have just acquired a pair of the Vredestein in 14 inch format. I had all 4 khumos and found them to grip well (I ran my 518i right through the winter) and have no complaints. In the past however and on different cars I have found khumos to be great in the dry but not so good in the wet. Personally on a 2.8 I'd be going for the Toyo's or the Vredesteins as a second choice. Have rated every set of Toyos I've ever had and used to religiously fit Toyo Proxy's to my MK2 Golfs. A fantastic tyre in the wet or dry and reasonable life span. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That was my concern too when i went for the xtrons, the way i looked at it is just look at all the super cheap smart phones that are all made in china and they seem to be doing just fine and tbh so long as you use paypal if you do have issues or need to clain on the warrenty it would take a little time but because there customer service is non existant paypal would just pay you out, ive had it several times with chinese companys, if its gonna bust it will be in the first 12 months. I also looked at going the double din route but the cost was just stupid, best part of £100 for surround and loom with k-bus for steering wheel controls and then it looks gash, then the cost of the stereo £400+ dependin if you wanted dvd, sat nav, dab and all that is at extra cost. I like the factory look and the toys are an added bonus
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    Triumph street triple R

    To answer the original question.. I used to be a biker in the days when i had a 120 mile round trip commute, I did that on all different bikes from XT600 tenere, GPZ900, GSX600, 1000 Vstrom, Hayabusa, some of these I rode in the snow. Now I don't need to commute and after a 5 year lay off, I now have my BMW 1300R, which comes out when the weather forecast shows no possible chance of rain, almost as powerful as the Busa and also ugly in some eyes, it's 3 years old and has about 1500 miles on it. I love the 955 exhaust note through loud cans, that 3 cylinder lump is amazing.
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    IMO, OEM is not always better... However, OEM can be more expensive, which isn't justifiable etc Fully agree that brakes, like tyres, are one place to not skimp, but paying over the odds for stuff that's the same, but cheaper, as it doesn't have BMW on it etc, isn't always the best choice Companies like Mtec and EBC have been around a long time and work very well together. Mintex and Brembo similar...
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    Jim Bob

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Great news if you do.
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    Unfortunately yes it does live outside, the Dolly's live inside as a matter of seniority but once I finish the loft conversion this year the new garage is next. There are 3 covers on it, I buy a new Halfords extreme weather cover every year £49 and then one of these plastic frost caps you buy in Argos £13. that sits over the top . Finally I have a tarpaulin 5m x10m which goes on the floor drive the car onto it then I have a heavy duty gazebo frame 4m x 3m which I erect around the car but only at half height and wrap the tarpaulin over the top left to right with the ends open so it makes a tunel. It can not blow off even when Doris came along because the car is anchor. Bit of a phaf but worth it, and also dehumidifier inside, and 2 kg of rice in the boot inside the missus tights, but before anyone asks there not used, that would just make the boot smell a bit muffy
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    Tyre snob here too, and take the view that they're your only point of contact with the road, so never scrimp... Currently running Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (just refitted my summer wheels yesterday), have Michelin Cross Climates on the winters, and Pilot Sport 3 on our Firesta, and all are fantastic. I fitted Goodyear Eagle F1 on my previous E91 after ditching the awful, and frankly dangerous Bridgestone run flats, and they were superb, but when they wore out, tried Michelin run flats, which felt like they were really working in harmony with the car. They've been mentioned previously, but not sure about Uniroyal Rainsport 3; a mate put them on his E46 and was really disappointed with how squishy they were, and how quickly they wore out, compared to Rainsport 2 (which I also had fitted to the Fiesta and an old A4, and were brilliant). A few years ago another mate just bought a car which had two brand new cheap Chines tyres on the front, and asked me to try it, as he thought it was just him having a problem, but I managed to make the front end slide on a dry roundabout at an appropriate safe speed - needless to say, it confirmed his fears and they were replaced straight away! Always a lively debate, but my view is that you get what you pay for, and a heavy rear wheel drive lump like the E60 needs something sticky to keep it in check... Cheers, Nick
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    As they offer a guarantee on their tyres, did you manage to get a refund? They also usually have pretty good reps, who should have addressed this issue. Did you contact them at all?? before the winters, I had a mix of KU39 (the usual) and Conti Sport 5s. The Contis were utter gash, so will be putting the KU39s back on. As a slight aside, Kumho's KU31s are rubbish.
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    Aftermarket headunit for my E39

    well, some guys on here reported some faults with xtron units , Eonon on the other hand , has customer support here in uk me thinks , Jamworth got it and hes happy with it .
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    Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Footman James on a agreed valuation and to keep the salvage £333 full comp I'm 35 with clean history.
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    535i Andrew


    I ran my E60 on Dunlop SP Sports 01s, never had an issue. Great in the wet. Don't rate Nexens, they are on the rear of my F10 and have cracked at 2.5 years old. Tyres, like brakes, are an area of a car where you want to spend money not save it as they are all that keeps you on the black stuff, between the hedges and out of the ditches.
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    Why? once fitted they'll never need to be replaced. Less compliant than rubber hoses, so a much better pedal feel and unlike rubber, they don't perish! Horses for courses, everyone's different... But stuff like braided lines makes a lot of sense IMO
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    Rangerover Sport - Anyone owned one?

    yes because the government never fuck over trades folk...
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    E60 M5 gearbox fit my e60 535d?

    Kin'ell that must rip yer lips off lol
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    Dark Side May Be Calling

    In my opinion the Merc is a different class of car driven by a different class of owner. I was always for BMW but the last few years iv appreciated the Mercedes look more and more. im not a massive fan of the new C Class coupe and prefer the looks of the saloon. The AMG kitted saloon is one of the nicest looking cars on the road. The new CLS is simply stunning. For me BMW has lost its soul with the newer stuff and as I spend eight hours a day on the road they are also generally driven by idiots.
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    Bowers&Wilkins sound system in e39

    The Zeppelin works due to its design, you'll never reapeat that by taking it apart and putting it into your car! You'd be better off buying specific in car speakers and amplifiers and doing it properly... Unless you really want to do what you've suggested!!! Being an audiophile (and having owned all the Zeppelin incarnations and currently owning the B&W PM1 speakers in one of my systems), audiophile spec speakers won't really cut the mustard in a car IMO Great idea, but fairly flawed I'd say and a very expensive experiment
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    Hi-res ish pictures of my Plaques

    That's a lovely looking car. I once had those same 18" Alpina Softlines on my E34 Alpina but eventually sourced some 18" E31 Alpina Classics and stayed with them. The only advice I would give is to lose that grill badge; that type of badge has never been fitted to a genuine car and instantly impair the looks of your lovely car.
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    jeez that's a good looking car !
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    Hi-res ish pictures of my Plaques

    CAN ANYONE HELP??? I'm after a replica or genuine Alpina B10 plaque for my E34 530i V8 Alpina replica??