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    Hi All, As some of you are already aware I recently took delivery of a 535i Sport Auto in Diamond Schwartz with some nice options Unfortunately at some point in the past the electric leather was swapped out for manual but no matter, Steven still has the Liquidken grey Memory leather which will be recoloured and reconditioned to suit. So some pictures of the last decade of grime and vegetation. Which was tackled in the usual manner... Leaving this... Placed a battery on and the engine cranks over just fine, decanted the interior and boot, had a cursory scrub/hoover and took stock of what’s missing and in need of attention. So the jobs list I can see so far: Purchase: Source B35 Air flow meter Source steering column surround Source 95aH Battery Source front sill section repair panel drivers side and jacking reinforcement Source Manual conversion kit – Tims to the rescue! Order Front bumper tow eye cover – Ordered Replace front Screen Replace headlining Replace Door body seals Replace dash – Slightly warped... Servicing: Inspect Engine valve clearances Inspect Engine compression values Inspect oil spray bar and clean Change oil, flush and replace Add coolant to system and bleed Free off sunroof track cables and lubricate – remove headlining and heat gun the tubes??? Inspect Aircon system- this was converted to R134a in the past but no doubt at least some of the seals are now shot after a decade of inactivity... Function test Fuel pump and supply, replace or flush through fuel system All input welcome
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    Now the car is fully mobile again, it was time to get it clean. So snow foam, wash and a quick wax with Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax. She shines up quite well [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's a known issue with the M52, Jay. It's caused by having TOO MUCH CARPET IN THE CAR.
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    Probably end up buying a new battery if you don't take the beast out. Noisy lifters are a sign of senility
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    3 points when hammering on in the urq, lucky as was over 90mph but let off with on spot agreement/fine of £30 then. Masses of luck since then particularly in the B10 V8 which has risen to some challenges !! So 58 years of driving, 3 points/£30 and a whole lot of luck including bikes, classic cars and anything else I could jump on or in - its a bit of challenge not to have a go but recently have had to back off a bit and ensure licence not at risk.
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    After much to-ing and fro-ing. We bought the car. Crusty rust pics will follow tomorrow.
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    I'm no plumber but personally I'd be very happy with those prices. The sink will likely require some readjustment of the hot and cold pipes and the waste - may even need a new waste depending on age and condition. Silicon removal and resealing, £35 is exactly what my daughter paid a guy to do her bath. You've got to be talking at least a couple of hours labour I'd gave thought. [emoji4] When you think that a BMW dealership will want £90 to lift the bonnet....! Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Hi Tarby , Sorry for not responding but i think i'm on another forum with similar issues and replied . Yeah , the car gad been with the garage almost 2 weeks now . I got a call from them yesterday to say that they had exhasuted all avenues and diagnostics , wiring diagrams etc and all consumers / wiring fine and no issues but the drain was still present and sizeable as it would at times exceed an ampere ! They hinted at the possibility of a tracker installed and asked if i knew about this . This was news to me as i had not been told by the supplying dealer that one had been fitted . I contacted the dealer , who seemed vague and bored and plugged the reg into his computer and presto -nothing ! . So , i got the previous owner details from the log and sought a phone number but ex-directory and then thought he may have a company or so and voila ! , after a more browsing of sites i got a number and called up the company . After a brief laugh , the secretary pit me through to him and he told me that one had been fitted by a company called Tracker . Having thanked him for his help and shared a story about his M5 which he had pranged and wanted to off load it with 20k miles , i hung up . Then called Tracker with his details and my woeful story , and the nice man looked up the old reg but no tracker so i asked if the guy's new vehicle and old are linked accounts , and it turned up . Happens that a digit on the VIN was wrong on his database . He told about the location and the issues with older non replaceable battery devices and how they can drain and kill batteries . Called up garage and found in minutes , disconnected . Today , got a call saying all is well and discharge issue resolved but would like to keep patient for another 24 hours to be 100% sure , so no problem . Apparently , after 5 years the battery dies , and the tracker draws on the car battery and this in turn also switches other devices on so draining the battery . This may also explain increased interference on the radio -FM and DAB say the garage . If the seller had told the dealer , and left paperwork to show tracker fitment , it would have saved hours and £££ in costs not to mention the stress and grief caused . Thank you , and i hope that this helps other who may have a tracker that is nearing the end of its useful life ?
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    No points at the moment but have had 3-6 points on and off over the years. Whenever I have been caught speeding it's been driving my E34, there is something about that car, I find it very difficult to behave in it.
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    Since the cars been pretty solid through winter with no issues, got the winters off and treated it to a new set of Goodyear eagle f1 asym 3's [emoji106]
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    As we are not on the dole or Russian billionaires .It seems LOndon is just too expensive for us . And I detest the dirt and crime etc .Its like I am no longer even in the UK in places ! Ludlow is another place "of interest"
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    Just come across this pic of my old outfit,i,m on the front door with my pal Mark behind
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    Big merc little merc. Which ones got the most BHP though? [emoji1]
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    I have always purchased a sun glasses holder form BMW for my previous cars, having no where to put sun glasses in my F11 I decided to do some searching as BMW at the moment do not do any thing apart from a sun visor holder thing where you can put your glasses. The first set I bought was a complete con and I got a full refund through Amazon Then this came up on ebay, I purchased a set and they arrived several days ago, I fitted them last night and they are a perfect fit, no issues with the clips that hold every thing in and will hold a large pair of glasses. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302126809447?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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    After 2-3 weeks of zero activity my car reset it's clock (not date) when i started it. Along with a rear suspension height failure. All was fine after i restarted though
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    Thanks Dave,pics don,t do the interior justice really,dash is blue with the Technical Graphite trim,nice combo and a change from the usual Vavona, I thought the car was black until i went to view it and realised it was a very dark blue,Rupes posted he thought it was a midnight blue edition. Next job when the weather gets better is to have the bonnet and bumper sprayed to get rid of a few stone chips, Looks well on the driveway with the Sport Touring.
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    Here,s a couple from the sellers advert Dave.
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    My dad paid £26,000 for this in about 1980! It doesn't look big but it's long down church street with a full sized cellar with 3 separate rooms and it's own door into the street. Can't imagine what it's worth now! My bedroom was the room at the top overlooking the church.
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    Agreed, what ever you do, DO NOT USE YODEL!!! They are by and large the worse company I have personally had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with. The are truly shocking and I just don't understand how they are still legally allowed to carry on "trading". Just google their name with "problems" next to it and you will literally hundreds of thousands of complains regarding them. They are a horrible bunch of thieves! I have seen several of their delivery driver actually be proven to STEAL packages, especially anything related to car parts. Seriously AVOID!
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    I'll see what they look like, but as said could just fit spacers
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    Good looking car that imo,neighbour has an M4 in white and I love it.
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    much rather going to Munich legends and buying a true "M" all these so called "hand built cars AMG and M etc claim to make , The figures donot make sense . years ago they where real rare . now they have become "council" Clarkson also mentioned the AMG thing .World sales of AMG 18000 or so . how many engine builders working for AMG , how many per shift etc .me thinks a bit of "poo" is thrown in the claims these cars are hand built .
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    What flying banana said and you have the added advantage you can rotate your wheels.
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    Too big - would rather have an M2 - wouldn't say no mind
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    i run 245 45 17 all round on non staggered...I think it looks just that bit chunkier and drives lovely
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    Rather cheap ! The man has to pay out to be self employed . he is not guaranteed a monthly wage etc. So £25 min a hour is fine. I know house cleaners /domestics that are getting £17.50 a hour cash and can work 10 hours a day every day if they want here in London
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    Decent prices there. The sink swap is probably just for the labour with a little bit of fettling if it's not a straight swap. The price for the bath seal probably includes a tube of silicone which for a decent make you're looking around the £10-£15 mark. Or you could seal the bath yourself. I'm a joiner and I've never been 100% with my sealant until I got my hands on a set of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cramer-40405-5-Fugi-Kit/dp/B003BNLQQ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487967033&sr=8-1&keywords=fugi+kit You can throw the silicone on any old way and these will still give you a showwroom finish.
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    Agree with what everyone else had said, with those prices he quoted you, I don't exactly think the plumber is "Ripping you off" lol. I think they sound reasonable to me and would be happy to pay those rates for the work involved. It's up to you at the end of the day, but don't think you going to find a quote significantly cheaper elsewhere.......
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    Part of our bathroom looks like the guy squirted the silicone on from 6 inches away. Grates with me every time I see it. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Yup; sounds fair enough prices However, I'd personally remove all the silicone to make sure a proper job has been done before the new stuff is applied! A bit faffy, but worth doing right, first time around IMO
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    Sounds o.k as you are really paying for the guys time. He has to drive out to your house, do the job then drive away again, he has got to earn his crust somehow. Just make sure he fills the bath first before sealing it. That way when you fill it with water the sealant won't come away as the bath moves slightly when it is loaded up, although sealant should beable to have an amount of flex in it and still seal properly.
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    Depends on location, but I'd say it was very reasonable
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    I'm no plumber but personally I'd be very happy with those prices. The sink will likely require some readjustment of the hot and cold pipes and the waste - may even need a new waste depending on age and condition. Silicon removal and resealing, £35 is exactly what my daughter paid a guy to do her bath. You've got to be talking at least a couple of hours labour I'd gave thought. [emoji4] When you think that a BMW dealership will want £90 to lift the bonnet....! Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Actually it isn't about speeding alone These people with 12+ licences will have a mix of all sorts of driving failures under their belt, Speeding and Mobile Phone use probably being the biggest, then Vehicle Condition, Lack of Insurance etc. Frankly we are so much safer on the roads here even with these Cock Wombles making life riskier for the rest of us! Every time I watch one of those Russian based Crash Fests on pooh tube I realise that there is often a clear and persistent lack of higher brain function in some parts of the world that make even our worst drivers look like saints.
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    lol I've done c20-30k miles per year for the past 25 years so I feel I'm on a roll, pure luck on many occasions but I do drive to the conditions/area. I'd be lying to say I religiously stick to the limits but I'm always aware of my surroundings.
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    ^Yeah you are probably right. Someone once said, if you like a gamble, stick £50 in an envelope and post it to yourself.
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    None ever in over 40 years I work diligently to keep a clean licence. Just think if everyone behaved there would be almost no need to buy insurance and we could all have loads of cars to choose from 60 points is really taking the piss he must have a really good lawyer. I wonder if these figures reflect all the toe rags without licences, or insurance, or Mot in un-roadworthy cars that when finally caught just get a slap on the wrist from the judges an told "you naughty boy don't do it again"
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    My 528 touring is on 275000 miles now. Cam cover weeps oil, but not enough to bother changing the gasket. Engine has never been apart. New water pump and radiator about 100,000 miles ago. Averages 25 mpg on 15 mile commutes, partly in town. Can't bring myself to get rid - for the money, nothing is better.
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    iPost works well for me... Never let us down
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    Just want "out" from London ! The dirt and crime and the whole fight every man and his dog atmosphere . Just want a quiet life !
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    I think you have one weak cell in the battery. I've seen this before. If you monitor the voltage at start up you'll see a huge dip where the cell voltage collapses. That's what resets the time. The battery will keep going for a bit then completely fail instantly when that cell totally gives up.
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    This is Marks rig at Volvo Broxburn before the graphics went on.
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    Update time Gone for the carpet bomb approach with the front suspension/steering and am hoping this little lot will cure my shimmy issues for good! I've also sold the TDS finally! I did a couple of little jobs to tidy up the black interior swap such as remounting the head unit, refixing down the wood trim around the gearstick and fitting the little net pocket on the passenger side of the trans tunnel Then I made a start on my cruise control retrofit as all the bits arrived Made a quick start on getting the stalk mounted and wired in, thankfully my car was pre-wired for CC despite being a lowly 520i! The bit I've been having trouble with is fitting the actuator under the bonnet, the one I've got came with a bracket on it for an M30 application where my car is an M50 so I've had to make up a bit of plate to make it work This was my first attempt Looked good until I tried to close the bonnet haha I've made a start on a Mk2 bracket, which goes right up close to the airbox and will copy the layout of the proper M50 mount Also I got the Sports seats fitted in the front Which I am currently loving! Next jobs are: Book it in at the garage to have the front suspension bits sorted, finish the cruise retrofit, do an oil and filter change, and 'persuade' the BBS RT's to split
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    I,m meant to be losing my spare tyre,not adding to it