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    Casper Smith

    Epic high fuel consumption!

    Forgot to mention, it's mapped, DPF gut & EGR blank from July last year [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    Epic high fuel consumption!

    Looking it at that I'll say that's not bad for a 3.0 twin turbo 👍 Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    All I see is Brexit cry babies all over again. Trump is the best thing that's happened to this politically correct hell whole we live in. And it's just the beginning of the end of left wing liberalism. Let's hope it dies a very swift death. It's actually astounding how hypocritical the so called liberals of this world are. Preach peace and love, but as soon as they don't get their way they protest, burn and destroy everything in their way. Not very democratic is it? Then you get all these thick women marching for 'women's rights' when none of their rights have been affected in any way. And people calling Trump 'dangerous'. Really? Dangerous because he is a true patriot? Dangerous because he wants to ship out all the illegal immigrants? Dangerous because called a few people names and made fun of a disabled person? Well yeah he might hurt your feelings, but that's about it.
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    E39 528 Clutch Problems

    Are you sure the slave cylinder rod is sitting in the release arm? Loosen the bolts that hold the slave on slightly and get someone to press the pedal lightly, the slave should move out on the bolts if there's something for the rod to push against.
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    Dude, where's my tread?

    Budget... Premium.... see the difference?
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    Fair point. Ok, X amount of miles or 12 months whichever comes first.
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    Interested to see how you get on, we had a 2014 A6Sline Ultra avant from new and initially liked it but We are both very happy to be back in a BMW. The A6 is a lovely looking car but behind that we found little substance. The wrong wheel drive, awful tiptronic and a rather uncomfortable driving position that was 2-3 inches too high. I had even ordered a 2016 BiTDi black edition but a drive in an F11 had me back in the BMW. However, if I can get a good deal on a C7 RS6 (whilst I wait for the M550d xdrives to depreciate) all will be forgotten!!
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    Epic high fuel consumption!

    I'm doing 15 mpg, I should get an M5.
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    New cars might/are be safer than they were 50 years ago but any minister claiming to be saving motorists money whilst increasing VED, fuel duty, and insurance premium tax is simply talking out their exhaust!! There will be fatal accidents as a result of failures in the 4 year and under bracket that will result in further badly thought out knee jerk reaction! No doubt the cost of tests will get more expensive for everyone who doesn't have a parliamentary funded new car every 12 months too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    Yes, Trump is a first class nugget. However, as long as he sorts us out a trade deal that we can then go and beat the Euro mafia round the head with, i care not. 'Mericans' are full of shit at the best of times, they have no class, never will. Its a country of haves, and have nots, same as here. People the world over are tired of getting mugged off, so the elite can live off our efforts, its why Brexshit happened, and its why Trump got in. Now if the politico wake the fuck up, and get back in the real world with the rest of us, its all roses.But i don't see that a coming anytime soon...
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    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    I genuinely believe he won't see through his Presidential term. He is already likely to be impeached unless he radically changes his business arrangements that were meant to be severed once he takes office and which nearly every US legal Professor says are completely insufficient to protect the Presidential Office independence. If you add in the amount of skeletons lurking in his cupboard and the fact that even large numbers of the Democratic Party he is supposed to represent don't want him in Office, don't like his Policies, his blatant sexism and racism then you see a picture of many opportunities legally exclude him from office as well as freezing Government so that he can't make ny decisions or policy changes. Plus there are a lot of angry people in the US..... and a lot of freedom to carry guns...
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    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    He isn't President... The experts and Hollywood beautiful intellectuals told us it would never happen....
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    Changing wheels on F07

    Heres mine.
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    Thanks gents! Raymond you were pretty spot on. When I took the wheel off the sensor wasnt attached to the frame at all just hanging down by the wire. I blame this on my mechanic friend who changed the control arm. He is old school and if it doesnt come out straight away he reverts to the good old hammer. Anyway I have put it back in its place and 10 seconds later the compressor kicked in and all is now well. I even used the baby's afternoon sleep as an excuse to take her for a drive....lovely! Thanks all!