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    Hello, I'm Jeroen and live in the Netherlands. The car I drive in is a e28 524td.
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    They have said he's the most dangerous president ever elected. I'd argue Bush jr still holds that accolade by a long way. Trump may say some daft things but he ain't stupid......Bush was/is just plain stupid which to my mind made him very dangerous, his Middle East foray sort of backs that up I think.
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    Yes, Trump is a first class nugget. However, as long as he sorts us out a trade deal that we can then go and beat the Euro mafia round the head with, i care not. 'Mericans' are full of shit at the best of times, they have no class, never will. Its a country of haves, and have nots, same as here. People the world over are tired of getting mugged off, so the elite can live off our efforts, its why Brexshit happened, and its why Trump got in. Now if the politico wake the fuck up, and get back in the real world with the rest of us, its all roses.But i don't see that a coming anytime soon...
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    So yesterday was detail day! I only had time to deal with paintwork but it's a start! Snow foam, wash, clay, two stage polish and then finished with Hellshine The Abyss. So hard to see a difference in the pics with silver but it certainly pops now! Next time around I'll re-wash and put some wax on, then on to interior and engine bay However, the day didn't end well! I pulled the car out of my unit to find a puddle of transmission fluid on the floor!! I'm not sure if I blasted something with the pressure washer when doing the inner arches, or it's just coincidence, but sadly I don't get to see and benefit from a nice, clean, shiny E39 today I'm guessing it will be oil cooler or pipes but will see when time allows further investigation. In the meantime, here's some pics of the good bits!
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    The silver is growing on me! Well mission accomplished today - car driven down from Leeds and it drives beautifully! The only thing I could pick at - if it is anything - is the temp gauge is at about 11 O'Clock - my last two E39s (530ds) the needle was always at 12 O'clock. Most of the cooling system was replaced 3 years ago so it should all be ok - it runs very well. I've already ordered some aero/flat wiper blades for the car and some decent locking wheel nuts. Intravee II may be on the cards as really liked that when I had it before. I was pleasantly surprised that there's an AUX socket lurking in the glove box, so had tunes off my phone the whole way home! I had to take a pick too, when walking back to the car after some shopping day. Any old excuse!
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    You need to update your garage, ignore the first video. Try this
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    I take it the swear filter is back on? Lets see if we can break it....
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    Single DSC button Black/yellow: -> DSC module Red/white: Voltage supply F31 Brown/black: Ground Grey/red: LCM (button lighting) Switch pack X1869 Pin 16 -> DSC module Pin 2 & 7 Voltage Pin 19 Ground Pin 3 LCM (button lighting) Pin 21 K-bus
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    Looking into it. Going to visit the Royal Marine Museum Eastney to enquire if they can accommodate us for some E28's on the Promenade, or back to Fort Nelson for E28's on the Hill v3.0. Looking to organise something in May so if anybody has any preferences or can point out any obvious conflictions with other events then please chime in. Will update in due course as things develop. Enjoy your weekend. Regards, Mick
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    The exact reason why I stick with run flats. Yes, they are harder, yes they are more expensive, but you'll be glad you have them fitted if you get a flat. Sod carrying a spare. Really? I've had to be towed back with trashed run flats on four occasions over the last few years. Three of them had a sidewall collapse and of course they all needed replacing at £250 a pop. The last one that went on the M1 on the way to a job would have cost me over £500 if I hadn’t the space saver. I always carry it.
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    Thanks to Mick and Rob for organising, had chance to meet other like minded members. Great few hours. Good to get a selection of 5s together. Looking forward to next year.
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    Nice one! really appreciate the effort here, these guides can be invaluable. My mirror hasn't leaked but it doesn't seem to dim even when the you put a finger over the sensor (lights on obviously) so i'll look at doing the repair with a glass from mirror john. FYI if you end up swapping the gear knob I really recommend installing a zhp item as it has hugely improved the shift quality on my car. Couldn't believe how much difference it made for such a small, simple job. Also means you can get a new proper leather gaitor so the interior smells of premium cow again! Keep the videos coming!
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    Almost certainly some sort of hands free phone kit. In the absence of any cradle, try searching for Bluetooth devices while in your car and see what shows up.
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    not got one at the back of mine, most likely as said above aftermarket unit.
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    When were you last in Paisley? lol its a lot better than it used to be. 20 years ago it was a bit iffy right enough, talent was good in Furry Murrays so it was worth the risk.
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    Tripod - I own, but I'm not here to be professional, it's to be helpful
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    looks like audio lead box, for transferring mobile handsfree calls to speakers or similar function Jay
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    They are still at my local mechanic to get tyres taken off rims. Will collect tomorrow. There is a place in Paisley I'm thinking about using, near to St Mirrens ground.
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    So the real question is, is Trump really the smart one and the establishment the incompetent bumbling fools and our perception of the world swayed by the media? Fact is, it is what it is and we either take what there is and see what we can do with it or carry on whining... Wishing him to fail is a bit like wishing the pilot of the plane that you are on crashes to prove that you were right about him being an idiot.
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    Looks good. Kind of goes with the colour of the car more than the white. Nah. You need at least a white/yellow light shining in the front.
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    I knew these were going to come in handy, my mirror blew recently. ps you gota get a tripod man ......
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    Updates to this. Another 3 videos. Repairing your auto-dim rear view mirror that has leaked or stopped working. https://youtu.be/qQ-5eUgnbCU LED Main beam conversion: https://youtu.be/U8BSdMAas-Q Rear bumper removal and PDC sensor changing https://youtu.be/vcs9fB7maMc If you enjoy them, give an advert a click please
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    My 2016 535d does this OK so it definitely should. Dealer visit time sadly I think.
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    I'm looking forward to it! he can't be any worse the G doubleya can he? He wont be able to implement many changes (if any) and the men in the background that actually run the country are still there!
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    Hmm. Thanks. Maybe if it's dry enough at the weekend I'll start doing some proper diagnosis. Food for thought from you both. I'll let you know. As it's under warranty from the seller I could try there too if it is the seal.