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    2002 E39 M5 For sale - SOLD !

    It's mine!! I've jus got ta say fellas it's the doggs bolls cleaner than my last e39 m5 03 plate! It's mint and work Kieron has put in is mega I'm holdin on to this! Just sold my e60 v10 And got ta say I don't miss smg box one bit awesome motor ruined by over complicated gbox which doesn't know if it's auto or manual sorry to go on but I'm so made up to be getting back in best motor I've ever owned the E39 M5 By far ps tryin to get Kieron to get sound track of exhaust (f'kin awesome) am I happy!! Oohh yeahh
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    The EU Referendum poll

    Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad. Other things just make you swear or curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle! And this'll help things turn out for the best. And...
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    The EU Referendum poll

    Learning to read might help you; where did I mention 'Empire'? HTH Edit: Why on earth did I post this? If you couldn't read the post you quoted properly, why would I have any hope you could read this?
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    Back in a bimmer at last.

    Yeah I know I said the merc wouldn't be a long termer but 2 months!!!!!???? It was a great car for space, pace and equipment but such a complicated car that I feared financial ruination should anything go wrong so while everything was working alright I figured I should get out while the going was good. Sadly I've not made it into a 5er but have finally got an M..........M3 to be precise. I've gone for an E36 which is in great shape for a nearly 20 year old car. 2 owners, the last being a mature lady who bought it in 2001 and has had it maintained properly by dealers until 2011 and then a specialist ever since. I've got a folder stuffed full of receipts, old mot's and all the receipts for the tyres she's had fitted over the years, all premium brands. It's such a lovely original thing and has the full tool kit and unused first aid box still. Also just had the vanos rebuilt and air con recharged. It drives like a new car but does have a few cosmetic things like a broken fog light and a faded boot badge to sort. Also the bolster on the drivers seat base has a little hole in it which I'll get sorted somehow. The leather feels different to all the other bimmers I've had so not sure what it is. Anyway, here's some pictures. Flame proof suit donned so let me have it!!!!
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    Most Beautiful City in the World

    Has to be the eternal city for me, Rome. Got married in Rome 18 years ago and been back several times since, never tire of it.
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    Calipers painted?

    If its silver then yes.
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    The EU Referendum poll

    Please enlighten me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Advice on E39 540i seen advertised

    thats rubbish about the manuals and market says otherwise and always has with 540's. I can see the appeal of the autos and it suits them but the manual just adds a bit of magic and simplicity to the mix. Big saloon/touring V8 and manual? whats not to like the mentioned 540i i wouldn't even bother with looking at with the location of Illford! I won't say more as i'll be flammed
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    Just saw another one parked where the 3 series coupe was.....
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    The EU Referendum poll

    Clegg has two things going for him. He hardly benefits whichever way things go and he saves me posting my own check list But that's old news. You need to refer to my response to Yokozuna There you go with the negative vibes. Chill man. It's going to be fine ;-)
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Not today but in the past week: installed some reverse led’s which I’ve been waiting to for ages but never got round to, ordered from eBay sold by we sell hids/xenon bulbs in Bradford for £24. Fitting was easy, 10 minute job only niggle is when the car is starting it does the bulb check and the reverse & number plate leds'd all flash on and off for around 10 seconds, slightly embarrassing & I believe the only way around it is coding but not sure anywhere around Manchester that can do it, small price to pay for a big improvement, they are the canbus ones so no errors whatsoever, here’s the pics: also gave the car a wash and tried out some wax i bought from waxstock, very nice stuff
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    The EU Referendum poll

    Nick Clegg is also a former Deputy Prime Minister and was as ineffectual then as his is now. His 'difficult questions' are no more than him splashing in his own little puddle, trying to stir up the mud at the bottom Sorry, you can't put the Genie back in the bottle. The decision has been made, the die cast and no amount of "I told you so"s is going to make the slightest bit of difference to the outcome. Difficult questions from a man who couldn't make a difference even when he was sharing the power cut no ice! As Karl says, let it go and move on.
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    The EU Referendum poll

    @sharkfan great speech dude and you are right...im rolling up my sleeves and ready. My ass cant take anymore euro battering!.
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    It's expensive, but not really overpriced. Take the usual £2500 540i, sort out the usual rusty bits and other problems and it wouldn't be vastly cheaper tbh. But being an old 540i there are other potential issues - timing chain guides being just one. With a 540i, buying it is the easy bit. The auto 540i is a nicer car than the manual anyway, which is why so few manuals were bought new.
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    The EU Referendum poll

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    The EU Referendum poll

    Cue someone to come along and say: "We won, you lost. Stop crying" Almost as bad as trying to win an argument by saying "Whatever".
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    M Sport Shock absorbers

    ecp sales are like DFS sofa's.
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    NCS Expert Coding out LED errors

    Yep, cold monitoring is when off, it'll put a little voltage down the wire to check for a continuous filament bulb in the circuit. With an LED, it will light the LED, so it can make it flicker. Hot monitoring is checking them when they are switched on. Disabling the hot and cold checks should stop the flickers and errors. You can also disable check control messages for the lights, but they'll still flicker if the checks are on.
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    those dials are a crime on their own [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Key fob problems

    Interesting. I have the same issue with range but with only 1 key. I've deduced therefore that it's not an issue with the diversity antenna. I paid to send the faulty key away to replace the battery. Made no difference though. I've just paid a company called The Master Locksmith to open the key, clean the internals and replace everything bar the circuit board. I'm not back in the country for another 10 days to test the results however I'll let you know if it made a difference. If it doesn't I'll need to go down the new key route. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk http://www.themasterlocksmith.com/product/bmw-key-repair/
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    Granted I think this has been done for fun but it's still awful...
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    535i Andrew

    AUC rubbish

    Yeah and they will have taken the new wipers back off it the minute it got traded in to put on another car that was just about to go out to a punter. I looked at my first E60, black leather rear bench seat was marked. Asked them to sort that. They sorted it by taking another seat out of another 5er and moved the problem on to another car hoping the next punter would not be as pernickety as me!
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    535i Andrew

    Wedding speech groom

    ^agree with that. There are key things/standard stuff you need to do. #1 thank your new wife for marrying you and must say how beautiful she looks today, that will always get a good cheer from the audience which should help settle any nerves. #2 thank the bridesmaids and if one of the bridesmaids is your sister, warn your best man to stay away! #3 tell the guests that everything the best man is about to say is a lie! #4 thank all the guests for turning up and for all their gifts. #5 and most importantly, be yourself and not worry about what anyone else thinks as they are only there that day because they care for you and your new wife either that or the free grub and booze they are currently flinging down their neck! Just remember, to tell your new wife to always listen to and respect your choices, remind her that she is one of your choices! God brings back memories from nearly nine years ago, I would be nearly out by now I suppose.
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    E60 535d Lci what brake pads

    As above... JURID are OEM.
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    My 2000 E39 BMW M5

    But you have good wine, food, the cote d'azure, skiing and the 504 coupe. Can't be all bad [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wedding speech groom

    3 word story.
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    2002 E39 M5 For sale - SOLD !

    Not surprised it has sold, gorgeous car in mint condition, lots of work done and sub 100k miles. That was worth the money, which is more than you can say for a lot of them advertised for £10k+
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    Leo's E39 M5

    Bought some Hayward & Scott backboxes from a member on here a couple of months back. Finally had a chance to get a sound clip of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgICPL7x3lc Other updates: New disc & pads all round - OEM discs with EBC redstuff pads. The pads work well, although are v. squeaky. I only have about 500 miles on them so far so hopefully that will go down over time. Got the first MOT (under my ownership) on Monday, not anticipating anything major to come up! Other than that I've just been driving it and enjoying it. Had an epic Wales trip a little while ago which really gave me a chance to bond with the car. Still in love with it after 10 months of ownership!
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Deep clean, hoovered and shampooed.
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    2002 E39 M5 For sale - SOLD !

    Thanks for all the feedback, its been sold to another Forum member this morning, glad its going to a great home with an enthusiastic owner. Again - this forum has proved its weight in gold, the £10 gold membership is awesome value for money.
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    You really do love it don't you. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Talk me out of a 7 PLEASE !!!!!!

    Im not getting into the petrol vs diesel debate all I will say is I'm a 3L petrol man. Have to agree Lennox about the looks and never been a big fan of grey cars but after 2 years of ownership Space Grey has really grown on me as a colour.
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    The perfect e28! Looks super clean too.
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    This weekend I gave my new e28 some tlc - a full service including new engine and gearbox fluids, brake fluid, and coolant. It also received new spark plugs, oil, fuel and air filter and a very indulgent bath. I also decided to put my new wheels on the car, all the way from Hungary - e34 M5 turbines which I have always had a soft spot for. These are staggered 8&9 and in immaculate condition - these were also treated to some new rubber by way of some Eagle F1 Asym 2's. Albeit I think the profile on the front is too high so may swap in the 225s for 205 or 215 this weekend. I managed to swap out the 'comfort' seats, which were like sitting on a bed of pins if the journey was any longer than 45 minutes. Swapped out for some e28 recaro seats which I sourced on the forum. Interior retrim still up in the air at the moment but a surprisingly close match so I can live with it for the moment. Still yet to fit my bilstein b8's and H&R springs - need to sort some arch modification out first I feel. I also thought about some rear negative camper and suitable top mounts to enable this, but form what I have read it isnt straight forward. Can anyone recommend the best fixed top mounts, front and rear? Also trying to located a whiteline ARB - like hen's teeth apparently. I am lucky enough to have a full ramp 50ft from my garage so it made life much easier, but I am aching a fair bit - reminding me my knees are too shot for a manual gearbox unfortunately.
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    The Tesla would embarrass most super cars!!
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    Jim Bob

    Chris Knott feedback

    Can I give a big shout-out to Ian Willis. Just "quoted me happy" and I'll be going ahead with your quote when my renewal arrives from current insurer. (Ref 8956)