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    Car Modifying Rules

    Rule 28 - Personalised Number Plates that are not spaced correctly. C.
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    I still love them Simon... must have 20 Mk1's and Mk2's years ago... all models, all years.. this is is my mates...
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    Kelly is a fast talented driver... But I have never seen anyone match McKinley when shoving a Mk2 to the edge.. sadly missed http://youtu.be/vwl40XFvpLE
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    Car Modifying Rules

    Rule 25 - if you fit a HID kit that is clearly of blue or purple colour 10000k or more I believe) then go die. Rule 26 - if you feel it necessary to drive with your hood up like some spunk filled gangsta bra y0 then expect to be pulled by the police. A lot. And look like a complete twat. Rule 27 - if you drive whilst holding your phone at your chin like a failed attempt at eating cock, speaking to someone via loudspeaker, then you can go die with the purple HID tosser. OK so that second and third rules are actually just rants about the yoof these days but they're often found in modified cars that break several rules listed so far! Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    As the title suggests really, why don't we have a 'what have you done to your E28 this week / month / year' Like in the other E12 / E34 / E39 areas? Or is that E28 owners are just lazy and don't do anything
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    Peugeot 205 XS time warp - Video

    Had this car for just over a year and have now done a video to show it's mint-ness! just about 28k miles on the clock too
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    Sucking Jet Fuel Gauge

    Further to what rdl has said, the suction jet pump is a purely mechanical, non moving component in the bottom of the left hand tank. It works by using the fuel retuning to the tank and a Venturi to create a low pressure area and draw fuel over to the right hand tank. They can really only fail in a couple of ways. Debri gets caught in them blocking/fouling the Venturi. A hose is disturbed/kinked/has a hole or split in it - probably inside the tank. The fuel pump starts to fail and does not have enough pressure/flow to allow enough returning fuel to allow the Venturi to work. (Could also be a very blocked fuel filter) At the fuel levels you've recorded, there is definitely a problem with the fuel not being lifted over to the right side of your tank.
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    Dam terrorist strike again

    Who was it that didn't show "solidarity" when Turkey was attacked then? Our press, our gov, but thats not "everyone". Just as these terrorists and their stupid religion don't speak for all followers of the same religion, it's sickening and hypocritical when people claim nobody cares just because some media outlet or government official didn't happen to mention it, or the flag seems a little too selective for THEIR tastes as to when and how it flies. The victims here are the 30 odd people who had no say in their fate today, and the hundreds of others who have been blown up or wounded because some moron thinks fairies exist. Just because a multi billionaire tycoon media outlet chose not to mention it doesn't mean nobody cares.
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    Dam terrorist strike again

    Don't worry, we're flying the Belgian flag over Downing Street...that'll sort them out...
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    Dam terrorist strike again

    Good point - our journalists have a lot to answer for. Have a look at this - a more rounded view: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/downing-street-raises-the-belgian-flag-and-we-tweet-for-brussels-but-where-was-this-sympathy-after-a6946271.html
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    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    Yes it is a 900 classic, i sold sadly as i cant weld and it needed some big patches. I got the head of the m10 today so its more manageable and was pleased to find it had coolant in there, head looks good.Wiring loom will be useful. I must have about 4 distributors now, 3 heads 3 alternators and 4 starter motors, and untold coolant hoses and 2 sumps. This should keep the warrior going for life.
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    Dam terrorist strike again

    To me Turkey and Syria share the same despotic configuration of president - I want no part of either, Turkey in EU means great bundles of trouble.
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    Dam terrorist strike again

    Another reason to get out of Europe as quickly as possible. And people wonder why Trump has such a massive following.
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    Kent Body Shop Recommendations

    Thanks. But far for me, but appreciate your suggestion!
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    I just hate everyone. No problem
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    Car Modifying Rules

    Rule 17 (or is it 18 Inkiboo) music is for personal enjoyment, in your car, not to annoy anyone within 50 feet.
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    Car Modifying Rules

    Rule 11 - Never, I mean never tell the other half how much you've spent
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    I think people should be free to express opinions. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I'm with you! The rear wing and the front spoiler needs to go but all in all its not bad! Oh and the £20k price tag
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    You've been sniffing too much of that gunpowder Lennox
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    Hi I'm new to the forum ,Darren aka donut was my closest friend.Ive owned his old 545 for just over a year now and it's the best car I've every had.Regarding his funeral I keep in touch with the date and time. miss you d9nut.
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    Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    One pic from Gaydon...
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    Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Cheers guys!!! Friend of mine came across these brand new genuine parts for an e12 so had to buy them!!! Wing and rear light will fit all models but the complete front end is designed for a 520i... Also a couple of pics from Uxbridge show... And Joss's e12 M535i...
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    Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Not much happening lately. Been busy with work,etc. Did manage to take a pic now that the workshop has a new coat of paint...
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    Mines N52 and that doesn't have one either. Ridiculous idea! I may check all the CCV and pipes on mine. That may be an issue. Although I never seem to stop spending money on the piece of shit!