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    RIP Donut

    I have been off for a couple of days and only just seen this Really cannot believe what I am seeing as was only talking to him Friday. Darren was such a kind, generous and friendly guy who has done so much, not just for this forum but for us as a business as well. The gentle giant will be very sadly missed and we will making a substantial donation R.I.P Daz Phil, Tony and Jon @ Cotswold BMW
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    Some people just have no respect

    I was in Greater Manchester a few weeks ago in the truck and ahead of me coming the other way was a funeral procession trying to turn right,so i slowed to a crawl and gave a quick flash of the lights for them to cross in front of me,as i give another look in the n/s mirror i see a bus coming up the bus lane so put my truck just over the white line so he knows to slow down,which he did no problem, Arrives back at base on the friday and i,ve got a fine of £60 waiting for me for being in a bus lane, i wasn,t bothered one jot though as i know my actions were the right thing to do,also Gaffer split it 50/50 with me.
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    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    I bought some of this the other day... Seems to have done an alright job..
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    535i Andrew

    Reporting Potholes

    I use this website to report potholes, especially in my Council area as their own website will not let you report a pothole unless it is out side a specific address. They get the message via this website and come along and fix them and stops you bending alloys. http://www.fillthathole.org.uk/hazards/report
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    What a dickhead. Another unfunny comedian trying to make a name for himself.
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    My 5 Series

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    BMW5 South Central Meet 2016

    Hi Guys Im trying to gauge interest on a possible BMW5 meet in the South (Meridian Region) Im based in Oxfordshire which is a pretty central area for a few members and im thinking of using Oxfordshires version of Ace, H's Cafe in Berinsfield. They normally host motorbike events and do hold car events and smaller scale meets so im sure they could accomodate us. There is enough parking in and around the cafe and H's itself is a proper "greasy spoon" cafe as i like to call them, so you can get a nice cooked full english or whatever you fancy. Post Code is - OX10 7LY Im thinking somewhere in May would be a good date. Im open to suggestions so please do start below and if you could pop your name down below or use the attached poll and we can see what interest there is for this. H's did have a website but im unsure where it went, but google - https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&es_th=1&ie=UTF-8#q=h%20cafe%20oxford Jam
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    Cheap Michelin tyres but they're runflats

    Someones been on HotUkDeals
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    e34 540/6 Touring, Orient Blue, 100k

    Mine was Orient blue with black leather...... I still miss it.
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    e34 540/6 Touring, Orient Blue, 100k

    shes well scabby on the rear arch, i bet theres rust lurking. Shame its a shite colour and grim grey trim but you cant be picky now. Must resist urges as thats a bit of me!
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    I'd have suspected shill bidding but the highest bidders have good feedback. It has to be one of the lowest mileage 6 speed tourings but what is it's overall condition? £4,100 just seems crazy but crazy is what the classic car market is all about these days.
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    F10 LCI lights

    Yes - that is correct. Think of it like this, BMW offer a standard lighting option with no LED indicators and an upgraded lighting option with LED indicators. Pre LCI the upgraded option was Xenons, with Halogens as standard. Post LCI, the upgraded option was LED, with Xenons as standard. You are correct in your observation about the pre LCI cars mostly having Adaptive Headlights - it was cost effective to spec the Visibility Package which included these if you wanted Xenons, so most people did. Contrast with this with now, where most people see you get Xenons as standard and don't spec any extra lighting options.
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    Shell Fuel app

    that's why I never go inside the shop now, always choose a pay at pump, swipe card, enter pin, fill up n drive off
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    Just plug it in and all the settings i had should be retained. If you go to the Intravee section of the forum, there should be some user guides. Sold to Sandip.
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    BMW5 South Central Meet 2016

    Thanks Jam - OK by me but I'll just go with the flow.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Quite deep and much quieter than the H&S. Louder than standard though.
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    Woozers TV E34 540i/6 BK35191

    Coil-over day. Finally took the plunge and ordered myself a set of BC Coil-overs. The back was an easy straight swap so no dramas there, the front was considerably more involved, but all in all, got the whole car done start to finish in just under 5 hours. Win! For anyone wondering, the coil-overs have transformed the car, smoother and quieter than the lowering springs and shocks previously fitted, yet under heavy cornering the handling is sublime. It did almost catch me out a couple of times however, the car is far more tail happy than before. I've attached a few shots of the fronts as they were a cut and weld job for those who are interested.
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    535i Andrew

    Can I fit 255 tyres

    The tyre may physically fit on the rim, but I would check out that the increase in radius of the wheel doesn't upset anything. Unless of course it is one of the tyre options specced by BMW.
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    Shaz H

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Been a while Done / doing / spending / sh*t loads Just bought a full 530d brake set, callipers, brake lines, shield, pads, disc, the full shebang for 50 quid! Only issue the seller stated was the brake judder up front. Excuse to buy the mtec dimpled and grooved disc and brand new texta pads. Painted the callipers fresh oem silver, done 2 coats so far and will be doing another 2. Going to paint the shield gloss black. Committed to a full car wrap ages ago but haven’t booked it in yet! Might be handing it in end of March but just can’t decide on colour…imola red is one of them, rare to see on an E60 Cars dropped a bit more not fun driving around London clipping the bottom splitter Bought a csl style spoiler and m5 boot finisher that might be up for sale soon. Just don’t have the time or patience to get it all sorted.
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    Nice feedback - thanks all! So conflicted...BMW and buyers from new make such hard to understand decisions. Why were they not bearing me in mind when the spec'd the car? FFS.
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    Some people just have no respect

    In the old days, people never used to over take a funeral cortege and they would, if on the pavement, doff their caps If on a dual, I will overtake a cortege, but I feel a little uneasy doing it and I do ease off the accelerator. If on a single carriageway and they are in front of me, so be it. I most certainly am not going to try and overtake only to have to pull in or force my way in half way up the procession. As an aside, there is another road user who I give a lot more time to than I used to, and a lot more than most others do. Learners.
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    535i BHP

    Prefacelift is 235bhp and facelift is 245bhp
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    £300 for a warranty on a 10 year old car? Provided it doesn't have caveats as mentioned above, I would be tempted to take that. My E60 used to cost me £1000 each year latterly. Tended to be in Jan and Feb with the MOT at the end of Feb. Does it cover worn ball joints? Broken springs, corroded brake lines? At that age and assuming an average mileage these sorts of things will start appearing on your horizon. These were the big ticket items for me, most of which I fitted myself right enough. When my E60 fell out of AUC warranty at 5 years old, BMW wanted £705 for a years extension which also included BMW Assist. I declined their kind offer and sure enough my E60 got ill. £200 to my local BMW dealer and it was fixed and I was still £500 up, granted which went towards copious amounts of VPower.
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    Looking for new clay bar

    Bilt Hamber all the way, it's the cheapest and does the same job as the rest without having to pay more for "clay specific" lubes. I do the same with a drop of shampoo. I also use medium and find having a couple of pieces on the go (one soaking in warm water whilst using the other) helps to keep them soft and plyable
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    To be fair I shopped around a lot before deciding on the AA. A lot of aftermarket warranties (can't comment on the RAC) aren't worth the paper they are written on. There are so many caveats, they insist on main-dealer servicing at exactly the right intervals and using manufacturer-only parts, limit your miles and usage and exclude so many items (clutch, brakes, gearbox, drive-train) by the time you've finished you'd be better off sticking the money in the bank and hoping nothing goes wrong!
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    Some people just have no respect

    Society sucks sometimes. What a plum some people don't know when to be the bigger man and back down Other end of the scale have you ever tried to keep up with a hearse on a mission... Deceased house was in Haverfordwest, funeral 10 miles away. We where at the back of a 10-12 car procession in morning traffic. We made some moves to keep in touch I tell you!!
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    High oil usage

    Not that I know of. I'm going to take the plenum cover off at the weekend and see what's in there.
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    My E26!

    I bet it was quite interesting getting it on the ramps like that
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted some new Angel eye bulbs today
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    E-bay Scam Alert!

    They don't look real to me. Check out those detonators.
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    Some people just have no respect

    It's ridiculous. About two years ago we had a bus pull out a busstop and split the first three limo's up. Who the f does that?
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    E39 530i realworld mpg

    If I was only doing 5 miles a day id be looking at the v8 models, as its really not going to make a huge impact on the wallet due to the lack of miles, I'd rather spend £10 on fuel a week than £5 and have a lesser car, just my 2ps worth lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for new clay bar

    Bilt hamber all the way. Use water and a drop of shampoo as lube aswell so no need for extra expense
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    M Parallel tyres

    Bigger wheels / low profile tyres exaggerate front end issues : http://www.bmwe34.net/E34main/Trouble/Front_noises.htm
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    RIP Donut

    Please check here for details on donating. http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/announcement/3-in-memory-of-donut-the-guvnor/
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    RIP Donut

    You created something special, somewhere that has given people friendship, laughter, fun, oppurtunity, advice, solutions. A place to vent, learn, discuss and joke. Highly regarded by all that's passed through here. RIP Donut.
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    BMW5 South Central Meet 2016

    Any excuse to get out of the house, I am Game for this
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    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    I always used autobrite magifoam and switched to the valetpro pH neutral and it gives better foam imo. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    E34 Attackded

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    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    Valetpro pH neutral here.... Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    535i Andrew

    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    I use ValetPro Snow foam from Clean Your Car. Rinse car with hose to get car completely wet. Power wash car to take the worst of the dirt off. Spray with spray foam with Foam lance. Leave to soak for 5 mins. Power wash car to rinse. Worst of dirt removed and you haven't had to touch the bodywork.
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    Did you get the sills sorted out ok woozer.
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    Another future classic is the mercedes w124 coupe. ..e220 or e320...There aren't many decent ones around now and they do look good imo
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    My first one in a more normal colour De badged to enhance the Q status. Only those in the know would notice it had a Diff or there was excess camber on the rear wheels, the exhaust is not really a giveaway (till it starts) as anyone can fit twin exhaust on anything can't they. This had the standard Ford 4.6l V8 engine so circa 250 bhp but diesel beating torque. Most do go for over £3k though and I will admit they have the worlds crappiest attempt at plumbing for the interior heater which pus a lot of strain on the Aircon system
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    Of course if you wanted something really rare and unusual and could stomach 20-25 Mpg! Here is my last Q car It is an MG ZT which everyone knows is based on a front wheel drive Rover 75 in drag isn't it? (BMW link: both had E46 underpinnings and loads of BMW electrics) Well not exactly I had two of these the last one had a Blower and err went quite quick and sounded like a car should V8 400 BHP, rear wheel drive, LSD, Bilstein suspension, AP brakes. only 800 made before MGR went tits up so rarer than a lot of Italian exotica out there!
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    E28's on the Hill!

    A great morning looking at and talking about all things E28 with Gary and Rob on Portsdown hill. Some more pictures: Cheers Gary and Rob, it was good to meet you both and put faces to names. Regards, Mick