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    Some people just have no respect

    I was in Greater Manchester a few weeks ago in the truck and ahead of me coming the other way was a funeral procession trying to turn right,so i slowed to a crawl and gave a quick flash of the lights for them to cross in front of me,as i give another look in the n/s mirror i see a bus coming up the bus lane so put my truck just over the white line so he knows to slow down,which he did no problem, Arrives back at base on the friday and i,ve got a fine of £60 waiting for me for being in a bus lane, i wasn,t bothered one jot though as i know my actions were the right thing to do,also Gaffer split it 50/50 with me.
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    My 5 Series

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    BMW5 South Central Meet 2016

    Hi Guys Im trying to gauge interest on a possible BMW5 meet in the South (Meridian Region) Im based in Oxfordshire which is a pretty central area for a few members and im thinking of using Oxfordshires version of Ace, H's Cafe in Berinsfield. They normally host motorbike events and do hold car events and smaller scale meets so im sure they could accomodate us. There is enough parking in and around the cafe and H's itself is a proper "greasy spoon" cafe as i like to call them, so you can get a nice cooked full english or whatever you fancy. Post Code is - OX10 7LY Im thinking somewhere in May would be a good date. Im open to suggestions so please do start below and if you could pop your name down below or use the attached poll and we can see what interest there is for this. H's did have a website but im unsure where it went, but google - https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&es_th=1&ie=UTF-8#q=h%20cafe%20oxford Jam
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    Some people just have no respect

    Seriously hate this kind of disrespectful behaviour. Myself and my friends lost a beautiful dear school friend on the roads of Epping early last year. Her funeral was in Hainault & we were in a procession of at least 9 vehicles, all black, all travelling together. Some idiot in an Audi A3 pulled out in front of me (positioned in the middle of the procession) and then gave our school friend's female cousin grief by weaving around behind her trying to pass. Now I'm not usually an advocate of the following behaviour however we were very emotionally charged. Once the procession stopped at a set of lights, all 5 of us got out, went up to the Audi and pulled the driver out of his car (who it turns out one of our boys knew of) and had a quick firm word. Needless to say he pulled aside once we started off and let the rest of the procession pass to complete the convoy. I make no apologies, the driver had no respect.
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    My E26!

    I bet it was quite interesting getting it on the ramps like that
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    E-bay Scam Alert!

    They don't look real to me. Check out those detonators.
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    Some people just have no respect

    Its the same driver - just in a different vehicle on a different day.........the world is full of them, thickies by name and nature.
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    Some people just have no respect

    It's ridiculous. About two years ago we had a bus pull out a busstop and split the first three limo's up. Who the f does that?
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    E39 530i realworld mpg

    If I was only doing 5 miles a day id be looking at the v8 models, as its really not going to make a huge impact on the wallet due to the lack of miles, I'd rather spend £10 on fuel a week than £5 and have a lesser car, just my 2ps worth lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for new clay bar

    Bilt hamber all the way. Use water and a drop of shampoo as lube aswell so no need for extra expense
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    M Parallel tyres

    Bigger wheels / low profile tyres exaggerate front end issues : http://www.bmwe34.net/E34main/Trouble/Front_noises.htm
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    RIP Donut

    You created something special, somewhere that has given people friendship, laughter, fun, oppurtunity, advice, solutions. A place to vent, learn, discuss and joke. Highly regarded by all that's passed through here. RIP Donut.
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    RIP Donut

    Would like to know funeral details so maybe we can have a quick whip round to get a decent bunch of flowers , although if anyone knows who can make a BMW5 wreath ? I'd like to see that at the service.
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    BMW5 South Central Meet 2016

    Any excuse to get out of the house, I am Game for this
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    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    I always used autobrite magifoam and switched to the valetpro pH neutral and it gives better foam imo. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    E34 Attackded

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    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    Autobrite Magifoam is widely regarded as a good product. http://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/index.php/exterior-cleaning/autobrite-direct-snow-foam-lance/autobrite-hd-foam-lance-magifoam-combo.html Discount codes are available on Detailing world forum.
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    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    Valetpro pH neutral here.... Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    535i Andrew

    Best Snow Foam Product ?

    I use ValetPro Snow foam from Clean Your Car. Rinse car with hose to get car completely wet. Power wash car to take the worst of the dirt off. Spray with spray foam with Foam lance. Leave to soak for 5 mins. Power wash car to rinse. Worst of dirt removed and you haven't had to touch the bodywork.
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    Did you get the sills sorted out ok woozer.
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    Another future classic is the mercedes w124 coupe. ..e220 or e320...There aren't many decent ones around now and they do look good imo
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    My first one in a more normal colour De badged to enhance the Q status. Only those in the know would notice it had a Diff or there was excess camber on the rear wheels, the exhaust is not really a giveaway (till it starts) as anyone can fit twin exhaust on anything can't they. This had the standard Ford 4.6l V8 engine so circa 250 bhp but diesel beating torque. Most do go for over £3k though and I will admit they have the worlds crappiest attempt at plumbing for the interior heater which pus a lot of strain on the Aircon system
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    Of course if you wanted something really rare and unusual and could stomach 20-25 Mpg! Here is my last Q car It is an MG ZT which everyone knows is based on a front wheel drive Rover 75 in drag isn't it? (BMW link: both had E46 underpinnings and loads of BMW electrics) Well not exactly I had two of these the last one had a Blower and err went quite quick and sounded like a car should V8 400 BHP, rear wheel drive, LSD, Bilstein suspension, AP brakes. only 800 made before MGR went tits up so rarer than a lot of Italian exotica out there!