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    Update !! My friend, the original owner who did all the modifications, has bought this car back now. I'll get him to come and discuss on here.
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    A full winter protection treatment to protect all the new paintwork after the respray. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    There are just four rhd facelift B10 V8S Tourings, of which Greenelektas is the last and probably the most stunning, and just four rhd facelift B10 V8 Tourings, of which mine is the last.
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    This is mine. Facelift is best, good luck finding one
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    Here she is A 25k 1983 e30 323i Chromie : And my current e30, I just hope they get on with each other
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    Got some photos done by someone who knows what they are doing, got this one so far still waiting on the rest.
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    Haha fair point !! I have never had my car dyno'd since I supercharged it with the meth injection filled and running with the 3 jets as designed. I also bought a brand new supercharger as the original one basically died on me. The new one was WAY better than my original which lasted from 2010 July to 2013 May. The replacement one was right and allowed me to pull way better. My car does not have a stock ESS Kit. It has a custom supercharger pulley pushing out close to 9.5 PSI (as opposed to the stock 6/6.5 PSI ESS setup) Custom made CCV system with pumps the in cylinder drag inducing crank case gases out (designed by the previous owner of M5 in this thread). Straight through Exhaust system with custom made manifolds. Aquamist Meth Injection setup. Few other tweaks to make sure heat/charge from unwanted SC gases are not recirculated through the engine again etc etc My car is pretty much identical to the car for sale in this thread. Same ECU Map too. We pushed things pretty hard and with a high Methanol Concentration injection I would easily say it ran well over 650HP, as proved by the car in the thread. The 640 HP is an estimate but quite a well derived one and I'd also say a conservative one at that.. I am definitely not one for an intercooled E39 M5 though. I made my points quite clear on the 'other' forum and actually got almost banned as one of the moderators was a mate of Raza's. We had several arguments about Air to Air Vs Air to Water Vs Meth Etc Etc. Unfortunately in a predominantly US forum, if a moderator was mates with a Tuner. you as the humble ordinary member...get F£$%ed ! Nonetheless there are ESS S/C cars that make well over 625 HP with Meth and no Air to Air intercooling. Check out the other forum. My car is awaiting a full on engine rebuild at the moment and when that's done, albeit without any Air to Air Intercooler, it will be pushing on close to 800 BHP. I will get it dyno'ed for bragging rights .....but for me its all about how it feels on the road and performs. My M5 pre engine rebuild would readily spin up its rear wheels in 3rd gear in a straight line, in the dry and make fun of F10 M5s and R8 V10s all day long. My good friend has a stock 2013 GTR. From 60 MPH in 3rd I literally leave him for dead. I am currently running-in my new M6 Gran Coupe, and when I get bored with it. I will be throwing some money at it to get it super quick too, but I will never ever sell my E39 M5. Best saloon car ever made I reckon
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    Liking the look of this e34 535i/5 Sport on e31 18" Alpina Classics... Maybe a little low for UK roads but looks awesome IMO http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=81359 C.
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    My great grandfather used to fire A4s, drove n2s and latterly cl31s iirc. Dad has some pictures somewhere though none as atmospheric as those posted.
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    Me too. Stunning car. Now, pop it back in the garage where it belongs, before it gets damp!
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    Well done Jayman..... Oh.. Back to the leaning 3 series... It will be weak springs when you was fat....
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    Great video, love it! I have only been once on a '98 R1 and absolutely loved the place. I vowed one day I'd go back in a car but so far I've not made it.......yet! I have been driving it for years on gran turismo and have some pretty impressive times so I'm very ready [emoji4]
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    I've just read the whole DW thread from start to finish. This car is worth its weight in time and effort alone! You along with one other member on here have gone onto my list of people that take it above and beyond the call of "Clean & Maintained" I haven't managed to get on my own list yet! Credit to you and GLWS!
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    2 litres will see you right, most bottles have a kind of small extendable "hose" that comes out of the bottle as you pull the top off but if not then yes a small hose will suffice. My comment about the gearbox itself wan't aimed in a way to say "get out and get it sorted" but rather to say that IMO you'd simply be spending x amount of money on new parts that won't really address the issue, and if it bothered you that much then perhaps put that money towards the cost of having the box looked at or a second hand one. Notchiness per se especially when cold is pretty standard fayre for all bmw's and certainly the E39 M5, but as pointd out, any short shifter by nature will exacerbate the effort needed to shift and this the notchiness in a trade off for a shorter movement of gearstick, so if its the feel you are concerned about a SSK won't help but actually worsen that. NOt related to the reverse issue but what will help the notchiness is more weight behind the shifting assembly, so a weighted knob like the F10 M5 gearknob will assist in the feel, and becasue the knob is shorter and nothing is changed in the linkage side of things, you will get a slightly reduced throw with no drawbacks. Also the F10 knob is illuminated so you will retain that. Next stage if you want more assistance would be a weighted selector rod from the likes of UUC or you can kind of do this cheaply yourself and remove you old selector rod (the horizontal one that goes from gearstick to gearbox) and wrap a heavy guage solder around it, then tape it on nice and tight. This will increase the weight of the rod and provide you with more assistance with no drawbacks.
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    Here are some pics of my efforts so far. Bit of a plunge for me as I am certainly no pro sprayer but I can neither leave it to rust again or afford it to be done else where so. There were some pretty major scratches along both sides of the car so I have gone about removing the lot. Work in progress.
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    Im around most evenings if you can get wireless at your car?
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    The Front Fell off the Ship. This is another old one I know but very funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m5qxZm_JqM
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    My feet have just thawed out.... Plastic or not todays office is much more pleasant...
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    Great stuff mate, must dig some of mine out... Oh heck, just found a self-portrait from the archives.....
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    Fantastic !!! I found my self pressing brake when watching it lol .
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    Hi Piper - As per previous discussion on this, the general pricing level for 2nd hand/used modules that are known to work and which will have some sort of recourse in case of issues etc is around the £1200-1400 level from the Germaniks website. Anyone who's not so confident with installation will need to factor in installation costs on top of that. I'm able to make bezels to hold the monitor securely using automotive grade materials and I left details of that in either this or the other thread. There'd be a CAD development cost as well as the low volume production run of 20 units which would be a minimum and ballpark cost for those would be around the £200-250 level each. These aspects are what most/other E39 owners will want to consider for this project and cannot be done for under £1000. If anyone wishes to gamble on NBT modules that are being auctioned or listed at a lower price to save money can do so of course, but other risks present themselves - non working units, ones that go faulty after a short'ish time and of course have no comeback etc. In the big USA thread, the owner of the germaniks site will make bezels by sending in the outer trim piece from an oem monitor. He'd then use bodyfiller to make the shape needed for the monitor and then paint it. I think a solution like this won't last multiple years due to the variance of temperature, UV and humidity in a vehicle interior, so you'd perhaps need to do it again within a few years. I think a price of around £125-1140 was mentioned. So, it looks like if someone takes a gamble on finding the modules cheap enough, spends the £500 or so on the interface itself, DIY fits and make a bezel, then it seems 'possibly' around a £1000 could be spent, but most likely it'll be more. Jamie - I think depending which NBT module you get, it can have DAB and video playback functionality as well as BT built in - check the functionality of each of the different possible NBT modules. Ipod control and playback I think will be an extra cost on top, either a BMW solution or an aftermarket one. Do check the big USA forum thread for what those guys have done/are doing and also with respect to the various software/firmware niggles and issues they're finding for this project. Thread is here; http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2153382-NBT-CIC-CCC-retrofit-in-E39-E38-E53 Cheers, Dennis!
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    That's awesome mate. Fantastic vid. Makes me feel like selling up and getting an e39 again. Sounds gorgeous [emoji7]
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    More miles but a beauty. 2001 E39 530d Sport Auto, Stamford PE9, £3,750 ono (incl. extras!) http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/index.php?/topic/116880-2001-E39-530d-Sport-Auto%2C-Stamford-PE9%2C-%C2%A33%2C750-ono-%28incl%2E-extras%21%29 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You're welcome David, credit where it is due, you are always a pleasure to deal with. True, you cold have asked for more money for those inner fins, as you had me between a rock and a hard place, but being the gentleman that you are,...... you didn't. Speaking of Turbine wheel covers, they seem to have developed a cult following of their own over the last few years. I know they divide opinion, personally, I love them.
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    Oooosh Thats a bit fattist !! Us more portly gents just have bigger bones,or is gland problems ? Or is it chipandpieitis ?
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    Thanks. Template used, letter sent, recorded delivery today
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    Oh, and I wish it was in an E39 M5 because yours sounds epic, perfect for the ring but sadly it'll probably be in the st [emoji17]
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    New badge on order from sealers mate need you even ask knowing me lol
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    Last went in 2006, went every year from 2001 but like you say prices started getting silly. It worked out at a fiver a lap, wasn't even Euro's when I first started going! Used to stay in a guesthaus in wiesemschied
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    Superb , Bayerische . I had to laugh when I started reading this thread , knowing that there would not be a chance in hell that you would be selling this car via a public forum , and so many readers were awaiting an ...... Unfortunately this rare beauty is now for sale . Top quality and a great enthusiastic thread . It's so refreshing to see ! p.s. Thanks for the mention re the turbine fins ......... I should have asked for more MONEY , but as we both know that's not what drives many of us ! D
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    Nope, no warnings. At night time. Sorry about the lens flare, don't have a night mode on my phone camera.
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    The system blows fresh air into exhaust manifold only with cold engine to make the cats heat up faster. Can be deleted.
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    A few members have been running them on here - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/111453-front-brakes-for-545i/ Mo_1986 is running them with texta pads and has had no issues. Worth reviving that thread, would be good to track positives and negatives. As stated, get the dimpled and grooved, the drilled version have a risk of cracking.
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    Leaving the 'ring after a few wet laps, amazingly still in one piece!
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    Follow the guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office: https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/raising-concerns/ There is a template letter to use - make the complaint in writing. This is a serious breach
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    Holy shit what a hit that was !!! Hope your OK ..nice car but just a car ..well being is more important ... Get it home somehow and get as much of it as you can
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    If you can get it home rather than in a yard I'd start there. Your in a better position if not incurring storage charges.
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    I just got them fro my local motor factors. Just quote the part number above & you should be sorted. jr
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    Not on the M25, more stopping and starting than a London Bus
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    Cold air intakes. Usually only fitted to the M5 with it's twin air intakes, the standard intakes are quite near the radiator and result in warm air being drawn in, cold air gives more power. The intake to the filter box is simply redirected to the front of the bumper.
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    Fitted new pollen filters - Mann filters from ECP, £18.98 the pair and a ten minute job. Not that there's much pollen around at the moment. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Cool editing app called enlight lets you do snaps like that. I've done f all to the car. It's sat for 3 weeks waiting on parts n garage to open. Gonna be end of month before it hits the road again.
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    Yes mate, technically Barton Hill, but can remotely book on at Avonmouth and Stoke Gifford (Bristol Parkway) too. I'm a "boil in the bag" just coming up to 2 years on the company now, i was one of the last lot of trainee's "off the street", started Jan 06 2014. Count myself really lucky as i can't see that happening again for a while. We've been assured that we are safe too, there's a new incinerator about to open at Avonmouth, and there's going to be a lot of work associated with Hinkley Point when that gets under way.
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    Mine does the same thing, must be another common little niggle! All I do is wd40 the cylinder with the boot open and keep pushing it back and forwards through the boot lid liner and it loosens it up. Not helpful to you I know but I will be interested to see what someone says on fixing it... Is there not a spring in there to pop it back?