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    BM Ian

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    i replaced the rocker cover yesterday then i changed the engine oil & filter this morning then i added a fresh coat of polish
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    Goodbye 545i, goodbye Bmw

    Got rid of my e60 545i had lots of problems with her in the nearly 3 years of ownership gearbox , engine cooling and heating Only had 92k on the clock and I only put on another 10k And after 6 bmw's and over 16 years of bmw I have bought mysel first ever v6 First ever diesel And first ever jaguar It's a xf "s" Must say I an very very impressed Rides nice, even on 20"s Looks nice And the interior is very special Just had enough of bmw's to be honest Although the brand is doing well They have flooded the market with all sorts of new and some very ugly cars they have become such a common site on the roads now I think they have lost some of the classy factor and some of the wow factor And the "m" badge is on half the bloody cars now It was mean to be something a bit special Of course these are my own opinions only Anyway rant over Hope all of you have a great Christmas and new year
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    Hello 5er's

    Hi All, Been following the forum a while, but only registered today. I own a wonderfully clean 1996 (technically 1995) BMW E34 520i in original Ascot Green. I'm the 8th owner. Bought this car as my very first car, as I past my test in August. The car was bought a week prior to my test with 129,000 miles on her. Since ownership there hasn't been much done at all. First thing I done was set about servicing her because it was due it (still need to clear the lights). Not sure when the car was last serviced as the service history, although there's a lot of it, some of it is missing. After servicing her around the end of August, I also acquired a nice Volvo 740 lip from a local scrapyard which was trimmed to size on the sides, sanded back and painted black. From there, she had some new rubber put on (Bridgestone RE050) in 225/45/R17 all round, then went in for breather pipe replacement as fuel started to leak around mid October. Since then I've had nothing but a massive smile on my face everytime I drive her. She's very clean underneath, all original with very little rust however it does need to be re-undersealed. There are still a few jobs to do before MOT in January. I need to replace the propshaft donut as it's almost completely disintegrated, gearbox has a slight leak - which I assume is coming from the rear seals of the box - and the bushes on the lower control arms need replaced. Aside from that she drives beautifully. Oh I also switched out the nasty steering wheel that it came with (ripped standard Sport wheel) with a much nicer OMP Mugello wheel in "Vintage Wood". So what's the future plans? Well, planning to replace all the rubber impact mouldings, Z3/E60 short shifter install, some paint touch up is required, new wider wheels + some coilovers. I need to source some kidneys as these are missing, and I'd also like to source an LSD as well. The fuel lines are very crusty being 20 years old, so those will soon be replaced with copper pipe. Obtaining a leather interior would be nice, however I may have the current interior re-upholstered, and then paint the grey plastics black. As previously mentioned car is due for an MOT in January, so I'll be spoiling her over Christmas with some new front bumper rubber impact strips plus the license plate blank. Currently have some OS RAM Nightbreaker bulbs to install and also put on the Bosch Aerotwin Retro fit wipers. Then I'll also polybush the control arms to start the process of polybushing the whole car. Since August I've done 5,000 miles. I took a trip to Anglesey Circuit for Drift Matsuri 2015 just back in October and it was a lovely drive through Snowdonia in the bleeding raining (weather similar to home here in Scotland), chasing a Toyota AE86 Corolla. Best drive to this day so far. That's all from me just now. I may make a build thread at a later date once things start flowing.
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    bmw 525d touring manual £650

    Had mot till October. Drives fine but has an occasional fault with the electrics which affects the remote locking,self leveling and some of the dash. hence spares or repairs £650 imo car near Peterborough
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    Pump the tyres up as far as you can (50psi or so), leave the hand brake off, make sure it goes away bone dry!
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    the smaller button is either a TPS switch of a cruise control switch
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    Forget the differing prices on the items/links posted, one is in Bulgaria and the other USA. Very different markets for interior trims. What someone is willing to pay and another willing to advertise for are usually two very different prices! Pappel Natur (Blonde Wood) as fitted to the Champagne II Cars is a marmite trim. It's generally love or hate and really only works on darker colours to break things up. Pricing it is hard as it's not as common as the usual wood, piano black, technical graphite etc., however condition is key. With a couple of cracks as you mention, you may find it harder to move on. My advice is post up pics and a general price that you would be happy with and maybe consider offers... C.
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    Check the keys work in the locks, the last thing you want is to get locked out. Maybe leave a dehumidifier in there too as damp can make the leather go mouldy.
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    Used Autoglass a couple of years ago and they were pretty on the ball. Did a good job and no problems afterwards. As with so many outfits I think the quality of the work very much depends on the blokes who do the hands on stuff. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Inpa software that's known too work?

    +1 Jimmy is the man to speak to. Helped me out no end when i was having issues getting stuff working.
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    Google Earth

    Our street view is very old, but the aerial view is very recent!
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    Ellis23 - Thanks Buddy. Parts Update : E39 M5 Rear Anti Roll Bar - Brought & Collected.
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    Yey or nay?

    i don't like how the top line is as it doesn't follow the bonnet shut line - looks like a moustache how about these....
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    Tyres.... Where?

    Yep try your local garage. The margins on tyres are very slow! I have a trade account and the difference is negligible compared to retail prices.
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    Hello 5er's

    Welcome! think ive seen this before!
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    Plum chino's and Panama hats

    Notice how his fake posh accent was slipping by the time they were in the greasy spoon cafe.
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    Inpa software that's known too work?

    Speak to this guy... http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/user/28466-jimmy/
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    Awesome Rupes!... Just Awesome..Cant you remember my front door build thread..... ha ha ha....
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    Casper Smith

    Yey or nay?

    I've got the same, at 1st I thought they looked shite but cost enough so left them on, grown on me now. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    I now have the pacifica blue highland cloth from 172 (as covers) for #31 as I replaced the highland trim with pacifica blue leather but now going back to standard, and it still has you installation paperwork with it! only need to know if it went with rear headrests otherwise Im gonna need to dig it all out to check!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Picked it up.....I'm head over heels for this car. Drove it home from Rochdale to Northamptonshire (roughly 160miles) & it drove like a dream......smooth, comfortable & when I wanted it to be very bloody fast!! I previously owned an e46 m3 & expected it to feel very similar in power wise to that but my gosh this thing is a different beast all together!! Really happy with it so far & looking forward to my first e39 m5 ownership
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    Bet you I can. It's in the garage now clean and not moving.
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    E92 M3 Power Dome Without Vents For The Bonnet - Ordered Front Splitter - Ordered Hamann Style Foglight Surrounds - Ordered Bilstein B6s For The Rear - Received
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    Hi Jay, Excellent plans there and I'm sure we could discuss a few elements I'm wondering which front splitter you'll be going with too! LeoE - just answered this on the thread in the general section for the 'poll of the best 5 series variant' ! - it's simple, hardly any BMW customers demand an M5 Touring when walking into a dealer and purchasing a new car. BMW have 'tried' the market a few times now and each time it's the same, hardly any are sold. The E34.. didn't sell very many, the E39 was skipped. The E61 M5.. didn't sell very many, the F11 was skipped. Perhaps the next gen 5 series there'll be an M5 Touring again, my guess is, they'll not sell very many! Cheers, Dennis!