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    It's here at last!

    Better late than never. Cinnamon brown interior. The photos don't do it justice, it really is a very nice place to be.
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    Handing little gadget to keep in the glovebox if ypu dont want to rely on your tyre pressure momitors http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=165590&productId=566753&storeId=10001
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    That's a very sweeping statement. I would say SOME cyclists are dangerous but most of us who also drive a car are very considerate to the law and other drivers.
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    Best scanner for 2006 E60 530D

    www.cable-shack.co.uk Jimmy is a forum member and gives great after sales support. Think I paid £45/£50 To clarify - to use on our E60 525d and pair of E39's
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    would you not just buy a cable and DIS??? JJ
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    Best scanner for 2006 E60 530D

    321634689084 Look this up on eBay
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    Anyone running m5 over the winter?

    Mine's definitely going into hibernation to avoid the ravages of a Scottish Highlands winter. (Above) Goes into its own lair within my garage at the end of October, along with a dehumidifier and low level heating system. (Above) Giving it its own 'room' means I can get on with other stuff in the garage without having to worry about scratching it or covering it with dust. I always remove the battery from the car and hook it up to a 'smart' charger/conditioner. The car gets a really good clean (and is properly dried) on a dry day late in the month when it also gets an oil and filter change. Then immediately before it's squeezed into its lair I give it a 15 mile blast to circulate the fresh oil into all the lifters and VANOS just before tucking it away for the winter. Not had any problems with noisy lifters (or VANOS) at start up at the end of April .....so far! The salt takes a terrible toll on cars up here and that's why I'll never run my M5 on Highland roads in the winter.
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    18"Alpina softlines

    your buying the wheels not tyres!
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    Right just got back from my hr of punishment and the cars do indeed belong to linwar BMW There seems to be two different storage yards one with bits of cars and one with whole cars (all 5ers as well I think?) oh apart from what I think is a lotus Carlton? (The brown motor towards the bottom of the first pic) Anyway a few more pics I managed to get before I was asked what the f**k are you doing!
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    Contemplated getting the car out of the garage for a wash before doing the school run, then decided not to. Watched some Youtube Videos comparing winter tyres with 'normal' ones instead and that reminded me to go and dig out my snow chains for my compact tractor which then uncovered the need to rewire and replace some of the fluorescent light in the garage loft. Once I had done that I found some stuff lurking up their I hadn't seen for years that I can bung on Ebay..... and why on why does Swmbo hoard so many damn novels in my loft which brought me back to having to get the car out of the garage so I could carry all the stuff down the stairs...
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    BMW Seal & Protect ?

    I garuntee you, a good detailer will have it looking like new. Dealers are notorious for doing a terrible job. A friend purchased a GTI from vw, with this autoglym life seal stuff. You could see the swirls remarkably so up and down the bonnet from a poor detailer with a rotory. Visit a good detailer!
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    Two bucket method

    Before and after...actually, I spent about another hour drying and faffing about after that. And then another hour on the wife's Mini (brownie points)
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    BMW 530d Blue Smoke Start Up

    My money is with the glow plugs and controller, My 535d did this in the morning and was cured as soon as i changed parts for new. GSF sell BERU the controller and glow plugs, Probably about £160-200 for the parts
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    One mirror wont fully unfold

    The way the diagnostic commands work varies between cars and the individual commands quite a lot. For some commands the time over which they have an effect is much shorter than others, and I suspect that this is coming into play here. I suspect that, as the mirrors normally unfold faster than yours, the effective time of the command is less than the time required for them to unfold and your mirrors are not completing the movement in time. Pressing the button to fold the mirrors uses a different mechanism so the fold duration is not important. The timer set in the Intravee to to reduce the effective time and currently can not increase it. To test my theory, could you try executing the passenger side unfold command manually a second time when the mirror is not fully down. The command you need to send is : is 3F 06 00 0C 02 30 01 06 So, connect up your PC to the Intravee, as if to update the firmware. Use the Intravee to fold the mirrors and then unfold them. Then type the command above in the downloader window and press the Return/Enter key. If I'm right, the mirror should unfold the rest of the way. If it does, I can change the Intravee firmware to do that automatically if the fold duration is set to be longer than some time (yet to be determined, but probably about 5 seconds).
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    F10 530d

    Here she is

    What can I say, I'm a curious guy lol. I can delete the post if you're not happy though. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Depends what you're looking for...If you want to munch miles, then I totally agree - I know, I dropped about 20k miles in 6 months in our Zetec S TDCi not long after buying it new and ended up hating it, so bought an old A4 estate to do the miles, and fell back in love with it. It now just gets used at the weekends or as a shopping trolley and starts every time, is a hoot to throw around, still looks cool, has leather, Bluetooth, a stereo that's infinitely better than in all the BMs I've owned, sips fuel, and certainly doesn't suffer from creaking door seals, so is a pretty nice place to be! Needless to say it costs buttons to run, with the most we've ever spent on it being about £800 last year for a major service including new glow plugs, water pump, air con service and cambelt (apart from the glow plugs, everything else was preventative maintenance). It's now on 71k, and other than a new battery and a £10 glow plug relay, it's cost us nothing more than annual servicing and tyres (it's even still on it's original brakes)... Don't get me wrong, I love my E60, but there's a time and a place for the Fiesta, and after 7 years of cheap, reliable motoring, it's the one that's stayed while others have turned into money pits and gone. I'm sure the E60 will get to an uneconomical-to-run stage way before the Fiesta does... I'm sure members on Fiesta, Corsa, 306 (insert any small car) forums would look at the expensive problems we all suffer with our 5s and say that they're crap...
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    530d engine resonance

    More useful info about them here: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/104636-530d-engine-mount-vac-hoses/ (Look at the first of the two links as well)
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    My unit was sent back to me with the same fault so i was not pleased after i fitted it all back in A quick phone call to them and it was on its way back to them The next day i was contacted saying my unit is unrepairable and they will send me another same one which they did 12month warantee also 450£ which is well worth it . people are selling untested units for 350+ which is just a gamble i wouldnt take for the price difference
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    Put my Angel Eyes in
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    welcome back looks a gooden got the nav i see now you could look at raymonds thread on retro fitting mem heat seats and hope you have a better experence with this one
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    I bought an E39 M5 from Ben (David to me) in 2013 and I live in New Zealand so imagine how wrong that could have gone. From my experience you need to ask plenty of questions and ask for plenty of photos which I did and he obliged. Don't expect him to tell you the negatives, we all know he's a salesman. . I've had to spend money on it which included a repairing a cracked bumper. Also some paint work due to fine scratches in the paint work. I've also replaced rear discs and pads for compliance when it came into NZ. Plus a few minor wear and tear items. I contacted the previous owner that had owned the car for 8 of it's 10 years, Ben only had it for barely a year. They were second owners from 5000 miles. The explanation for the scratches was the car had been kept under a car cover. They also told me the only reason they sold was that there 2 sons were starting to drive and they couldn't get insurance. But I am delighted with the car I bought from him. It's now done 90k miles and drives like a new car, everything feels tight and responsive. Even the leather is still in great shape. As everyone has observed he has nice (mostly) cars, be warned but don't be put off by his reputation. Judge the car by thorough inspection. Good luck
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    Two bucket method

    Go to detailing world forum and look for the discount offer for a snowfoam lance and magifoam from autobright direct. You just need to specify which PW you have when ordering. I've had my 5ltr magifoam for over a year now and wash 2 cars every weekend. That and a couple of lambswool mitts from halfords are ideal for general cleaning along with your 2 bucket method. (plus 1 extra for wheels) I only use the magifoam and mitt as soap wash, then wax etc as a different stage after clay bar. But you won't need to do that for a good while yet. The snowfoam method lifts the dirt off the paint so you can either rinse it off or agitate it with a mitt, Only ever use a mitt over a sponge as the dirt will be taken into the fibers and not left on the outside to then add swirls to your paint. Those general cleaning buckets you mentioned are for Joe bloggs who doesn't really give 2 hoots about his paint work. I wouldn't use it. So to re-cap, for a general service wash I use: 3 buckets 2 grit gaurds 2 wash mitts (lambswool) One is a spare in case you drop it or it becomes heavily encrusted with dirt. Autobright snowfoam lance for Nilfisk PW Magifoam
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    Help needed please

    It can flood if you fire it up, move it a few yards and switch off. It will be a real pig to restart . Your plugs will stink of fuel but you can try sticking them on the gas ring as Bill suggests. Yours sounds like it ran for a while though, died and doesn't want to start any more. Try jumpering your fuel pump relay. You don't need the key in the ignition. You should hear fuel coursing round the pipework under the bonnet. If you don't hear it, your pump may be sticking. In which case, slap the bottom of the fuel tank with the palm of your hand and see if that gets it going.
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    Newbie searching M5

    My current 530i
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    E46 330 VERT SOLD, HELLO F07535 GT

    The wheels are 9X20 and 11X20, looking at 255/45/20 and 275/40/20 but not sure on the rear tyres yet, looking for reinforced tyres due to the size and weight of the car and no strech.