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    Is my E39 an M sport or SE?

    Mixing up Sports and ugly-ass poverty spec SEs though - well there's a special place in Hell for those guys!! Every time I see an E39 with a sport bumper I check the headlining. If it's beige I kick off the mirrors, slash the tyres and beat up the owner.
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    So Happy Today

    The old lady is nowhere finished, the lower dash still not in place, nor the center to rear dash not in place. But took the car out for a drive today to see if she is fine. Started on the button after 2 years of not driving her, had to get used to the clutch again. Regardless went on the drive found a few things not working right but they are extras so dont stop me from driving her. I have to admit it was a mere 10 miles but never the less it out a smile on my face and I am still smiling from the drive. Its what I needed to motivate me to finish her soon, rain prevents work on jer today Happy Days
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    Liking the action pictures
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    She is going to look real great when done
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    Just a quick progress report. Went to go see the car at the body shop and so far so good! The chap down there even commented on the general lack or rust on the car and confirmed my thoughts that shes a keeper!! Any way quick couple of snaps at body shop [emoji2] Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
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    Is my E39 an M sport or SE?

    Oh that was YOU who damaged my pride and joy. You punch like a girl
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    Is my E39 an M sport or SE?

    There appears to be BMW led confusion between brochure and build spec sheets
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    Hi, My Apologies I thought I had already said Parcelforce but obviously not, the copy and paste missed off the 001 at the end so the full reference is PBTY2392070001
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    E61 front light glass is worn

    Thanks more pics
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    E61 front light glass is worn

    The kits around around £20/£30 I believe but I just bought the wet & dry paper as I already had some compound. I spent around £6 in total for the paper give or take.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Great meeting you too mate! and a STARK WARNING for anyone else who's going to meet him... don't! You'll be jealous at the spec of his car!!!!
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    Front bumper replacement

    I've had this bumper for three years now - I got it to replace my SE front. Shaz H also has this.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    With HID bulbs, it's the ballast which determines the running wattage of the system as far as I understand. So in way, labelling a hid bulb as either 35 watts, 50 watts or whatever watts is somewhat misleading. HID bulbs are labeled with their colour temperature in kelvin (K). For example a 6000K hid bulb could be run on a 35w ballast making it appear 6000K colour and the same bulb could also be run on a 50w ballast where as well as being brighter (more lumens) - it'll also appear as a ~5500K colour instead of 6000K. Also as the colour temperature increases, the actual light output (brightness) reduces. So if the ballast is 35w, a 4300K (oem colour for BMW) hid bulb will be brighter than for example a 8000K hid bulb. After considering all options, for me the best combination is running 5000K hid bulbs on a 35w ballast. I wouldn't want it any brighter - as its more than good enough compared to the halogen candles I had previously . .
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    How sad are some people

    I've even had the bog standard black ones nicked quite a few times, The last time I replaced them I put a bit of moly grease on them for a laugh.
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    Boody communist. Everybody should drive a Nissan Leaf, then we'll all be equal and can all hold hands and go forth singing happily in our marxist paradise. You don't get boy racers in a Fiat 500. She's not heard of the 1.4 sport or the Abarth then.. I've ragged the tits off every FIAT I've driven. It's what they're meant for. A small FIAT being driven slowly is a sin in the eyes of God and an abomination unto the earth!
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    That is reassuring, according to the pressure gauge i have 1kg/cm2 (about 14psi) +/- a little because it is an old gauge. I think I may rig up a test bench to test the switch and find out exactly at what pressure it come on.
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    How sad are some people

    If one at a time goes check the circus is not in town.
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    I thought they were going to announce that by 2020 all BMWs will be FWD; and there will be a new logo five ceiling rings
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    Nice work mate, you took the long way round for sure, but you get there in the end and at least you now have the piece of mind that the engine is sweet.
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    We'd all like to think we're too clever to get reamed but in reality these scams are sometimes hard to spot. This must be a real headache for the cc companies though, they take the hit unless they can claw it back in time
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    Project 'e39 trailer' ;0)

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Carl, I can't help but think that this may be a project too far... I realise that this may not be what you want to read but it may be worth doing some serious sums right now. Thinking about it you could break both of these cars and make a sizeable amount of cash. I reckon you could easily purchase Richards (MadeinWigan) 540i/6 and still have a decent amount left to make it a cracker. Whichever way you go I wish you well in your progress and look forward to future updates. C.
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    DPF Removal 535d LCi

    Just reread this post, and this is not actually correct. My pre LCI car (early 2006) has the combined dpf/cat up beside the turbocharger (like Blobby's picture). BMW changed the engines slightly on Sept 2005 (M57N2), the earlier and slightly less powerful were designated M57N if i remember correctly. The turbochargers are different too, as is the exhaust manifold and a few other things. Gav