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    Well today the head gasket turned up so got to work on the A8 for the first time since taking the head off, felt nice to make a good start, I bought a flat hand sander and used some 1500 wet dry with wd40 to finish the mating surfaces off after scraping with a Stanley blade, I didn't go mad just took some of the surface corrosion off. got the head bolted up today used all the locking tools as I should and managed to put the timing 180* out, for some reason there is a crank locking hole on both sides of the crank, spun the engine over by hand and thought lovely, I then took the cover off the other bank just to double check and that's when I realised, luckily being a V engine I turned the cams back slightly so all valves where seated, took all the bolts out the cam sprocket and spun it 180* and locked the crank in the right position, then pulled the cams back to tdc I was going to put the chain covers on but lost some time with the timing, I did manage to change the timing belt on the HP pump too and clean up the injectors and the injector ports plus the glow plug holes and a few other bits, I didn't start till gone 2 so not a bad day and the worst of it is over. I'v got the I left pipework and manifolds all need cleaning out as it was a job I had been meaning to do, get the exhaust mani bolted back up and coolant hoses, the hole engine needs a good flushing out and it'll be primed and ready Some pictures of the head and block mating surfaces prepped and the head bolted on it looks a bit different now as if packed all the holes and put the cam cover on loosely just to protect it. Block Cylinder head Bolted to car
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    I stuck to rear only to stay legit. It's not the police in worries about as they're fine round here, it's insurance implications in the event of a crash. I got 90% tint (sometimes referred to as 10%) very dark but they are spot on.
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    On way to holiday home for a week. All our gear is rammed into the boot and backseat. Plus toddler in his chair and bikes on the roof. Left the roof box and trailer at home this time..
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    Hi Andy, The military is a great way of life, Army, Navy, Air Force all have pros and cons but you will make friends for life. In terms of reserves, your choices may be limited (ICT/Regiment) as RAFR squadrons are thinly spread across the country and if your are lucky to be near an RAFR unit, it may not specialise your the field your are interested in. That said, Army reserve centres have a presence in most large towns and cities so you should find something up your street. I'd recommend contact the local army careers office (will have a RAF presence just not a full time one) to give you advice. If your are not self employed, you will need to seek written permission from your current employer to be a reservist (required as part of the application process) so be prepared for that. Also consider that to get the most from being a reservist, you'll need to attend drill nights on a regular basis, ideally weekly as well as weekends and mandatory training. That's after a days work and in your spare time. In terms of selection, you need to be sh*t hot on current affairs (not just military conflicts too), current UK military command structure and assets and the about the role you are applying for. You also need to be physically well conditioned, not just strength and speed, but stamina. When I joined it was basic a bleep test and an obstacle course. Now they do resting heart rate and then get you to perform a predetermined exercise routine then measure your recovery rate as it gives the best indication of general health, the faster, the better and you cant cheat it, you've got to be fit. Finally, selection process takes many months (usually 6-9), this is deliberate to determine whether an applicant is truly motivated to be in the job. I loved my time in the RAF, and would recommend it to anyone BUT its not for everyone and being a reservist requires a hell of a lot of commitment from you and your family. Good Luck!
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    Gave her a clean today Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Picked them up today [emoji106] thanks mike Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Let us know if lasts as long as the old one!!!
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    Style 128's are now on..getting them on was a pain as the tyre sizes where not working well as im running coilovers. Currently the front are running 225s whilst the back is 255's, loving the deep concave Hub cabs will go on as they were missing at the time.
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    It was a pleasure Rich! I feel very guilty though! 111 miles at 27.9mpg up to now
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    Well there are just 9 left on the road that were originally registered 1993-1995 and my prediction is that those will all go for gearbox donation when they come up for sale. There are a further 21 from 1993-1996 on SORN and I guess most of those don't have engine or gearbox Finally in 1996, there were 172 registered so probably about 180 were originally imported.
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    Hi A stunning set of wheels on this E60 M5! Got to love the colour scheme of them! Cheers, Dennis!
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    why does every Audi TT think they can take my E60?
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    Yep got me ^^ card ...just need to get the tickets now .
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    Good job! At least she'll be glad you can ferry her around again
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    Jus keep on doin em in I love it!! Makes me smile!! Had one today TT somethin! Tryin to push me past 40 limit! Had his private plates an dolly bird with him! then we hit 70 mph zone!! An he disappears in my mirror! an I change to 3rd!! Ho ho sweet!! )
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    Still sleepin by front door not arrived yet despite gettin mail this mornin if not here by Monday I'm gonna go an empty posties van when I see it!!
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    Just read your thread the car was a credit to you. Any plans on a replacement? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cheers Rich I love the look for your old m5. If I can get mine to look half as good as yours I will be very happy.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My renewal came through the other day for nearly £400. Went on compare the market and got it renewed fully comp on the sportage for £200. Happy with that [emoji5]️
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    Hi Rich, Yes, it's leather, I think it came as standard on a 750. Dave.
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    The OE fuel pump insert is made by Pierburg, part no. 7.22013.61.0 and is available for £122 from Bestpartstore.co.uk here: http://www.bestpartstore.co.uk/965240 I copied this from someone for future reference . I hope it still holds true and helps you. I think this is the cheapest place to get the correct part. If you're in a hurry euro car parts have the pump but it's more expensive. This is only for the pump itself, you remove the plastic cradle/cage and level sender and dismantle it to get to the metal pump, all pretty easy. I think it's a good idea to get a few small pipe clips (jubilee ones do work, but I believe the 'clench' type, similar to cv boot clips, would be better if you can get them. Don't know which sizes, but they're pretty small (6 or 8mm ish). There is also a pipe that has a tendency to deteriorate, might be from the siphon pump (other side of tank-it's not a real pump but fuel gets sucked over to pump/right hand side) or it might go from one part of the cradle to another. Anyway, this pipe does break down and it's handy to have a replacement to hand to get the job done. Check out realoem for layout and clips/pipes. Have a good look on m5b too, I'm sure there's a good video about changing the pump on there. I hope you get it sorted soon and easily. All the best... Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Yes we had a card left to tell us letter to collect with insufficient postage stamp.
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    Hi, Great when it all falls into place Cheers, Gavin
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    You've probably got this covered, but unless you have declared ALL the mods and get the insurance company to give you an agreed or classic value they will view it as a 20 y/o 540i and pay out accordingly regardless of what you (or anyone on here) values it at..
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    Dodge Dart? http://www.autoblog.com/2015/06/22/dodge-dart-braking-problems-nhtsa-investigation/
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    Just got home. That's how I felt, though a few days after I knew I'd made the right decision
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    I had front side window tints removed from mine, they were illegal. I actually didn't know they were there. I went into a tinting place to find out what tints I had on the rears, and it was only then that I found out about the fronts. They said the regulations basically mean any tint on the front is now illegal, there is not a very big margin with the factory windows in terms of the amount of light they let through. Any additional tint at all tips them over the edge.
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    Looking good. They give the car agressive stance compare to spyders
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    Not as cheap as copper,all new fuel line clips will cost over 120 quid, iirc new fuel lines from bmw was deffo 3 figures, roll of copper is much much cheaper, easier to bend, oh and won't rust like the ones from bmw do...
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    Well, several weeks later and the deal is done...
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    You wanna try pricing E24 wings... If you're doing the work yourself, and you're a decent beater, pattern parts might be worth it. But by the time a decent beater has got pattern parts to look alright it'd be cheaper getting genuine ones.
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    Hi Mike, 3rd light is a fail if it is presented with less than 50% of the bulbs working. If it is presented with no bulbs working, i.e. is disconnected, it should pass. I think I once had to put black tape over mine when it was installed but before I got it working to make it clear to the tester that it was not presented to be included as part of the test. To disconnect it, the connectors are tucked away in the offside D pillar, you should see a twin cable come out of the right handside of the tailgate glass as you look at it, that then go to a rubber grommet. Pull the grommet out and disconnect the black and white connectors. Re oil, I use Castrol 10W40 Magnatec. Re going up hills, time you found the sports button on the auto transmission. Max torque on the single vanos engine is at 4200rpm and you need to get high revs to get good torque, the M50 being an oversquare engine. What I do is when going up steep hills, I flick it into sports mode for as long as it takes to get up the hill, then back into economy..That way, you get good performance and a wonderful sound, albeit at the expense of fuel economy. But what's the point in having an M50 engined car if you don't rev it from time to time
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    Well, today was the end of an era, the M5 is now sold and it's new owner Mike (aka Angrydog) is driving her home right now. I'll miss her, but I know she's gone to a good home...
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    RIP OEM Fuel Pump @244344 Miles - I'd say that's done well. Fitted the new one, cranked the engine a few times, and Va Va Vroom
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    I think the law is any car after 1985 must allow 75% light through the window screen and 70% through the front side windows, so to me it sounds like they can be slightly tinted but it would probably get you a bit of trouble from the old bill.
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    Hi, The real reason is that insurance rates within the entire industry are on the increase. It's not just car insurance, but insurance for everything. The last few years as the effects of the recession really kicked in, then along with other financial elements, rates went down. Recently, again with financial trends, rates are on the increase and so this appears during insurance renewal time. Shop around and get different quotes from as many companies as you can find and go from there. Cheers, Dennis!
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    Well I just picked it up including Dynavin reverse camera very happy [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jon welcome from me too. This is a fantastic forum, with a lot of superbly knowledgeable people. You'll always find answers on here to your questions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk and baad speeling
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    Yeah, it's a mickey take of professionally offended cyclists... There are a few cyclists on Youtube who deliberately go out to provoke car and van drivers so they can stick it on there and beat off to their work of art... Personally I think that the Lycra is a bit too tight round the nadgers and they can't get a girlfriend Gimme an out of control Lada going head to head with a Kamaz anyday
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    Aah, perhaps another start point for another winter project, getting slightly bored at the moment...............
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    I think we've all done daft things. I dropped a bolt down the timing chain case on my m535. I was being sensible by putting the bolts back in their threads for safe keeping. Last one spun in my fingers. Clink rattle clunk it was in the bottom of the sump. Cue a day wresting the sump off to retrieve said screw!