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    I have been looking for few weeks wasn't prepared to pay £180 so when this one came up snapped it up just keep you eyes open keep checking bud.
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    Is it honestly worth an extra £280 for a tiny BMW logo in the corner of the screen? The screen they supply will almost certainly come from the same factory (Pilkington, Saint Gobain etc.), off the same moulds as the one BMW fit. They just rub off the BMW logo and put it on a different lorry. I get where you're coming from about the originality thing, and fair enough if the car was still under warranty or you'd want to trade it back to the dealer at some point, but its a 12+ year old car that's long out of warranty. You can buy a lot of beer with £280..
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    Samsung Galaxy S5

    Best trick I have learned regarding placing the screen protector, aside having the screen spotless/dustless before fitting it, is to run hot water in the bathroom until you got steam on the mirrors. At that stage, all the dust is on the floor, not floating in the air being attracted by static electricity towards the screen protector.
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    Took delivery of these the other day! ......Washed her and fit some clear indicators all round... ive tried ambers then smoked then back to ambers BUT the clears are now staying! Also took delivery of these.... Looking forward to that one
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    Hi guys, My windscreen in my e39 530D Sport needs replacing. I have contacted my insurance company (swift cover), and they have said that their approved supplier is Autoglass and they will only pay for a non-oe windscreen. I have insisted that i would like a OE windscreen with the BMW logo, but they are not playing ball. Just wanted to know of your experiences and thoughts on this?
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    New To The Forum, E34 Owner.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum. My name is Alex and I'm the proud owner of a 95 520i SE in Ascot Green Metallic (of course). I'm relatively new to BMWs having owned this car since September last year but have had some Audis and Land Rovers in the past. The ultimate goal for the car is to load it with as many factory options as possible and get everything back to showroom condition. I live in Glasgow and would love to get to meet some local owners. Alex
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Tryin to get this lot fitted, it's tough goin when you don't have a lift, not havin much fun
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    Polishing photos of the B5 today

    Polishing or would you say detailing today with a clay bar and the black box kit from turtle wax well pleased with the results what do you think ?
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    My new E39

    Thanks for the nice comments guys! New coilovers should arrive this week, only cheap ones but they did very well on my last SE, so thought I'd try them again. Must be better then the old shocks that are on the car. Also wired up the amp ready for the twin subs to go in at the weekend. Think I'll build a custom box in the boot out of mdf. Need to cut a hole where the ski hatch would be first, so looking forward to that! More jobs on the to do list are: Polish the headlight covers, Fit new rear pads, Workout why the airbag light is on, New rear tyre to match the other side, Thinking of removing the tints around, And become a gold member on here!
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    The M5 pan pipes :D

    The TVR Griffith 500 we had was rather a menacing sound - a bit like a demon from hell trying to clear its throat.
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    iPhone down the bog!

    When i used to have a pager, i dropped it down the shitter, which had just had a deposit so i flushed it. At least i didn't have to dry the pager out, it went floating around London's great sewer system.. I had a Z1, great for using in the rain without worry etc.. But from day one it was slow..
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    Goodbye runflats! UPDATE

    I don't know to be honest but would imagine yes they'd still be much better than run flats
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    E60 bc coilovers

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    Eeeew, nasty!

    You have to feel sorry for Paul McKenna, the hypnotist. We went to see him perform last night and he was pretty good until he got a group of twenty rugby players on stage who he proceeded to hypnotise, He finished putting the last bloke under, but as he turned away he tripped over the mic stand, he muttered "Fuck me" under his breath. What happened next will haunt me for the rest of my life!
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    E39 540iA Sport Touring

    I'll try and update this on the weekend guys,
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Got myself a space saver off ebay £88 as I got rid of run flats I do have tyre weld in boot but don't really trust that stuff if am stuck miles away
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    Samsung Galaxy S5

    There isn't any alcohol on the screen protector, just the screen, at that stage. If you don't fit it right the first time, you can bet you'll have dust between the screen and the screen protector on the second attempt.
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    Samsung Galaxy S5

    That, in basis, is what the alcohol wipe does. It stops dust settling on the screen and whilst it's drying that's the best time to put the protector on
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    Ask bmw for a price and then get auto windscreens to fit Or just accept the like for like as most people would. Do you still have the OEM tyres, brakes, filters etc? As for repairing a vehicle back to original with OEM Parts you would have to check your insurance policy as most are like for like replacement parts - even reconditioned JJ
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    Samsung Galaxy S5

    Nah; put the protector on yourself, takes 2mins. Just make sure that the screen is spotless (it'll have an alcohol wipe with it) so use that, let it dry and then place the protector on carefully. As they're tempered glass they don't flex so they settle REALLY EASILY and you just need to help any air bubbles out, carefully Re the cases; yes they'll make the phone slightly bigger but not OTT. Plus they'll keep your phone from getting harmed etc... There are smaller, thinner cases out there (Spigen do all sorts of cases), but you may as well protect it from the start! The S5, I think, will come with KitKat but it'll have the Lollipop 5.0.1 update waiting for it, but it could also go straight to 5.1 - I'd do this before you load any of your back-ups or apps to it just to make sure it's settled in properly!
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    Shaz H

    Advice for a 1st time E60 buyer.

    Some very good discussions on these threads fella, have a quick read http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/108941-5-series-buying-advice/?hl=%2Bwhat+%2Bto+%2Blook+%2Bout#entry1171013 http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/104693-5-series-e60-diesel-buying-advice/?hl=what+to+look+out#entry1117533 http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/84323-e60-buying-guide-help-needed/?hl=%20buying%20%20advise
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    enough space?

    Equal length headers and mandrel bending are the real plus points. I wouldn't be fussed about what they describe as sports cats as hi flow 200 cell cats are plenty. The post cat pipe, I take it they are converting the each header from 4 into 1 pipe, each of this single pipes goes to its own cat, and from out of thos cats they then join into a single pipe to exit the rear of the car? Sounds a bit errrrrrr. I'd much rather you had 2 manifolds into their own cats and from their own cats running their own pipe into a large single rear silencer with an option of tailpipe. Or am I not understanding that?
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    Advice for a 1st time E60 buyer.

    Great choice to move to an e60, for 6k you surely can get a good specd car if you be patient. I have had a pre-lci msport 525d and was around that price but be prepared to dig deep to find a good one that includes all the service history etc my pre-lci e60 was around 6k and came with full leathers/heated seat and pro-satnav. So surely you will find one, I eventually ran into some problems and sold it and got a lci 525d which doesnt have swirl flaps apparently. But nevertheless great move from a mondeo to a 5 series.
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    iPhone down the bog!

    Th They are worth every penny. There comes a time when it is worth spending a couple of bob on decent bits of kit and the lifeproof cases are one of those. Them, proper breakdown cover and a decent trolley jack are a few that come to mind.
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    Terraclean? anyone had it done?

    F10/F11's are maybe a little new for reviews on this. Here's a link for recent discussion on the e60/61 forum: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/109340-terraclean-decarbonisation-technology/ C.
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    Advice for a 1st time E60 buyer.

    For that money I'd suggest a 3.0 530d if you can get one, you will avoid all the timing chain issues with the 2 litres and the 3 litres go for ever and ever if you service them right. Don't know anything about the 525d so I can't comment. I'm sure somone will though. For 6k you will be looking for a pre-lci one so pre 2007. I'd go for as low mileage as possible and get one with full service history (doesn't matter who as long as it's been done). Only problem with the 530d is that it's auto only (I think) but there ZF boxes so there bomb proof really. Once you own one there are a few simple things you can do /get done to extend the life of the car (swirl flap removal for example) I own a 535d e61 and I've found parts arnt as bad as you would think, and I've only changed really common fault items at 100k miles, nothing out of the ordinary. You can do 90% of work on your drive and the other 10% is on the laptop, but even then you can get the cable and programs and do it all yourself. Best thing is RWD is so much easier to work on than fwd Best bet if your not bothered about optional extras is a 525d or 530d with as low millage as possible and a good service history. And then have a read up on here on the bits and bobs you can do as a pit of preventative maintenance. If you want a few extras though the standard stereo is not great so if you can get one with the premium stereo that's allways worth it and the business sat nav has a larger screen as well (or what ever it's called one is small one is big) My prefences would always be the 530d but I like tourqe and the ZF box has made me never want to have a manual again (LCI gearbox though)
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    Advice for a 1st time E60 buyer.

    Without slating mondeos I will say you will like the e60! I had a few cars on my short list before I bought my e61. The mondeo was high on the list until I test drove a mk3 st220 tdci. I shifted well but just didn't feel like great quality. The mk4 was much better. Cracking engine though! I decided against diesel im the end due to more associated common faults which could result in expensive fixes but I don't do the miles you do. If you buy a diesel then do a bit of preventative work. First on the list being swirl flaps removed and a remap to get rid of the egr/ dpf. Make sure you get one with good injectors and turbo's too. Other than that enjoy your search. The e60/e61 is a lovely car to drive. Jonathan
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    Parking Prang :-/

    Do you want to swing by tomorrow and I will show you?
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    Advice for a 1st time E60 buyer.

    See this:http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=731460 So You Just Bought an E60
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    I'm in love with the F30 M3.
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    The Flying Banana

    My new E39

    Nice car bud and love the wheels !!
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    My new E39

    Stunning car and the alloys suit it really well! Can't wait until I land my own E39
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    My new E39

    Looks good! Welcome back too. Don't discount the 520 engine. Those boys at McLaren will be drooling all over it and wanting some blueprints for there F1 cars.....
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    My new E39

    She's gleaming . Same as me own SE with sport bumpers
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    A mans best friend :)

    The Haynes manual is not much use at all unless you struggle doing an oil change or pumping your tyre up... For 20 quid you'd expect some decent colour pictures printed on paper. Not some grey scale dot matrix crap on recycled toilet paper. They don't cover diesels and get confuseled between saloon and touring too. This forum is all you need to sort jobs on your 5er
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    My new E39

    Sweet n low.
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    My new E39

    Thats some shine,lovely looking 5 that.
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    My new E39

    Looks clean! Nice!
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    My new E39

    Welcome back to 5 ownership. That's a tidy looking E39 - nice pics too
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Carbon black bud
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Spent some more time on the boot lid. Needs a little more perfecting but just about there.
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    Updated picture now it's lower [emoji14]
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Gave the old girl a polish with R222.
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    The shifter, iDrive, volume control and both air con temperature controls. To be honest you really need to sit in a car with them in to appreciate them, subtle but a much more premium look and feel imo.
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    E46 330 VERT SOLD, HELLO F07535 GT

    Small world, was good seeing you today mate. Will post up wheels in classifieds once refurbed, next week, appreciate the effortless sale, many thanks, Raj
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    TerraClean decarbonisation technology

    http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/99618-my-e60-build-thread/ Post #22 onwards. I will be getting mine done this year at some point (money permitting) so will report back. I have logged the MPG since owing the car so will be able to accurately represent the improvements if there are any. Horsey
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    5 Series Buying Advice?

    Any thoughts on these, I know some are over his budget but I might need to get him to stretch it for the right car http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201502191071281/sort/pricedesc/price-to/12000/page/1/transmission/automatic/usedcars/radius/1501/make/bmw/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/model/5_series/postcode/cv230pn/keywords/m%20sport/channel/cars/body-type/estate?logcode=p http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201503111630826/sort/pricedesc/usedcars/page/2/model/5_series/keywords/m%20sport/transmission/automatic/channel/cars/make/bmw/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/price-to/12000/body-type/estate/postcode/cv230pn/radius/1501?logcode=p http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201504022273757/sort/pricedesc/postcode/cv230pn/keywords/m%20sport/usedcars/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/transmission/automatic/body-type/estate/make/bmw/page/3/channel/cars/model/5_series/radius/1501/price-to/12000?logcode=p Should we be staying clear of cars at 120k plus miles.. There seem to be a few newer cars (09).. There also seem to be a few 525d's, not seeing many petrol examples though..
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    Shaz H

    How long will you keep your E60/E61?

    My goal was another year and like you wanted the F10. I realised I spend so much money changing cars, I really should stick to one and turn into a long slow project… Plus the F10 will become a lot cheaper by then