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    Splondike's M535i Project

    Well, I have managed to do spend some time on the BMW using up a couple of days holiday from last year. Got the rear lights fitted and been busy swapping the brown for the black interior parts. I have now painted the floor with a couple of coats of por15 and put some dynamat material in and re-fitted the carpet today, I even have a decent seat in it so it won't be an uncomfortable bastard to drive now Stripping out Re-fitting Starting to feel a bit more homely in there Finally a piccie at the venue for the April Kent meet. I will hopefully make some more progress this weekend if the weather holds.
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    Idiots in hatchbacks?

    you haven't seen what I can and chose to wheel out, plenty of choice and I am beyond old so don't get in the way.
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    All I'd say is the op seems to change cars a lot. In 6 months time it's not going to fly out the door. I can see it being a slow sale or loss to shift it. Fine if you want it but it's probably a keeper car in which case resale is irrelevant.
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    Crufts 2015

    Had a day off work yesterday and went to Crufts at the NEC,never been before, Working and Pastoral categories yesterday so main interest was the Bullmastiffs as thats what we have,met up with the lady who we had our Hartley from,she was there with his sister, Quite a good day if not a little tiring,seemed to be walking all day and probably still didn,t see everything, We don,t show our Hartley as its quite involved not really just a casual hobby, There was lots of goods on sale in the market area from varying types of food,grooming products everything really you could ever want and more for your dog,but as much as i love our lad i do draw the line at a Kennel that was the size of a shed with a plasma TV and running machine in, One thing i was surprised at was the area the waiting dogs and owners have allocated to them isn,t very big and some of the dogs looked really fed up,but on the whole it was a good day and i would recommend it if you like your dogs. Here,s a recent pic of our Hartley,he,s 4 years old now and 70kgs with not an ounce of fat on him which is surprising as he spends most of his time sleeping.
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    Kia looker.....

    Since I got the Sportage I receive emails from Kia on a regular basis, most of them I don't even bother to open, just delete out of hand. However, this morning I received one and thought, mmm sounds either interesting or laughable about a concept car they showed at the Geneva motorshow called the sportspace. All I can say is.......Kia, please make this and you can have the 6 month old Sportage back [emoji12] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    More progress today. Because I was feeling a bit tarty I thought I would take the time to grind all the rust and crap of the fuel tank supporting straps and paint up with Hamerite. Before and after on the straps: Now it was onto the refitting of the fuel tank itself. Everything went well generally. Here is a pic of it all back in place. Got to tighten everything down in the morning but its all pretty much done: Oh and lastly I put in new fuel filter, hose, and jubulie clips that attach to and from the filter itself. That its til tomorrow. But all seems well. Will see how it goes once I put fuel back in there and see if there are any leaks!!
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    Again, I think got pretty lucky with car. Checked the areas you mentioned and it all looks absolutely solid. I figured the bit where the rear arch joins would be the worst bit, but honestly I am shocked at how solid they are. What do you think:
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    Do I need my head seeing top

    Do what you like! Not what other people like, change peoples opinions by pulling it off!
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    Don't worry about the respect thing I have worked with my dad ( just me and him ) every day for the past 22 years we have an understanding about things, we call each other c***s most days !
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    Thoughts on this monster of an E38 pls?

    The previous owner wrote; Hope that helps - apologies for not knowing you had to register.
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    Thoughts on this monster of an E38 pls?

    You need to register! What's the gist of the thread?
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    Personally that mora one can't hold a light to this blue one, and thing is it's not the spec either...maybe cheaper but if the blue one is the desired spec why buy a cheaper one, spend more to make it up to spec ...why just not shell out and buy it all in one package ..makes sense to me ....people always say you paid too much but when you buy cheap, modify and spend more no one ever says then you spent too much then...strange ....besides that purple beast has that hideous piped leather....that style should be in room 101 !!
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    Right quick progress report. Got the fuel line plumbed in. It was literally just the return fuel line that was knackered. The others as I have mentioned were absolutely fine and showed no sihgns of rust or corrosion what so ever and really did not need to be touched at all. So anyway here is the new return fuel line. It follows the old route exactly and was a bit of a bugger trying to undo all them stupid little clamp things and the amount of crap that fell into my eyes whilst doing it was bloody annoying but hey ho its all done now: Now for the fuel tank main breather pipes. Ripped all the rotten lines out to be replace with new shiney stuff: Oh and one last thing that I found quite interesting when doing the breather lines on the fuel tank was "M60" written in chalk from "Hans" in the factory in Germany when the car was being built. If you look at the photo bellow you can just make it out. Just found it amusing that all these years later the writing was still visible:
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    I some how knew you would be back to an s2k
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    Chrysler 300c

    They do hemmy ones don't they - awesome beasts More chavs go for old M3s or 330s - at least around our way. Don't see many 300C JJ
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    You'll lose a shitload of money on that, guaranteed.
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    It looks perfect, has the v. rare 16:9 screen (it's different to the E39 one), Contours , and some v. nice Alpina mods. Way too much though, that's almost in M5 territory. I personally wouldn't want an LPG car, ruins what is a fine example, but that's just me. Ok, so he's spent a load on maintenance, but haven't we all? £3k tops for me, and that's only because there is £1k worth of alloy and tyre there.
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    Top Gear series 22

    I actually laughed at them sat at the table, thought that was quite good comedy value!! mountain acting by Richard hammond wasn't so great however. Sent from my iPhone
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    so stupid it's laughable

    They're not repairing nowt, this will be a new bootlid or a car rejection. Clowns
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    so stupid it's laughable

    The rust spots are where the swarf got stuck between the plate and the panel. How dumb can someone be? This needs a new bootlid now, I'm tempted to reject the car and let the finance company deal with this
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    You are right, after tried few other cars, I realized how maneuverable my 28 is in a tight parking.
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    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Lovely car. I keep looking at this: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C584883# Reseda green was the colour of my Dad's E12 and that is what started the whole BMW thing. Damn this poverty
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    Cleaned and washed. sorry i know it says one per post but slipped and accidentally put three on. oops
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    Dirty, dewy & foggy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you search this forum you can find information about the rebuild, it had been done. My car is running with 535d injectors at the moment, I fitted them about 10k miles ago. Still not remapped but that is coming soon, I need a new clutch and a bigger fmic first.