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    New to E60 and forums

    don't hate the player, hate the game! I think mine needs cleaning - what do you do, just pull the motor up and let water water run through the tank?
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    F1 woes and money sharing

    It seems that Bernie has handled out the cash divi out rather badly, all little teams mow seem bankrupted by the pile pushed to the big teams, Marruissa or some some such name allegedly got £8m when Ferrari got £145m, is there no end to the corruption etc in sport, Football and F1 bloated and ruined by tv cash etc. Historic and racing offers so much better quality etc etc, how anyone can afford to pay to travel, park plus accommodation for this circus is beyond me now.
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    New e39 owner :)

    Manual gearbox... how silly. Next you'll be retrofitting manual windy down windows Duncan
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    New e39 owner :)

    Nice looking thing but far too many pedals....
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    This'll keep you busy for hours http://www.bmwland.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=42629
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    Fair do's - didn't know that as mine has Webasto anyway
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    The shell work involves fabricating & welding in a strengthening plate around the hole you have to drill in the inner roof panel. This hole is where the pivot point for the hydraulic cylinder bolts so needs to be capable of taking the stress-load generated. If not done the original roof panel will rip when the tailgate is operated. There was a good pictorial thread on a German forum that explained the procedure for retro-fitting all this but I've just checked back & all the pics are gone so it's largely useless now!
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    New e39 owner :)

    Glacier by name, glacier by nature. Someone should've put it out of its misery.
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    The Green Touring did this earlier..... Still going like a champ.
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    Sounds like you have two closely-related issues. I'd take the car somewhere else to get it tracked properly. They're not difficult to align, quite the opposite. The problem is the people using the laser-guided tracking equipment...! I'll admit, it's a bone of contention for me...! Seems like most tracking places don't have a clue what they're doing & blindly rely on incorrectly used equipment to set the car up wrong. It's also possible that the thrust arm bushes are worn after all, but personally, I reckon a lot of 'shimmy' issues can be easily rectified by freeing-off slightly binding front brake callipers. Works for me! Brake callipers binding can also be a cause of steering pull.
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    lpg people....

    That's what the all say, you shouldn't change for me, you should change for yourself!
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    Replacement Battery

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    Daz Beemer

    Auto box

    BMW have quoted me £180 to do all updates
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    Lexus IS, what do we think?

    Nope, same engine apparently. Just found a metallic black '58 plate, fully kitted with leather interior, 45k miles £6995, think that's a good deal.
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    Is yours the diesel without the dpf ? Have you also thought of diff fluid and perhaps power steering fluid ? Both those will be original as well. Worth asking your Indie about.
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    e39 m5 Parts

    Hi Billy, Front brake anti rattle springs for std m5 callipers both sides £16.92 Viscous fan clutch £189.16 Fan blades £45.72 6x large O rings for the thermostat housibg connecting pipes £9.52 2x small O rings £2.27 Centre armrest handle in black £5.27 Bonnet bmw badge £28.40 Boot bmw badge £28.40 All prices include vat, Orders over £25 receive FREE Delivery To order please call 01452872666 and quote ref 16747
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    5's at Mt Panorama, Bathurst

    It was a bit wet and we had to stick to a very modest speed limit, but it was fun...
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    A4 tdi.. thoughts please "Help Required"

    I changed the turbo to a bv43 and got roughly 210bhp on my passat tdi, good fun aren't they surprising what you can keep up with.
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    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    So this weekend I got the car back after the following work:- Diff- Seals in the input and two outputs replaced. That crosses off the the leaking diff. Gearbox- Selector seal and sump gasket replaced, a new fill of gearbox oil,another one off the list and no more shameful driveway. Looking at all the talk of steering box adjustment in the e34 forum lately I decided to give that a go. I adjusted it too much as it a little stiff around centre now, not bad but not right either, rookie mistake I read. Its was getting dark so I will readjust it during the week ( it very easy) but over all it did make the steering a lot less "wandery". Worth doing. I also picked up an ECU from ebay, no reason to buy it really but it was only 20 quid so why not.......... put that in to see if it worked okay. Original is on top. They looks a little different at the back but it works just fine. She's got a months tax left, Ill do something with the vent pipe advisory on the MOT when its in hibernation over the winter. Just a pic I took at citylink on saturday while I waited for them to tell me they couldn't find my package!! This was after they told the women in front of me the same thing.
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    Moving a good 200+ miles away...

    Left North Devon for Portsmouth when I was seventeen and after a few years went to Plymouth before heading to Faslane. After that Bristol, then Kiev, then Warsaw, before landing back in Yorkshire and then Cheshire three years ago. Buying a one-way ticket from Bristol to Kiev was a bit of a leap.
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    Fuse 40 keeps blowing

    Because there's a fault somewhere in the circuit it protects.
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    Hi All

    Welcome to the forum Dude nice to see you came straight in with pics
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    Dyno day/mini meet - Bristol 29/11/2014

    You need to have a sign.. "No Swirl Flaps allowed"
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    Exactly... and eye protection for flying cam chains
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    E39 Drivers door rubber seal

    That should help.