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    Bernie & Blatter should share a cell together
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    Message to the BBC re. Gaza etc...

    I think people are starting to see through these crocodile tears now. I hope the world wakes up. Isn't it ironic how the same people who were kept in concentration camps and executed on a mass scale. Are the same people keeping millions imprisoned and committing the killing of innocent people because they are Palestinian. You would of thought out of all the people in the world they would feel compassion for what's happening in gaza yet it's those same people who suffered at the hands of a mad man committing those exact same crimes.
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    So I ordered a pair of the SJ4000 cameras and I must say that they are superb quality and might aswell be identical to the Go Pro Hero 3 - at about a quater of the price! What do you get in the box? Bloody loads! Camera, cables, weather proof case back, fully water proof case, various mounting options etc etc. Advantages over the GoPro - You get a little screen to preview on so you can see where the camera is pointing - also great for immediate playback too! You can remove the battery to replace it quickly with a fully charged one - Gopro units are "sealed for life" so the SJ4000 is superior in that way as the batteries are cheap enough So I threw togehter a couple of videos - First one is with the mount on the lower valance on the M5 bumper - adhered in place using the provided 3M double sided sticky pad and using the "helmet" mount as the curve is perfect for the curve of the valance under the number plate! First video - A bit boring but it was to trial the case mod I had seen on the Go-pro to reduce wind noise, and I must say it works very well! You can hear the engine under nearly all driving conditions, but when the taps are opened you really hear it growl (joining the motorway and near the end climbing the long hill). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmLs85B8ApM Another video is this one - as I know there are a few railway buffs on here! I attached the camera to the bogie frame of a class 66 (66055 for those number crunchers out there!) loco at work and took a run to Milford West Sidings from Knottingley Depot - Starting in the Goole Goods and was pleasantly surprised at how well it coped with all the noise, vibration and other such nasties you get on the railway - Excuse the buzzing noise, this was due to the case vibrating on the sand pipe - My fault for positioning it too close:( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_Y6yi00hG4&list=UUI1y1snuEdAok7jjYj4dpKw VERY impressed with the cameras for the money - I'll be ordering a couple more too! Edited to add - Youtube compression ruins the quality of the video - They were both filmed in 1080p and when viewed on a 50" HD TV directly out of the camera, the quality os simply superb! Footnote - if you could click on any adverts that appear then I would be very greatful
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    Lancashire Lad

    535d M Sport Aquired

    Hello everyone, Just picked this up and thought I would share with you. Do you think it was a worthwhile buy from a 530d? 2012 Model in Sophisto Grey II with Black Dakota leather general spec as below: 19 M Double-spoke style 351M alloy wheel Active Security package Advanced Parking package Bootlid operation. powered Comfort seats. front DAB digital radio Fineline Anthracite wood Loudspeaker system - BMW Professional M rear spoiler Media package - BMW Professional Multime Seat heating. rear Split-folding rear seats Sport automatic transmission Sun protection glass Visibility package
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    Make me brake lines?

    Are you sure you are flaring the ends in the correct way. There are convex and concave ends.. I have done hundreds of brake pipes and never had a leak.. I can't think why they would if the correct flares where made..
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Congratulations man!
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    new e60 523 m sport owner

    CCV sounds favourite for your problem..
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    Introducing the Andrive 3! (AN39-3)

    As far as i understand, if its the same as the Andrive 2, nav equipped vehicles need a 5 metre fakra cable (andrive can supply) then that runs from the back to the front and to the back of the unit. Dan
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    Glad you got it sorted Mike, even better at no cost. Take the advice and get the diagnostic cable anyway. If you keep the car it will repay you time and time again.
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    SJ4000 "Go Pro" camera test video on my M5

    Makes me want a V8 as well
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    I've had it with Ebay

    I put my Style 32s on EBay. Offered the buyer £20 off to go private. Everyone's happy.
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    Got married in it!!
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    Anyone got an X5 3.0d xdrive?

    ^^ had a little bonding session on the A1M this morning and unfortunately couldn't quite stop in time to avoid hitting a car that crashed in front of me. Entirely my fault unfortunately. The car has just been delivered to BMW for inspection, I'm hoping it won't be a write off as it's been a great car and deserves a nicer end than this! P.S. the guy in front of me, who crashed into the car in front of him, hopped out and apologised to all concerned as he went to brake and his foot got caught under the brake pedal! You've got to laugh!
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    Anyone got an X5 3.0d xdrive?

    ouch! that's not good Gordon! what happened?
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    Shaz H

    new e60 523 m sport owner

    Welcome Mark I’m not too familiar with patrols but it sounds like coil pack or spark plugs maybe? Have you had a code read done?
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    Very nice. They are really handy, no more of these silly booster seats flying around the car Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
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    Introducing the Andrive 3! (AN39-3)

    Try calling Rich. I just placed my order over the phone Jag
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    That's a divorce for us then
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    how do i know what sat nav/stereo i have?

    If anyone wants to swap their changer for an iPod controller they can have mine! You will just need to pay for coding then.
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    I have the same camera, while i would not state that they are as good as the goPro, they are definitely great especially considering the price of them
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    show us yer wheels!

    Rowhes in Black After refurb in Ferrari anthracite
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    Ah. I told you I was an electronic mong! I'll have a look later, at least I'm looking in the right area! Thanks mate
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    Where are you? I'll do it for you for £20 lol
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    Weekly South Florida

    Could we charter a container ship? Could be of interest to Dixie.