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    Looking good Justin! You know you should've bought a Touring rather than having a plastic coffin on top.......
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    Hi all, Was looking at getting a 520d to improve my economy so naturally bought a 530d..... Its a 57 plate LCI in Space Grey, love it. Any advice on preventitive maintenance to get started on? I've read about scuttle drains and i'drive area in boot getting wet. Anything else worth doing? Also looking at upgrading to a HID kit (It's a facelift so has the correct lenses). Is any error free 55w kit good enough? Other than that, it seems to all work pretty well! Touch wood, oh on that topic it has a wood trim so that's going ASAP!!!
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    No problem mate the more the merrier Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
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    Keep your lights. I agree. Xenon Prefacelift lights are decent lamps. Flog the stuff you think is not rare or bulky. Keep the bits that are rare. Possibly refit them on a whim. Like different trim or that. Ebay is your friend.
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    Nothing really, but I wish it had galvanised from the factory. Posh cars shouldn't rust, it's unbecoming.
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    Boot lid? Im 99% sure my boot lid is plastic?? Its not metal or if it is its very thin and flexible! I like everything with mine, I get that the stereo isn't great. And I get the doors, my merc 190e had the best doors on any car iv owned!
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    Cable does work just can be a pain To sort the issues, I've done a few for people in the past hence above comment, don't like to say much in an open forum so will leave it there. Sent from my iPhone using Fat fingers.
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    I'd do the decent thing and just buy a kit off jimmy - then you can be 100% sure you will end up with a working installation. Not expensive really. Not sure what cable you have but make sure it has pins 7 and 8 linked otherwise you wont be able to read the body modules, just the ECU and transmission.
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    Thats what you get for buying from a seller with little or no support!!