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    When you have got one up and running it would great to see a video review of all the menus etc....and what's the forum discount?
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    E24 M635 project

    A mate of mine has acquired an E24 M635 which has seen better days. It is for all intents and purposes a restoration case. It runs well enough and has 12 months MOT but needs a brave soul to take it on. He has neither the time or the funds to sort it out. Has anyone got any idea what it would be worth? Would anyone here be interested in taking it on?
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    HI HO Silver

    Hi it is made in the same factory as Dynavin units, i bought it from VIP trading, its the e39 unit, i am well pleased with the fitment, and with adding the iPod, camera, free view tv tuner, IGO9 maps, its a very high spec unit, and if you have the know how, to fit it and work out the wiring, the night lights are the same as the origanal BMW ones, £700 all in is a bargain i thinks thanks for the comments
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    One for Dennis - E39 audio upgrade plans

    Rich, I'm going to see how the Focal Utopia 5WS sounds in the stock enclosure sooner or later. At around £100 per pair, it's got to be worth trying.
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    Top Gear Starts 27th.Jan

    8pm BBC 2
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    done. We do hope to become a sponsor, but our efforts last year were completely wasted as we never got a reply. Perhaps we can do so in 2013!
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    my car today after a clean!

    yes mate sorry the m5 wheels have gone. well today by mine is a lovely sunny day so it would be rude not to take afew more pictures!
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    And as for yours Andy, I'll look at the wiring diagrams..... I bet it pisses you off something rotten....
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    Like many people no doubt, had about 8-10" of snow dumped on us during the night......even broke a branch off the tree out the front, how the hell it didn't land on the car roof I don't know (or did it - not been out yet, 'er indoors is doing the snow clearing like a good'un!) It's gonna be a fun morning .......think the winter tyres are going to get a real test today!! At least the sky is beautifully blue, makes it quite pleasant. S
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    EU Referendum

    This is just Waynes world the trouble with rose tinted glass,is the few gain .... while the rest suffer ..... so in Waynes world ..... theres a million job vacancies so let inter-Europeon workers do the work, where are you going to house them, and school their children etc. ( build on green belt land) this country should have trained,its youth during the last 40 years with key skills and proud of oneself and country .... but thats not good for cheap labour or Waynes world ps Ireland has always had close links with this land
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    ger's M5

    It's about time for another little update I haven't done much recently, other things have had to be done... Anyway, on the last day of October I fitted this little thing: It's the little clip that holds the safety belt 'height adjusting cable' attached to the seat. One has been missing on mine since I've had it and I've been using a nut and bolt, it's just nice to have it as it should. Yesterday, I finally wired in and fitted a Homelink unit I'd fancied and ordered from the US (and which arrived within a week, thanks guys). When I get my dream house (with garage of course!!) it will come in handy Poor picture due to using phone and it being dark, sorry about that: TTFN.
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