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    I've decided to take the plunge for a second time, and get an aftermarket head unit into my car. I have been considering some of the all in one Chinese offerings, but ultimately, I don't trust these, and at the price some of them are at, I'd rather put the money elsewhere. So, the only choice here was whether to go for a single or a double DIN unit, and as I've had the former before and hated the look of it, the latter was the one to have. I have looked into Kenwood, Pioneer and Alpine units, and on paper, any of the ones I looked at would have fitted the bill, but having spoken to Neil A (a Forum Member) and subsequently to audio specialists Huets of Worthing (VERY good to deal with), I have decided on the Alpine IVE-530BT, specifications for which you can see HERE - pictured below. The other picture is of the unit fitted in Neil's car. OK, so no Sat Nav, but it has everything else I want, and it should be reliable and fit in well with the rest of the car. Hopefully fitting it the weekend after next, so I'll update this with some pics once that happens - or come on here for a rant if it doesn't go according to plan! Big thanks to both Neil A, Dennis Cooper and Neil from Huets for all the help and advice!!
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    Leather Seat Refurb.

    The 10 year old leather seats in my car were looking a little worn and worse for wear in the usual places like the seat bolster etc. And being a light colour, if you don't keep on top of cleaning/protecting them the ingrained dirt is hard to shift.I had spoken to a company local to me about doing the refurb, and for the price of £250+vat they would re-colour the two front seats.I thought I would do this next year when the weather warms up, but I then read a topic on detailing world of a guy doing them himself with a kit from Leather Clinic.So I thought I would give it a go, for £60 if i fecked it up I could always get them done by the professional as originally planned. Bought the kit last week and prepared for a Saturday morning on the car.First off took the drivers seat out and took it to the bedroom to work on as it was too cold and wet to do outside, got told to do one about taking over the front room............ A quick picture of the kit Took off what trim I could and the rest masked up ready to go. First up a good going over to clean up as best we can, using harsher things than I ever would use normally. Next step is to remove the factory finish from the seats using a solvent and scouring pad. I then rubbed down the worst bits, the seat bolster etc with 1200 grit w/d to smooth out the cracks.Then quick wipe down with an alcohol cleaner to make sure there's no oils etc left on the surface. The next step is to sponge on a layer of colour to get in all the cracks and lay a key down, the subsequent layers are then sprayed on. Then the first layer finally sprayed on.....and I mean finally because the spray gun I was using was nothing but trouble, add to this the fact the colourant was too thick and needed to be thinned out just to get it through the gun, but this conclusion i got to after spending fookin ages persisting with it and... getting pissed off with it... throwing it against the wall and breaking the tip... having to go to halfords to buy a new one... I then came across my next problem..... before I done all of the above I DID NOT check if the colour actually matched. Doh.Don't get me wrong the colour is not a million miles apart, but it is a lighter colour, maybe more silver than grey. I could only assume that they got the colour wrong or there are more than one shade of BMW - silver light grey ?!!?!? I decided to carry on as I needed to use the car this week and could use the experiance to make the next time quicker.So onwards, after a few more coats, drying in between with SWMBO's hair dryer, and plenty of swearing at the god dam spray gun. Next up is the super seal finish coating, which is a lot thinner than the colour and so works much better with the spray gun. Then left for an hour and then add the final matt finish, which was again thicker and would just about come out of the fooking spray gun. Head rest on to show the colour differance. Pictures outside before refitting. Back in the car. I have spoken with the Furniture Clinic this morning and we have agreed that I will send my headrest to them to check the colour and match it. To sum up on the product itself ignoring the colour issue, I would have to say the pictures speak for themselves and the finish is very good and they look brand new. With more practise, on the few small areas I was not 100% happy with, they could be perfected. The biggest issue I had was with the spray gun, it took almost twice as long as it should have because of fooking around with this thing and had me raging with the right ump for most of the day, next time I will be using a proper touch up spray gun like this. http://www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk/product.php?tid=76&products_id=6167 Thnx for looking.
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    Or it could well be time for you to sell a child or internal organs instead?!!
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    Too late now but......

    Already rang him and he is sending some more detailed pics through tomorrow, seems a genuine guy, needs to be the right money though. I want to save it! Sounds like it needs some serious work though ie engine rebuild!
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    A little light refurbishment

    They look a lot darker than I was expecting! I like Mr Butler's idea, that could look sweet. All red rears too!
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    WOW! Impressive mileage! (M5).

    Yeah, don't fret, you're going mad! It was up at £4,650 from the start, way too much!!
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    Supercars- Nissan GTR

    I'd give a 288 gto drive space if I needed a Ferrari.
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    Supercars- Nissan GTR

    In fact they are often worse! If you look at new cost vs servicing and running the GTR is buy far the most expensive, it is a 50k car that costs more than a 997 Turbo to run and service
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    Oil Separator Valve Maybe?

    A quick update to say that I believe my little problem is no more! Fitted the CCV the quick way. I haven't driven the car yet but it appears to be just fine, no smoke and I can remove the dip stick without it attempting to pull me into the engine. Just want to thank 13F again!!!
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    E39 525d/530d decat choices

    Well I am getting £80 back for mine so it makes the decat even cheaper, scrap it and get some money back
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    Morning all

    Hello & welcome Nice VRS.. I don't now much about the e39 M5 but im sure some of the M5 lads could point you in the right direction, Some pop up on here from time to time:) S,butler
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    Does the Geico Gecko over there

    Duh, I realized just after posting, GovernmentEmployeeInsuranceCo probably wouldn't sell/advertise over there. In other news, the touring is doing fine, gotta get Goosie's seats shipped over and waiting for my cassette storage console thingie. And, have to finish shadowlining the chrome around the windows.
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    Reminds me of a vauxhalls droop snout firenza.
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    Terrible BMW Dealership Experience

    Very happy for you
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    E39 525d/530d decat choices

    Just removed mine today and the ecotune one will be fitted tomorrow. This is the second ecotune one that i have fitted and both have had no fitting issues and look well fabricated. What are you doing with your old cat?
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    Oil Separator Valve Maybe?

    check your spark plug too and change them after... there is one quick way if you get it right, but if you fail it would cost you more.... also this is a good time to change few necessary service parts in M62. http://forums.bimmer...d.php?t=1605612 quick way