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    Leather Seat Refurb.

    That's impressive! those seats look as good as new!
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    Leather Seat Refurb.

    Nice work Carl, looks superb FWIW the colour code for our leather is MKS 8124 350, the "350" is probably the number they need to know. I have a touch up kit from Gliptone Liquid Leather, and the colour match is spot on
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    Morning all

    Welcome to the forum Billy.
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    New short shift

    1) fit mouthguard and full face helmet 2) pull hard 3) pull HARDER!
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    New short shift

    I was going to ask a question myself regarding this. I have always found the gearstick itself too long on the e39 and therefore you hand travels a long way between gears. Does the short shift kit cure this or is the point of it to give it more of a sports car feel? I was contemplating removing the gear knob and taking an inch or so off the gear stick shaft and putting the original knob back on - anyone ever tried this? Im not sure how the gear knob comes off.
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    the 518i and the m52...

    i've got to admit the thought of making another set of mounts doesn't exactly make me feel all warm inside. getting hold of the the material was a bit of a one off, they haven't been properly tested yet and there may be differences between the m50 and m52. without making a jig for them it's a rather involved process which i don't really want to do again, sorry. i'll happily supply measurements though. also, if you change engine mounts then you'll have to modify your exhausts which, as i'm finding at the moment, is a pain in the arse. if you have any pics of this car i'd be very interested to see them.
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    the 518i and the m52...

    sorry for the lack of progress but i've been distracted by rallying and buying a reliant scimitar for my dad. only got back to the e28 in the last couple of days, the early nights are curtailing my sessions on the car as i have no power or lighting in my garage. so anyway, i've tacked the engine mounts together and fitted them to the car and they seem to fit quite well. next i looked at fitting the clio servo. the clevis on the clio servo is a lot shorter than the e28 one (it's a lot closer to the length of an e30 one) so i needed to extend it. the easiest option appeared to be to cut off the clio clevis, weld a stud to the linkage, then use the e28 clevis on it. i could then use the stud to adjust the length of the linkage and when i was happy with the position i weled it fully. i then fitted the servo to the car and inserted this little spacer i made up into the MC to make up for the clio's shorter pushrod. so with the servo in place i fitted the inlet manifold to ensure it cleared. loads of room! next job is exhaust manifolds.
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    newbie from the midlands

    As above dont know much about E60 but sure someone may help. Might be worth posting in the E60 section. But welcome Bill
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    DSC, ABS and brake light on

    http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4205801&postcount=48 this looks helpful
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    bal s t

    My garage video

    Hey up buddy.i'm sure i saw the scooby on my way to work in alvaston in derby?