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    Wow this thread has become a monster! Can't believe you are looking at the 3 series at the same time, you sound really unsure what you really want. They are completely different cars to live with, the e60 5 series is a high end luxury car with real road presence and effortless comfortable miles, the downside being it feels heavy and needs working harder to drive it quickly (well) particularly in the twisties. The 3 series has very little road presence - I had them in the past and people didn't move out of the way as they do for the '5 tho that might be because my '5 has the all black "murdered look" lol I did a 600+ mile round trip last weekend and was dreading it but it really was effortless .. I've only experienced such easy enjoyable miles in Jags & Range Rovers before. The 535d is VASTLY superior on fuel to either of those and not a million miles off on performance (the XJR had a chunk more but 19mpg!). I love my 5 . The only thing I will contemplate changing to is another E60 either 535d, 640d or M5.
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    Bank holiday drunkness

    Yes dude, on my 6th bottle of Hoegaarden as we speak!!! Been in Dublin the past two days, drunbk 16 pints in them two days, absolutely glorious!!!! Karl, we need to catch up with a beer dude!!!!
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    I've got a real energy for it again... I love my unit, it's bloody brilliant. There is a small community on the farm, next door I have a guy who makes Morgan 3 wheeler replicas, then there is a proper blacksmith (bloody interesting that), VW Mechanic, Elecrical Systems guy... brilliant really. Although it does smell a bit..
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    One clean e34 535

    Halfway through...I'd like to have this chaps money and patience!
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    My car is gone

    You enjoyed it right till the end James, and you`ll still see it here all be it occasionally.
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    Mate, I have apologised to you unreservedly - you can see how I was messed around by the guy in Birmingham. I was up till midnight trying to make arrangements with the seller of the 535. I apologise once again, even in 'public' that I messed you around. I could not sell you mine unless I knew I was going to get his. The silver 535D in Bradford I had wanted to go collect (via Pistonheads) I then found was on Ebay, there was a live auction running with active bidders, so I walked away.
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    You have them all tucked away in a hidden underground storage..!!!
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    Maybe the car has deliberately been left dirty to disguise mismatched paint? Sign of accident repair work? I find it strange that a dealer would not even bother to wash the car and give it a quick polish
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    Its not normally this difficult with a private sale. I dont like using stealers - so prefer this but yes, payment options can be messy, so too when you need to travel and I lost the sale of my 530D due to the mess around. I have found a clean LCI car for 10K, it is in NI though, so will cost me around £400 to collect it. It has just hit 100K miles, looks decent, even if not on 172 wheels and oddly no Sat Nav although not a big deal. 1 owner from new, selling to fund his business. If he was available I would have flown over tonight but he is in Dublin at the Tall Ships event ...
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    I am knelt in a darkened room, praying that E 34 may go up quickly in view of my suicidal foray into M5 project.
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    E39 iPhone Holder - Snap In Adapter

    I don't even get the number on the screen when someone calls, just says "Telephone". I will need to double check the parrot kit in the other car.
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    I know the feeling, but isn't that half the fun? I know when I sold my E36 328i about 5 years ago I missed tinkering with it every weekend, I spent so many hours on that car, I felt like I knew it inside out.