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    DVD map disc not being read by satnav

    It's funny because the last disc I bought works fine, it's a cd copy. My old BMW dvd works fine too. Looks like it's a problem with copied dvds then. I'll try a cleaner, failing that I'll have to send the dvd back for a refund. Oh, nice to see your keeping the E39 Andy
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    The relay will live in the electronics part (black bit with the plug attached to it) that's the part that BBA work their magic on i believe.
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    As mentioned earlier, stay in Drive if not going to be waiting long, but if raining or at night, heave on hand-brake to avoid dazzling the guy behind. (pet hate). Hand-brake passed MOT ok but still needs pulling half out floor to resist creep
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    Any reason not to buy a 545?

    i have an 05 model and love it. no problems what so ever. very smooth, lovely noise, and more than enough power than realistically usable. keeps up with mates evo 9 and leaves his remapped 535d for dead! does drink alot, i average 16 - 17 mpg, have seen as low as 12 ( more often than id like! ) and as good as high 20s on a run. oh and did i mention the noise?!
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    Generic question for Auto drivers

    I tend to stick it neutral after a few seconds at lights etc. I've run a few autoboxes and so far managed to keep them running to respectable mileages by never revving the engine when in neutral and changing the fluid regularly (50k on so called 'sealed for life'). Oh, and slotting into neutral also avoids one of my pet hates of people sitting on the foot brake at traffic lights dazzling the driver behind with the 'wembley stadium' of red lights, especially in the rain. 'Bah humbug!'