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    God bless Keith! A man who loved the 5 Series. He will be missed
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    Well....collected the e38 yesterday Amazing car! Drove home to Leeds from London and it drove without fault. Was a bit worried it might have the 'dreaded shimmy' like my last e38 had but nothing, no judder/vibration at all and perfect under braking. Automatic gearbox works perfectly and temperature level sits at 12 o'clock. Only bit of rust I can see is tiny bit on the panel beneath the boot, just like many e39's suffer from. Has the sat nav, tv, cd changer and radio/tape. The volume wasn't working, removed the amp today and re-soldered the 'dry' joints, now works fine. Key fob didn't work, reprogrammed key and now have remote central locking and alarm. Few other jobs to do, in particular it needs a 'proper' clean! Few pics of car taken by previous owner.
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    So, I bought this, and went down to Mansfield to collect it. Drove the 430 odd miles home without incident, only stopping for fuel and food. It's a cracking car - bodily, there's no rust, and is better than you'd expect given it's age. There are a few things to do - one of the headlamps is broken, although Andy gave me one for it - can't wait to do that one! Being fussy, the wheels would benefit from a refurb. The windscreen is delaminating, so I will need a new one at some point, which is a shame as it's good otherwise. Someone had covered it up with some sort of black paint - I didn't notice it at first. Hard to see actually. I'll do it after the winter. I'll need to get the whole car body properly deep cleaned, some blemishes buffed out and a good wax / sealant applied. I might pay to get that gone, as I don't have a garage and weather is running out! Interior is pretty good too, with no rips or tears in the seats. Vinyl is lifting a bit from the door cards, so I'll be on the lookout for suitable replacements. Sony stereo was only working on the front speakers, and the cd changer worked on the rears - with volume either highest or lowest - no in between! I discovered that someone had the audio inputs from the autochanger going into the line out sockets! With that sorted, it is now working perfectly. The heater panel doesn't illuminate, which from experience is cheap to fix, but a bit of a pain to do. Might see if I can get a good working one somewhere. Mechanically, I can't see anything it needs other than a couple of bonnet struts and some proper wiper blades. So - so far so good!
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    It's a bit rough but gets me around
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    Ok, so not fully straightpiped, but rear boxes removed, please take a nosey at my other videos and subscribe, Thanks, Sam
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    I get a whining noise when mine is in.
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    Here's some Carn p0rn... Sent from my EDI-AL10 using Tapatalk
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    Been to see Harty today,he looks a bit battered and bruised and got really tired after only 15mins or so which is to be expected, Surgeon says the next few days are a critical time as this is when Hartys intestine could break up due to the op which entailed cutting the intestine to remove the Lymphona, Harty still has the Lynphonas in his neck and behind his knee in one of his back legs,hopefully the test results will be back tomorrow to identify what type of cancer it is and the course of treatment to follow, Harty is still reluctant to eat which could be either discomfort from his neck Lymphona or just that he doesn,t feel like eating due to all the activity going on with him. So he,s not out of the woods yet but we know he,s getting the best care at Liverpool and are very happy with his treatment so far, Few pics from today
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    TBF, I've never seen a learner driver fail to indicate, overtake dangerously or jump lights. It takes a qualified driver to do that
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    Gave it the first good clean since I recently bought it... Snow foamed 2 bucket method wash Clayed Machine polished Ceramic sealant applied Headlamps sanded with 1,2&3k grit then buffed off. Had some help and took about 4hrs but well worth it and quite pleased with the results... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Evening. Today I picked up my first BMW, 2 year old 520d MSport touring Wow what a lovely car. Not had a chance to play with all the nobs and switches yet. It's a bit of a step up from my 12 yer old A4 Avant. I'll apologise in advance, i'm bound to have some silly questions!
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    Hi guys, Well I've never done a project thread before so sorry if this doesn't follow the usual way of doing things! I bought the car August 2016 as a cat D write off (oh what a giggle this turned out to be) for £6250 with 120k on it. The car itself looked good. It had some crap pre-LCI headlights in it where the loom had obviously been chopped to make them work, but the panels lined up well, there were no knocks or bangs and a look underneath revealed all new suspension arms etc on the drivers side. We took it out for a test drive and it pulled well, the engine sounded relatively healthy, if not a little tappy. There was a little bit of a whine from the small turbo but I knew they weren't the strongest so didn't worry about that. And the airbag warning light was on so I plugged my scanner in and it was for the drivers side belt tensioner. I haggled the seller down from his £7k asking price and drove it away that night after driving down from near Chester to Birmingham to look at it. I followed my then business partner back in his 635D which it kept up with no problem, there was a judder from the front when the brakes were hot, but that was it. It cruised home up the M6 with nothing noteworthy other than 2 knackered numberplate bulbs and the boot release handle didn't work, but was fine on the key and the button in the car. I gave it a wash the next day and ordered a new belt tensioner. That got fitted and the light cleared. Woo no more issues! No. Because I was off work ill, I ended up chucking it into a local garage to sort out the brakes. No problem, new calipers on the front along with new discs and new pads. New discs and pads went on the back too. I hoped this would've been the last of the brake problems but oh no! Comes to that later! About a week later it put the DPF warning light on. A quick check showed it was getting up to temperature no problem so it went on the ramp in work and we saw the intercooler was leaking quite badly on the drivers side. I assume a second hand cooler had been fitted after the smash. Weill it would be rude not to do a DPF modification whilst in there wouldn't it. Wagner Tuning intercooler and DPF delete pipe ordered. These were fitted and the car was then mapped to stage 2. I did this for a living at the time and with it being my own car, I stuck on our stage 2 tune that is usually reserved for cars under 100,000 miles due to wear and tear. Boost up to 2.4bar and 1740bar max rail pressure amongst other tweaks. Above 100,000 we usually go for max boost 2.1bar and 1700bar max rail pressure depending on the condition and what the owner tells us. The car rolled 296BHP/413ftlbs with the DPF out, and 404BHP/550ftlbs on the stage 2. The EGR was mapped shut at the same time. I'd ordered other odds and sods in this time. New side repeaters with LEDs in to get rid of the knackered standard ones that were all faded. New M badges for the wheels and new boot and bonnet emblems in black and white. The suspension also got a full refresh at the time. New shocks and Eibach springs all round. The standard CCC was rough when I got it - it wouldn't respond to the wheel in the middle and started to get worse so a full CIC kit was ordered from Latvia and fitted in. It was nice having working sat nav again! I lived with it as it was for a couple of months, just doing oil changes every 5k miles and a gearbox fluid change. The rattling was getting much worse, on start up so I was really beginning to suspect the chain tensioner and the small turbo was getting more and more whiney. I left it at a trusted garage I do work for for them to look at and they also suspected chain. No problem I'll get it booked in and sort it out in the next few weeks or so. And look at the brakes again. There was a vibration when the brakes were hot. On leaving the car park, the brakes failed! The pedal went rock hard and no amount of pressure would stop the car. Luckily I only bumped up a kerb at the back reversing it when they failed. The garage stripped the car down to look at the servo... Which had a MASSIVE dent in the bottom of it. We assume from the drivers wheel hitting it when it was in its smash. Nice to know it was fixed properly. A brake servo was ordered and they went through the car with a fine tooth comb for me. This was not the garage that had fitted the front brakes the first time round, and they found one of the bleed screws loose on the passenger side which had dripped fluid down onto the rim and eaten the paint. Unreal. Anyway that got sorted out with the new servo and a 4 wheel alignment. Next job was the chain and the turbos. The car was booked in and left with the garage I use. The turbos were removed and both sent away for conversion to hybrid spec. The engine was then stripped down, chain replaced and quite a few ancillary parts were done at the same time such as water pump, swirl flaps removed, new tappets etc. Everything that could be done easily without taking the engine to bits. 3 weeks from start to finish including the turn around time for the turbos. I was delighted to have it back. This is how it looked in the mean time whilst being worked on. I gave the car a few weeks to bed in the turbos before mapping to stage 3. After that I was onto my contact in the Netherlands that did some of my files for their stage 3 with small hybrids. This took boost up to 2.7bar. The difference was immediate. Despite not gaining as much in BHP as I was hoping, the MASSIVE dollop of extra torque really throws it down the road. It just pulls and pulls and pulls. The rolling road result was 420BHP and 606ftlbs. Somewhat more than what the gearbox was rated for but it seems to be handling it fine. The fuel will be wound up more when I install methanol in the future. Ideally I'd like to change the big turbo again to allow me to run 3.0bar boost in the future and fit the R90 fuel pump that'll allow more fuel through whilst sustaining higher pressures. This combined with methanol injection should result in around 500BHP/630-640ftlbs at the crank. I wouldn't want to go much higher than this without beefing up the gearbox and the bottom end of the engine. As it stands it's still the untouched original bottom end and top end. As it stands, the car has run in this configuration for the past 6 months with no issues at all. I have also put on the xHP Stage 3 gearbox flash which has made a massive difference to the car and how it drives. Gear changes are now instant, and sport mode is almost vigorous - it slams into the next gear and just pulls instantly. No delay. It has become apparent however that it needs better brakes. It is VERY easy to get up to naughty speeds in it VERY quickly. Which then means having to stop too. Which is OK for the first few goes but after that the brakes are seriously hot. M5 discs have arrived in preparation for a future upgrade at some point when I find some calipers and get them rebuilt. More in part 2!
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    Hi guys, only had 30min on the car today but managed to clean the glow plug threads and install the new ones, yes a very nervous moment lol as this is what caused my issue lol. My tip is to install them dry (no oil/grease), install them with a glow plug tool (I have a full set) so there is zero chance of any twisting. Torque them to 10nm then final torque of 13nm and all good. Also installed a new glow plug controller as well.
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    In town this morning I came out of one of the buildings behind and to the rear of the parked Vauxhall and at first I thought there had been an accident as there were two women with buggies at the front of the car who appeared to be having some sort of difficulty and trying to cross the road. A dumb place to cross thinks I as there's a crossing a couple of yards away. Just then the lights changed so I crossed on the crossing. I could then see that the women plus buggies had no room on the pavement to get past the car so were having to push their kids INTO THE ROAD to get to the crossing. I stood and looked at the car for a few seconds wondering if it had broken down as it was causing traffic problems. Just then a bloke in his 30's(?) who I'd noticed standing in a doorway ran across to the car to get something. When he came back the conversation went something like this: 'You're not going to leave it there are you'? 'Yeh, I'll only be a minute' 'Maybe, but you're breaking the law by parking on the zigzags and on the pavement. Can't you park in one of the side-streets?'. 'No there's no room. I'LL ONLY BE A MINUTE'. 'But the zigzags are there for a reason - you're blocking the view of the crossing - those women had to go into the road with their kids!' 'OK, but I'll be gone in a minute'. 'And what if someone gets knocked down in that minute'? No reply. At that point he disappeared into the fast food joint to collect his order while I wished him a quick and unpleasant association with a member of the local constabulary. But there's never one around is there?
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    The same reason Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc is. You can't ban a belief, nor should you try.
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    Selling my car lads. Colour is unusual: TITAN GRAU (titan grey) its a kitted SE. everything 'sport' retro fitted with genuine parts. Everything except sport suspension. Interior is obviously m5 caramel heritage. Recently refurbished my myself to a high standard. At at this present time. I'm not keen on selling the interior separately. E38 7 series front armrest fitted. No gizmos in this armrest. Just the stand non phone, but opening & sliding one. Black leather. Car was originally a uk car. Imported by older gentleman in 2006. I've had it 2 years. Mileage is 208,000. Miles. I'm in Ireland, Co. Mayo. Can pick anyone up from Ireland West Knock airport. It's only a few minutes away. Just give me a day or two notice if you're travelling. Plenty of cities served to and from Knock Airport. Birmingham FLYBE.COM Bristol RYANAIR East Midlands RYANAIR Edinburgh FLYBE.COM Liverpool RYANAIR London Gatwick AER LINGUS London Luton RYANAIR London Stansted RYANAIR Manchester FLYBE.COM Here's the ad on donedeal (Irish equivalent of gumtree etc.) https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/bmw-e39-525d-taxed-and-tested/16292012 Asking ofice is 2850. EURO. Or nearest offer. What's app is best for me +353877469236 thanks for looking. Dan.
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    Replaced front upper and lower control arms, front and rear drop links with Meyle HD
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    Probably cheaper to sell the manual and buy an auto.
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    I've decided I'm going to go for this car. I'll work out how to get it up here later. Train journey is about 8 hours [emoji15] but I'll see if I can fly to somewhere. If Shipley come through I'll use them.
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    Looks fantastic - trying to work out the colour - guessing at Le Mans Blue or Avus Blue. Love the piped Contours - it looks well kept. Good luck! I have a local client with a two E38 750i's - a SWB and LWB with 81000 and 60000 miles respectively. He only got the LWB last month from the North East. He uses them as daily drivers and likes them so much he sent a brand new Mustang back and bought the LWB!
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    As I only have room for two cars at home, since the arrival of the M1, the M5 has been stored at a garage not far away. It was not in a very good state and the M5 had to be kept in a Carcoon. I decided to renovate the garage, the plan was to finish renovations by the time the car came back from ML in February, err, it overran a little! In the meantime the M5 has been in the garage at home and the M6 has been sitting outside. After more than 8 months of renovation, she is now back in the 'new' garage. Started off as a "I'll just replace the roof, put in some partition walls and new doors.", via "Oh shit, that wall is just about to fall down, it's just propped up by the wooden fence." and finally, "Might as well pretty much rebuild the entire bloody thing properly!". Need to reassemble the Carcoon, but it's a lot less dirty in there than it was, the roof was 80 year old corrugated asbestos, so there's no hurry, I'll pick a dry weekend or evening.
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    After seeing euro parts doing a 50% off oil and 35% off parts I decided this year i'd service the car myself, its had full BMW dealer and indy since new but at almost 10 years old I decided paying for the stamp just wasn't worth it anymore. So on a rare sunny afternoon out of the blue i have changed rear brakes, fully cleaned them ocd style and painted the calipers black to freshen them up. changed the oil, and filter obvs topped up all levels, replaced wipers, went to clean egr and it was almost spotless. Then general check at bushes and anti role bars ect. Overall really pleased with myself, except from a few skint knuckles it went well. Saved a fortune and got some satisfaction in doing it too. I had recently started to lose interest in the car, but now i am loving it all over again. So much so i am looking at the dpf delete and a full paint correction as she's just clicked 100k so could do with that little extra to make it special again.
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    Quick Update fellas,Hartys had his op this afternoon and had the Lymphona in his intestine removed,still some tests to be done on the one under his chin but surgeon sounds quite upbeat and says Harty is doing well. Thank You everyone for your best wishes it means a lot to me & Donna.
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    Thanks fellas,he,s in surgery at 11am tomorrow so got everything crossed.
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    Love the look of that estate. They look awesome from behind with quad exhausts on too. The side skirt extensions make it look a bit lower too which I really like. I'd do all of it! May I suggest looking at our Norwegian brothers for inspiration? http://bimmers.no/forums/topic/623664-snapshot-of-the-day-tok-du-bilde-av-bilen-din-i-dag/?do=findComment&comment=3209682 http://bimmers.no/forums/topic/623664-snapshot-of-the-day-tok-du-bilde-av-bilen-din-i-dag/?do=findComment&comment=3203083 http://bimmers.no/forums/topic/623664-snapshot-of-the-day-tok-du-bilde-av-bilen-din-i-dag/?do=findComment&comment=3202327 http://bimmers.no/forums/topic/623664-snapshot-of-the-day-tok-du-bilde-av-bilen-din-i-dag/?do=findComment&comment=3200906 (Like the front splitter a lot on that one) http://bimmers.no/forums/topic/623664-snapshot-of-the-day-tok-du-bilde-av-bilen-din-i-dag/?do=findComment&comment=3191659 There's thousands of F11s on the road, if you want one that's a little different then why not? And everything you're doing to it can be undone in the future anyway when it comes time to sell if you wanted to sell it standard.
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    Personally - I think you should go the other way by putting chrome surrounds on the window, a 520d badge on the back and a set of SE 18"s to get a sleeper
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    In readiness for tomorrow's event at Crystal Palace, a deep wash, polish and engine clean.
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    I think they are both prize cocks - but Macgregor is the bigger dickhead of the two. I hope he gets his arse handed to him.
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    So he knowingly takes a bicycle out on to a public highway that doesn't have brakes and tries to absolve himself of all responsibility of the accident saying it wasn't his fault... In London - the most populous city in the UK... FFS he needs to grow up and accept that he was in the wrong in the first place... he made the choice, no sympathy from me for him (if the reporting is accurate and true). Whether or not she was on her mobile is irrelevant in his defence as it is not illegal to use your mobile as a pedestrian.... Try defending riding a motorcycle or driving a car on the public roads without brakes... Another prime example of parts of today's UK society who can't take responsibility for their own actions... "It's was someone else's fault"...
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    in the best colour.... More pics to follow when I pick my exhaust mountings up. One has perished and the exhaust is hanging down. Unfortunately I am driving our dogs car in the meantime (206 SW Quicksilver).
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    I've just seen a 2001 318i with an M3 badge on the back. This is getting way out of hand now. If I was an MOT tester I wouldn't pass it based on that alone. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Put some new boots on the front today. I'd eked out every last bit of tread from the ones they replaced and it's like driving a different car! Having recently dramatically changed my general driving style to protect my now clean licence and going back to doing a couple of ~150 mile trips each week, I'd started to get over 600 miles to tank. Now with this new rubber I can not only feel just how silky smooth the straight six is but it's got the ride to match. I even took a deliberately more languid route into London from the shire this evening just to drink it all in. They're still *marked runflats (Dunlop SP Sportmaxx) to match the rears I put on 6 months ago but the ride is an order of magnitude more comfortable than it has been since I can't remember when. I really love this car.
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    Well the 5 forum meet went down with familiar faces turning up... We even got a single 5 series turning up,was quite surreal.... We all had beer,chips and a natter though,and Fred turned up in his Westminster..... All in all was a god afternoon with good people. Until the next time....
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    Just returned home to south London from our trip to the Lake District and what a journey companion 2 adults, a three month old with all his bits, pram, travel cot, our suitcases, car seat all swallowed with ease in the car. I thouroghly enjoyed the drive up in this car, it simply does everything so well, plodding along at 75/80 on the cruise, or needing to overtake or climb the steep hills in the Lake District, it just did it with ease. There and back with the running around in between visiting places was done on a tank and a half, about 730 miles or so, not sure on the mpg as I wasn't really looking. For committed city folk like us, the views and the place were fantastic and I'd happily do it again. We did have one scare up a particularly steep road in a high place with no phone signal up in the clouds, the steering went heavy with the active steering failure bong, then the engine started spluttering, the dash lit up like a Christmas tree, transmission warnings all over the place with nowhere to pull over out of the way. Managed to get to a lay by, turned off, not sure if it would even restart and disconnected the battery, with that many warnings something told me that was the first place to look, reconnected and started the car up and all was well again and carried on faultlessly. I can only put it down to the fact that I put a new battery in a couple days before and registered it using Carly, my concern then was that I put a 95amp battery in as that was what was in the car previously but the Carly app does not list 95, only 90 then 110 but I thought I will just go with what I can at the time which was the 90 option. Other than that the battery is charging fine and holding charge and I'm not getting any discharge messages so I'm putting it down to a hiccup. Other than that it was superb and I got out of the car feeling like I had just gone to the local shops and not just driven 5 hours. For our first proper road trip in the car I was happier than a pig in poo with it and made me realise I bought the right car! Devon next in November hopefully then maybe Scotland next year!
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    Not too bad. Iirc E34 wiper blades can be pricey but you need a brake hose (£8), two anti roll bar links (20 quid?) and the handbrake stripping and cleaning before adjusting. The steering play will be the 32mm nut at the base off the column needing a tighten I expect. I'd also clean up the rusty bits on the advisories as well. A weekend of swearing should nail it.
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    Just spoke to his surgeon again and he says Harty is still very groggy but that will be to do with the blood transfusion he had and the anaemic reaction he had to it which they are controlling with medication,he ate yesterday but today hasn,t really bothered, Donna and I are going to see him tomorrow,the vet has asked us to bring some of his favourite foods with us to see if this encourages him to eat a bit more regularly, As we understand it he will start his course of chemotherapy once his intestine has healed up completely, Can,t wait for tomorrow now.
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    Just about to start them now, there borg and beck mounts off ebay and lemforder gearbox mount was just under £100 for all 3 I'll take some pics as I go
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    I've corrected your post for you! Jesus, you are brave to say that to Mrs pigeonpost!
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    As far as I know, the M5 setup will fit on the front, but not the back without changing the wheel hubs. I'm doing the same as you - going to M5 ones but I'm just going to do the front for now. Calipers, carriers discs and pads will be required. Hoses from what I remember reading will still fit but don't quote me on that. One thing I would add, is although you can get rebuilt calipers for under £100 per side, the price of the carriers will make you laugh. It would be cheaper to buy a caliper and carrier set with pads from eBay, than it would to buy new carriers for BMW to go with rebuilt calipers. I think it was about £220 per side just for carriers. Buy your discs whilst they're on offer at Euro Car Parts too. I bought mine and with the offer they had on, it meant I effectively got one disc for free. Even with the Mtec discs and EBC red stuff pads on mine, I've had them smoking and starting to fade after a 'hard' drive. The E60 is a heavy car - no getting around that.
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    I'm a creative directer by trade and have a slight obsession with 80's promotional videos, ads and reviews. I thought I'd share a few as they don't make them like they used too... Enjoy. Kit
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    Interior trim swapped out from aluminium to vavona For me, the silver did not suit the cream interior whereas the vavona wood looks better suited; I know it'll be marmite with some folk, but looks much better to me
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    Liking those wheels Mashed Potatoes - http://bimmers.no/forums/topic/623664-snapshot-of-the-day-tok-du-bilde-av-bilen-din-i-dag/?page=1247#comment-3200906 wonder if i can get them in s smoked chrome.
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    In light of recent CO2 discussions in this thread, i today burnt fuel (at a rate of 46mpg avg on the OBC) to not only propel my vehicle in a forward motion to reach a destination over 100 land miles away but to also keep me cool using some sort of wizardry built in to the car and also managed to make use of the surplus power being generated by the burning of fuel to charge not 1 but 2 mobiles! In addition, as my car has a 3litre petrol lump, it generated heat during the consumption process to aid Andrew's vision of warming the planet for better summers and generated CO2 to help feed the tree's so they are bigger and stronger and generate more heat when burnt in Andrew's house (I even drove up north to try and help the CO2 reach it's destination of Andrew's local forest )
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    Guys take a look at this https://bimmerprofs.com/ If you have time read this guys blog in regards to petrol direct injected N43 and N53. Although I don't have any issues with cold start mis-fire, I get this re-occurring NOX sensor fault coming up every so often every time after I've reset it and noticed that my car never runs in stratified lean burn mode (Lambda 2 > 3.5) due to this fault, this is the main benefit of direct injected petrol engines. The OEM NOX sensor are not reliable and often fail in a very short amount of time. His blog also ties this to issues with never ending idling issues, mis-fires, incorrect fuel adaptations etc. I've placed an order for his version of an emulator NOX which is uses a BOSCH motorsport version of the NOX sensor and has a much longer working life. The OEM version is particularly steep at £400 plus, his unit is euro 300, I will be installing this weekend and will report back after I run some real-time diags on INPA.