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    Collected the car this morning; alloys fully refurbed and powdercoated. Finish is Platinum Silver New centre caps; Richbrook stainless steel valves & an 82mm Mtec stud conversion fitted with 5mm hubcentric shims upfront and 12mm hubcentric spacers on the rears. Gives the alloys a much better stance IMO
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    Long time since an update so here goes. Car has been fired and up to temp with no problems boot floor has been modified for the modified Hayward and Scott exhausts and sound amazing. Brakes all fitted with new braided lines. First in the uk heated sport steering wheel. Interior started to go back in. Installed a thatcham 2 immobiliser while I had dash out and found a neat place for it to hide. Also installed the electric steering column I’ve had a few years lol. Also got some alcantara covered seat bases
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    Couple more......
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    New wheels finally on.

    Since the car was in for MOT, service and a couple of new tyres, I thought I may as well get the new wheels fitted, bought them on here back in December. Look a bit darker than I thought once on, but a vast improvement on the wheels I had. Wasn't sure at first, but the more I see them the more they grow on me.
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    My E92 330d

    Some of you may remember me getting this car after my E36 M3 was stolen. when I got it it had already been mapped, the receipt says it’s had it’s dpf removed and mapped up to 305bhp with a lot of torque. Ok, so that figure may be a little optimistic but it certainly does shift, the torque is so instant traction in the wet is/was a problem so to that end I had a day at birds to replace this....... with a quaife ATB LSD, not cheap but well worth it. No more embarrassing 1 tyre fire now! the ccc I drive luckily had already been updated to the later cic system (expensive to do) so all is good there. As a precaution I’ve blanked the swirl flaps which I believe aren’t too much of an issue on these later M57’s but better out than in I think. Another little upgrade was to fit polybush inserts into the standard rear subframe bushes. I could feel some vagueness in the rear end under hard acceleration so I mounted my GoPro under the car to see what was going on. Turned out the whole subframe was flexing up at the front under hard acceleration. The inserts have cured that! Lastly for the moment I dropped on some bargain MV4’s with nearly new Bridgestone potenzas which I collected yesterday so not had chance to fit them. Not sure the dark colour is going to look right on my Monaco blue car but they are a lovely looking wheel. However, going from 18” non run flats to 19” run flats might be a mistake.........only time will tell if I can live with them! Anyway, that brings me up to date.
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    So today was collection day for me to pick up my G30 530D M Sport, I ordered it in a rush just be before closing last Tuesday night and the dealer had it ready today and even swapped over my personal plates, anyway they had it in a small glass collection room which was so cool as it can be seen all on the shop floor. As I was walking round and taking the below pic ... I notice a small badge on the boot ... it’s only an X Drive model !!!! I genuinely had no idea ... I was just happy finding a 530d in white over here, I though that I had managed to get a good deal on a 530d M Sport, but I got a hell of a deal on a X drive also I discovered it also had reserving camera, active Guard and memory seats ! I was like a kid in a candy store, once I seen that badge ... !!! I just couldn’t beleive it, like was in total shock !! So far, it’s been a mixed bag, it’s been beautiful weather here for months and today the heavens opened, it’s poured non stop. Which is just typical I guess, My previous F10 520d had Celtic tuning carried out and was meant to be 238bhp, however this seriously feels like it has way more than just an extra 30bhp on it, even the sound of the 530 engine is so so much more exciting. I guess somethings are meant to be, I called in the dealers 30 mins before closing and found this which has every option I would have wanted if I build it myself .. apart from VDC. However after 91k miles in a F10 with VDC I can say, between comfort Plus and Sport plus the ride feels ... 98% the same. I am over the moon !!! 530D M-Sport X Drive, Sport Plus Pack, Visual Pack, 20 inch rims, Memory Seats, Reversing camera, and maybe sometime else I’ve not yet found lol. They even got my personal reg off my F10 and used it for the first registion, so when I arrived it had my plates on !
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    I can’t wait for it to rain....

    We had 98.8mm of aqua dumped on us in a few hours in the region of Belfast International Airport and surrounding areas. This came out of the blue, (or possibly the sky) and arrived following well over a month of scorchio and was the equivilant of our average rainfall for the whole of July. Although pictured here having a large beer, my lifeblood is Guinness. There is a meal, a drink and a laxative in every pint. What else could you possibly need? Below is a picture of the ensuing panic after the downpour on Saturday.
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    Dan - you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. This car’s raison d’être is, for me, to provide relaxation above speed. I’ve had faster cars. This one is a great big lounger!! i was offered £2000 for it today in cash. I declined without hesitation. I have driven it over the last couple of days over my F10 ( which is nice) - and felt privileged to do so. Ask me why. I don’t know!
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    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    Wanna give a final update on this as my lovely F10 is going this Saturday as I pick up my new G30 530d M sport. I have put close to 18k on these tyres in the snow, driving rain and on the hottest day ever on record in NI. All in all these are brilliant tyres, I strongly recommended then, no matter the weather they preform, the wear after 18k is brilliant and even in the burning heat they grip great, I have pushed them and pushed them until they finally failed, it was 32c coming off a roundabout hard and I mean hard .. like a good bit above motorway speeds and finally they lost their grip and the car slided a little, all in all I give these 2 thumbs up.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed it on the 4 hour drive back from JCT 600 Leeds! Time for the 540 touring to move on methinks...
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    Icon lights failing?

    Got to be grounds for a full refund IMO
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    So, I picked the car up this morning, and attended to a couple of small things like the dealer sticker and tax disc holder, and fitted the clear rear indicators. I like this setup, it I do think the car looks more original on the Ambers, despite the fact that clears we’re an option at the time. Lots of work gone into this car from lots of people, so thanks chaps - Andrew Everett for rescuing it and getting it back on the road, Kenny at the Wheel Specialist in Inverness for refurbishing the wheels good as new, James Sutherland at Highland Polishing in Inverness for the detailing work, Tim Pollock, Geoff Sutton, David Olias and Cotswold BMW for various parts - and lastly - ME! I’m very pleased with the way the car has turned out. Anyway - done for now - just the OEM CD changer left to fit.
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    I test drove a Quadrifoglio on Wednesday. And have put a deposit down...picking it up tomorrow.
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    Followed by two gigantic sweepers of your own... As a former Paramedic I can see there is very little, if anything, to choose between the driving capabilities of the poorest bike and poorest car drivers. One thing I will say is that I see far fewer car drivers overtaking on double white lines, single white line against or even the zig-zags of zebra crossings than I do motorcyclists - which I do witness almost on a daily basis around the South-East.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    530i with 113k miles passed MOT with 0 advisories
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    F11 530D Tuning options

    Well! I had it remapped by Mashed Potatoes last Saturday, I wanted to give it a short while before reporting back. I have to say I've been very impressed with Mashed and the team at Harper's - pretty much exactly what you expect from a garage in a best case scenario. Friendly, knowledgeable and gave me a lot of confidence my car was in good hands, and they haven't disappointed. Mashed even went to the trouble of fixing a vibration that was bothering me at 0mph in Drive by raising the idle by 20rpm. I really couldn't have asked any more of them - a very pleasant experience and good/fair price too. I'll be using them for servicing work in the future I think. The remap is good, i've gone up around 4mpg on the old computer as well which is pretty amazing to be honest, I was getting around 33.3mpg before the remap. So very pleased. Car has a good shove and is very very driveable in normal sensible driving style. My old E39 was in "full attack mode" now matter what you were doing but this one is far more relaxed - putting it in sport really means Sport now! Thanks to the team at Harpers for looking after me.
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    Hi, new e39 owner

    Hi guys, just bought an old 2000 plate e39 525i auto, seems a decent old motor. Owned a load of BMW in past, our other car is a z3. Just joined up as these cars are getting old and their well documented frailties may mean I need you guys expertise from time to time. Car will need to cover 600-800 miles a week twice a month so will have to earn it's keep!!
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    MoT passed after a couple of small bits of sill welding, inoperative main beam headlight and a drip from the rear diff. Diff cleaned off and now bone dry, headlamp fixed, welding down and underseal protection applied.
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    DPF Regen every 300 miles

    Taken from my 640D (535D N57 essentially!), so basically once a tank is fairly normal. It is interesting "short distances" includes up to 500 miles between them, but an absolute max of 600. The one that regularly screws owners though is the coolant temperature being below 75 (weak thermostats usually). You really need to watch the coolant temperatures which is not obvious from the dash so you do not really notice it (or at least with the MFD it is not). I like to use the "secret menu" which can bring up live coolant temperatures. Mine on a cool morning drive sat at about 83 (all A roads on that short way for 25 minutes), giving it the beans it lowered slightly to 79. Same drive, but later in the day, still warmish it was late 80's. Motorway drive to work (sometimes do it for regen reasons (also currently surface dressing is down the A road), but takes longer) it topped out at 93, sat mostly again at late 80's. "Regeneration There are two kinds of regeneration: Continuous regeneration: This form of regeneration takes place during normal driving. At exhaust-gas temperatures of between 280-350°C, continuous regeneration takes place in the form of a slow oxidation process. The soot particles cannot be incinerated until the exhaust gases reach the required temperature. Periodic regeneration: Periodic regeneration is performed automatically by the DDE after no later than 1000 km (600 miles). On vehicles with many short-distance drives, periodic regeneration already starts taking place after just 400 - 800 km (250 - 500 miles). For regeneration, the intake air is reduced by the throttle valve. One or two post-injections are performed. This increases the exhaust-gas temperature to about 600 °C. The soot is incinerated with the residual oxygen. The periodic regeneration is performed at all speeds. The most efficient method is regeneration at a constant speed in excess of 60 km/h (38 mph) over a period of 20-30 minutes. The DDE calculates the time for periodic regeneration from the following values: average distance travelled average driving speed temperature in the diesel particle filter values from the exhaust gas pressure sensor The last successful regeneration can be read out by the diagnosis system The following conditions must be fulfilled for a regeneration: The coolant temperature must be in excess of 75 °C the exhaust-gas temperature before the diesel particle filter must be greater than 240 °C there must be enough fuel (fuel reserve indicator light is not lit up). Whenever the reserve lamp lights up, the regeneration process is suspended. no fault codes from the air mass system, exhaust emission system and sensors must be saved in the DDE The fault codes 480A / 245700 (from F01) and 481A / 245800 (from F01) must display the status "currently not present" Constant driving speed above about 60 km/h (approx. 38 mph). The optimum speed is about 100 km/h (approx. 60 mph)."
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    I have CC+ on my ex-plod F11 530d and they've been right up to a GPS in excess of 260km/h with no worries. Handled temps down to -12c and so far up to +35c with no noticeable loss of performance. They are only available in non-RFT (or GoFlat if you prefer) but even with a 75mm screw in a rear the pressure loss during the week from initial warning to replacement (yep, these Germans don't stock CC or CC+ much) was a little under 1 bar. I'd happily recommend them and unless someone come up with something a lot better when I turn them into slicks, I'll be putting another set straight back on.
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    Just discovered that it's the cable at fault not INPA. The cable I had (cableshack K Line) is not compatible with 2008 cars. So I've bought a D Can cable which is. Can't wait to finally get rid of the car telling me my restraint systems are faulty
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    Ruined my expansion tank due to carelessness/stupidity and cost myself £60 + the screw. It was a brand new tank. Tosser.
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    Ok, so all the parts shopping for the clutch work has now been done and here's what I've got. Starting with the most important thing, being the clutch kit, you basically have a choice of going for the Sachs kit or LUK. Both are excellent quality, OEM brands, so without the matter which one you go for, it will be good stuff. Amazingly, BMW still sell the clutch kit for the E34, at least for the M50B25TU, that's for sure - so if you want to go genuine and don't mind spending 300-400 pounds for the kit, then the BMW part number for the genuine clutch kit is: 21211223546 I decided to go for the Sachs kit myself and it cost me just over £100 from Spare Part Store 24. The correct Sachs clutch kit part number for the 525i is as follows: 3000 133 002. The kit includes the pressure plate, the clutch disc and the release bearing. Then for the clutch slave cylinder, there's really a big choice of quality brands, anything from Bosch and TRW to Sachs and Brembo. However, since I went with Sachs for the clutch kit, I decided to stick with it and go for the same make for the clutch slave cylinder. Sachs part number for the slave cylinder is: 6283 600 105 If the price from BMW was decent, then I would've gone for genuine, but they wanted something like 120 pounds, when I got Sachs for 40 quid. In case if you need BMW's part number for the slave cylinder, it is: 21526775924 The same goes for the propshaft rubber guibo, behind the gearbox - I checked the price with BMW and it was something in the region of £200 (part number: 26117511454), when I managed to get a Ruville (OEM brand) guibo for less than 40 pounds. Ruville's part number is: 775031. And the last thing that I bought from Spare Part Store 24 was the centre propshaft bearing, which came complete with the mounting. Unfortunately, no OEM makes were available for this part and I had to go for Febi (part number: 02823), so I'll have to wait and see how good it's going to be. BMW was not an option (genuine part number: 26121226723), since they wanted something ridiculous, like £180 for the part, while I got Febi for just under £20. You might think that you're buying an inferior part, but you'll be surprised to know how much BMW marks up the parts they sell just for the privilege of having their badge on them... So that was all that I ordered from Germany and the rest of the parts were bought from BMW directly. What I ordered from my local dealer is everything that you can either only get from BMW and nowhere else, or I decided to go with genuine parts, because the prices were very reasonable, such as for the gearbox mountings, which I'll talk about further down below. Starting with the clutch pressure hose and the pipe, the hose was £55 and the pipe was £22, which comes in exact shape that it has to be, so there's no bending required or any messing around with it. A perfect example of how some stuff is reasonably priced from dealers. Clutch pressure hose: 32101157375 Clutch slave cylinder pipe: 21521159619 And there are x2 metal clips, which are for each end of the pressure hose, so I would advise getting them, in case yours are rusty or might break. Part number: 34341163565 Then moving onto the clutch area, it's advisable to replace the clutch fork, the spring clip for it and the ball pin. Chances are, it's all probably in decent condition, but you really wouldn't want to take the gearbox out again for the sake replacing something silly like that, if it causes trouble in the future. I also got the x6 bolts for the pressure plate as well, which ideally should be renewed with every clutch change. Clutch fork: 21511223302 Release spring clip: 21517570284 Ball pin: 21511223328 x6 Pressure plate bolts: 07129903984 The ball pin is a weak-looking, rubbery plastic thing, which I read that often gets replaced by stainless steel, aluminium or bronze units for better reliability and extended life-span, but I'm sure if you are running the normal clutch with no modifications, then the stock item should do the job just fine. The gearbox mounts, which I mentioned earlier, were unbelievably cheap - the front ones, which are identical to each other were £15 each and the rears, which are left and right sided, were only £12 each. You wouldn't think you were buying BMW parts at those prices... x2 Front gearbox mountings: 24701138435 Left gearbox mounting: 24701138427 Right gearbox mounting: 24701138428 Bear in mind, the above parts are for the manual 5-speed ZF gearbox, S5D310Z. Now the gear linkage, which depending on how "enthusiastically" your E34 was driven over the past 20-25 years, it could be completely knackered with your gear lever all over the place, or it could be like mine, which still feels ok, but I would rather get it all renewed, while I'm there. The best thing to do is to replace whatever bushes, mountings and joints are there, so you'll know that everything is 100%. That being said, here's what you need: Bush: 25117507695 Mounting bearing: 25111220707 Gear lever: 25111221779 Bearing: 25111220600 x4 Washers: 25111220439 x2 Clips: 25117571899 Joint: 25117503525 Pin: 23411466134 Tension clip: 25111203682 One thing I'd like to mention, if you have a look at the gear linkage diagram here > https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD52-EUR-09-1992-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=25_0025 You'll see that I made a mistake of ordering the item 20 (washer), which actually comes already installed with the joint (item 14), so just a heads up for those who are going to renew their linkage not to bother with that part. The linkage parts overall come up to around £170, so it's not too bad, considering you do it once in 20 years. And finally, a few exhaust brackets that I bought since mine that support the catalytic converter are quite rusty, so will be replacing them, when we take the exhaust off. It's a good idea to renew the catalytic converter gaskets (18301716888 - x2) along with 6 copper nuts (18301737774 - x6) to avoid any exhaust gas leaks later down the line. The rest of the parts below are just various brackets, bolts, washers and nuts for the catalytic converter support on the front, so again, it's better just to renew everything, as the parts are not expensive and will last a long time. Holder: 18211723375 Exhaust support: 18321728316 Bolt x2: 07119913676 Rubber washer x4: 18207546579 Washer x5: 33311108205 Nut x2: 07119905515 Clamp: 18211176717 Bolt: 07119912535 Bolt x2: 07119904146 That should be everything for now. Just need to remember to buy some Pagid DOT4 fluid to change the clutch fluid, as we haven't done that yet, but apart from that, I think I've got it all covered. The work will probably be done sometime in August, so will make sure to take a few photos during the repair and update the thread with the progress. Note for myself: need to look into replacing the ignition coils, as the car misfires occasionally and hesitates at lower revs. Check for vacuum leaks, maybe fuel pump, MAF and lambda sensor. The cat still rattles sometimes, so need to get that Klarius unit along with the Jetex cat-back exhaust system. Thanks for following and any tips appreciated.
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    Tats goldie chains and a BMW

    I think they're confident that day won't come