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    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    After many weeks, mainly due to the DVLA dragging their heels to correct theur mistake, the 540 finally becomes mine. It's bloody awesome, its immaculate, it looks the mutt's nuts and it's mine! Gave it a rinse and drove it around, just to get used to it! More later, and a few questions from me no doubt.
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    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi peeps got the job, starting on Monday ☺
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    Can't believe it's virtually 4yrs since I bought this car and for something that cost under £2k back then it's given service of a car costing 10x more. We had decided to change it this month as the loadspace and interior size is no longer essential to us... but I test drove a non-premium car 10yrs newer and it was so unrefined we have decided to keep the E39 another year. I keep full records and thought the work needed to keep it in top condition might be of interest. You can take it as read it's had an oil/filter change each year with the other filters changed according to mileage. On top of that it needed no further work than above in 2015. During 2016 it needed a pair of rear tyres and I kept to matching Dunlops. I replaced a cracked foglamp with one from Ebay. Fitted new aux drivebelts and front brake pads. It failed its summer 2016 MOT on rear brake effort so I fitted new rear discs, pads and handbrake shoes to get it spot on... then passed with no advisories. On a whim I removed the EGR to clean and check it's operation then refitted. In 2017 I fitted new front tyres, Dunlops again. I had to re-polish one headlamp as it had gone cloudy again. One rear suspension upper front top link had play so I replaced both. Also replaced one front wheel bearing. At the summer MOT when they did the test that raises the rear on its suspension the nearside rear airbag split so that was a fail. I replaced it with a new Arnott type and received a pass with no advisories. The final thing that year was the dealer driver's airbag recall which I had completed locally. Not great service from the main dealer but perhaps I was regarded as well down the pecking order with a 15yr old car? One aspect that has kept me on my toes is the airbag lamp. Initially as mentioned above I had a problem passed on by the previous owner which turned out to be a high resistance on one of the driver airbag connections. Then carrying a load on the front seat temp shorted out the passenger sensor which reset OK. Then it threw up several passenger airbag codes which reset a couple of times but then stuck on. Eventually I sorted it late 2017. When the dealers replaced the driver's airbag under recall I asked them to diagnose the passenger code fault and they were useless. This prompted me to buy two £20-£25 Ebay airbag ECUs that closely matched the part numbers on my own (two as I thought the chance of getting one that worked first time was slim and I preferred to hit the job all in one). Both were U/S so returned for refund. I ordered and tested two more at similar prices... both perfect so fitted one and kept the other as a spare. The light hasn't come back in many months so I'm calling that a result. Now in 2018 and having decided to run it another year I will replace the rear suspension lower links and rose joints. Also I'm putting a new Arnott suspension airbag on the o/s rear to match the one that I fitted after the original n/s burst last year. It's not leaking but we carry a hell of a holiday load and I'd hate that to go halfway to Cornwall. Daft really that a 16yr old car worth peanuts can be totally rust free... have all gadgets working... and still be a refined load carrier.
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    Trip to ZF dortmund

    My appointment was yesterday at ZF to get my Gearbox serviced. I have 155k on the F11 530D and with BMW dealer telling me that the Gearbox oil is for life and refusing to carry out a service. I read on other forums of people who travelled from UK to ZF in Dortmund to get the job done. I arrived at ZF @ 7.30 and went to reception and met Klaus Hennemann the guy who took the booking. He asked me if there were any issues i was facing with my gearbox and said that if they found anything they can repair it or if its really bad they can do an exchange for a brand new box one for 2k euros. They took it for a test drive and carried on with the work (took 3 hours) On the forums, you have seen people taking pics etc and standing there while the work is carried out. But Klaus told me they had an incident a few months ago where a customer filmed the entire thing and put it on youtube and it caused some issues for ZF so now they stopped allowing customers in the garage and taking pics etc. I was disappointed as i would have loved to seen up close what they did but i can understand their point of view. But he said if we find a problem they would take me in and show me while its all open. they did the Oil drain including TC, changed oil and new pan. They also stripped the Mechatronic and cleaned that out and change parts. Klaus said that the gearbox was not too bad but good job i put fresh oil in. He said next change should be at 50k miles. He was pissed that all the manufacturers (BMW, LAnd rover, Jaguar etc) are saying its for life when ZF are saying no its not. The gear changes are super smooth. The picture below is of the Gearbox of the one in most F10/F11 but 8 speed. He even stamped my service book. He said he has lots of people coming from the UK to have gearboxes repaired and serviced, i did suggest he speak to his managers and get a service centre opened up in the UK. Costs it was 24 quid for one way (50 return) on the euro tunnel, Service was 540 euros, the hotel was 30 pounds and me and the wife are chilling here until tomorrow so do make a weekend getaway then getting the car serviced dont seem too bad. So for someone who is wanting to keep their car forever and does a great deal of mileage then i do recommend this type of service from ZF. Who better to service and repair your gearbox then the manufacturer who made it.
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    April is bowel cancer awareness month. This post is simply to help educate and raise awareness about one of the most common cancers but also possibly one of the least talked about and deadly - its the second most common cancer killer but can be treated with great rates of success if picked up early. Reason for posting is personal, ive been battling it for the last 18 months and if there's even a chance I can persuade someone to get checked out earlier and give them a better chance of survival then sharing my story here is worth it. I'm lucky to have got this far because although i had a couple of symptoms I explained them away to myself. As a healthy half-marathon running 40 year old why would I think different right? Well by the time i went to my GP with 3/5 symptoms it had spread to my liver and later my lungs and bits. Survival is a constant cycle of chemo and rest right now, I dont recommend it, but the alternative when it comes (and there is no question, it is incurable this late on) is obviously far less desirable. So please just have a quick look at this stuff, only takes a few seconds, and take a minute to think about whether you have any of the symptoms or if you're old enough qualify for the easy home screening kits-its rare in young people but incidence rates are growing frighteningly quick. SuperDave https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/bowel-cancer/symptoms/
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    Not the place for this kind of discussion IMO If you're interested in the car, fine, ask away, if you're trying to pick holes, do it via PM or over in E39 tech chat/general chat etc...! Each to their own when it comes to selling cars and prices. However, the OP started a useful thread re this and he's priced it on the back of that discussion...
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    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Dropped my wife off at Three Bridges Station at 06:00 this morning to catch the London Marathon coach up to London. What a lovely morning, had to stop on the way back for a misty sunrise photo. Aircraft is a 787 of Norwegian on short finals to Gatwick.
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    535i Andrew

    How to choose a parking spot

    As we all have nice cars, we can be right fussy bu%%ers when it comes to finding the right spot to park in. Looking for end bays, next to pavements, safe place for the litt'un to get in and out off etc. On a family trip out to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, I found the perfect spot. Drove around the car park until I found a parking bay that I could guarantee that no one would park next to me. Park next to the electric car charging bays. They are guaranteed to be empty and sure enough, not only were all EIGHT electric charge bays empty but some of the chargers were broken/not working/prevented from being used! Plenty of room to open the doors and a safe spot for getting the littl'un in and out of her car seat.
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    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi folks I have an interview on Monday, it's a good place to work as I know a few people working there who have sung my praises. I've contacted my old boss from a few years ago where I had nearly 12 years service and explained what happened, he has no problems giving me a reference and would take me back if he had the room . I also have a personal reference off a university professor of mine to add weight and I've mentioned these when emailing my cv to this company
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    The Flying Banana

    Another big fast estate :)

    Most definately not a touring or a tourer or a BMW for that matter .. just a big estate ! Needed a decent sized estate to do a bit of moving about .. always missed my Volvo T5R so looked for something similar and got this to use … 2.3 5 Cylinder Auto .. my god I forgot how quickly these big things get along the road and what a glorious noise Decent spec .. cruise , air con, electric heated seats and of course a stereo sound that is fantastic ! Holland bound shortly !
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    Well it's a gloriously sunny weekend over here so time for a recce for the next batch of refits in my ex Kent RPU F11. Concentrating in the front passenger footwell there's always been something missing under the carpet. Getting the seat out reveals the void left after a couple of police specific units were removed. Identified parts so far are the rear vent and a foam filler block. That's around 60 euros over here, so not the end of the world. While the seat was out of the way I took the opportunity to replace the cabin filters. Easy 5 minute job - removed footwell trim panel below the glovebox, 4 screws out, cover off, two filters out (noting airflow direction markers), two new Mahle filters in, close and secure cover, replace trim panel. Job done. Just for those unsure, I took a couple of pics showing the filters location and the 4 cover screws.
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    Map testing for 500BHP/1000Nm is going well. Smoked a 15 plate C63 AMG in it.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    few jobs done over the last few days, swapped out the Eicher euro car part discs and pads that I fitted in November what a pile of push they are and fitted Brembos all round and replaced the gubbed hand brake shoes, what a difference in braking performance, and today seeing how it’s a nice day dig out the machine polisher and have her a good going over with mags compound 3 then machine polished with auto glym resin polish then hand polished with auto finesse triple 3, auto fitness iron out on the wheels and gave the lights a good polish whilst I was at it and though the body work isn’t perfect she now looks quite presentable, going to tackle the interior tomorrow, the pics aren’t very good as I couldn’t seem to get the light right
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    Hi All! Its been sometime since I've been on here. Namely because I sold my E39 and got a series of seriously dull cars. Anyway, I've now got myself a nice 530i Touring Sport Manual, and I had a good excuse! The Ultra Low Emission Zone in London will be extending to the North and South circular in a few years, and my E46 320d is subject to the charge. The M54B30 is not however! So I did some of my best man maths and my better half is happy to roll with it. Anyway here are a couple of pics. 115k miles, loads of receipts, interior looks brand new, new clutch needed (guessing this is why the last owner got rid of it), a few body work blemishes, £3k from a dealer with new MOT and new pads fitted. Interesting colour. Anyone else got one like this? Who else has a touring, and how are you getting on with I?. I liked my e46 touring, even though it was a diesel, but my last E39 was a saloon. Does anyone else have a scuttle shake type feeling/noise going over bumps? It sounds a bit thuddy. I've got it booked in for a check over in a week or so, just wondered if its a touring thing.
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    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    A few from this morning.... There is virtually no wear at all inside. I'd have preferred the brushed ally trim instead of the wood, can't seem to get away from vavona, or whatever it's called!
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    The new motor.

    VW Tiguan R-Line. I went for the most powerful engine in the range, the 240bhp 2.0 twin turbo diesel. on top of the standard R-Line spec i opted for the larger infotainment screen, surround view, keyless entry and start, electric tailgate and extra speakers. Had it since the 8th of March and i love it. Handles like a hot hatch and goes pretty well too. The 240 R-Line is only available with the 7 speed DSG gearbox and it's such a relief to be back in an auto after 2 years in a manual.
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    535i Andrew

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    You bammy jugger! I always wanted a 540. It's the best name for a 5 Series that just rolls of the tongue when you answer someone back when they ask, "what are you driving", whilst you know it's got a great big V8 under the bonnet. Its a great two fingered salute to the ecomentalists.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'll be "doing stuff" to my second E39 after I've collected it at lunctime...
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    High mile 518i , why not?

    Thats only happens if you don't change the oil every 5k like your supposed to. They do 250k plus if you change the oil regularly 518i is a great little car, the 520 is aload of thirsty roadblock.
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    535i Andrew

    F10 530d Owner - Remap Question

    An Ecoboost Ford 3 pot, a VW Diesel Polo, or worse still a 520d if you are after economy...... You don't buy a decent car like a 530d and then worry about mpg.
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    Holy Moly!

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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-43676359 Good!!! In all honesty; I knew it'd come out like that. The dead twat deserved nothing less, I don't give a shit about any sympathies to him at all. He and his family are clearly a turd-shed of oxygen thieves and don't deserve anything from anyone... If this ever happened to us, or anyone in my family, I'd hunt the fuckers down and play catch with them and a 120kg stone...
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    Too true to be funny.......

    Hello, Gordon's Pizza? No sir, it's Google's Pizza. Who? Google bought the pizza store. Ok - I’d like to place an order. The usual sir? How do you know what my usual is? According to caller ID, you always order a 12-slice with extra cheese, sausage & thick crust. Yes, that's it. May I suggest that you order an 8-slice with ricotta & tomato instead? No, I hate vegetables. But your cholesterol is not good. How do you know? Through the subscribers guide, we have the results of your blood tests for the last 7 years. Maybe so, but I don’t want that – anyway, I already take medicine for high cholesterol. But you haven’t taken the medicine regularly. 4 months ago you purchased a box of only 30 tablets from Boots online. I bought more from another chemist. It's not showing on your credit card sir. I paid cash. But according to your bank statement you did not withdraw any cash. I have another source of cash. That isn't showing on your tax form, unless you got it from an undeclared income. Oh go shove your pizza up your arse! I'm sick of Google, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. I'm going to an island without internet, where there’s no mobile network, and no one to spy on me. I understand sir............ but you’ll need to renew your PASSPORT, it expired 5 weeks ago.
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    Definitely... Then you get pics like this....
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    Gave mine a couple of coats of wax this afternoon....
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Washed and polished... Again
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    Having said all of this, it's a lovely low mileage example of one of BMW's best efforts. Someone I know paid a LOT of money for a low mileage Japanese import recently, a 525i Sport. Not five figures but not far off. Bollocks to it, put it on an Ebay classified advert (with best offer) and Car and Classic for £4995. Of course, most won't pay that but it only needs one buyer who really, really wants an E39 and is fed up with looking at the usual 100'000+ miles shite. Where would you find a 530i Auto like this? The more I look at it, the more I realise it's almost unique. Faint heart never won fair maiden! Don't give it away in other words.
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    My project finally completed. Took me a while not because it's complicated but due to not having enough time to do it. And of course waiting for bits and pieces to arrive from flea bay. on top of all that my car is in constant use so I had to wait until a long weekend like right now. :). Overall I think it took me about 6 hours to complete. I must say I am very pleased with how it all went and now I have front heated seats with lumber support fully working. Huge thanks to Liam for his thorough write up and Pms. And now the kids asking for heated seats on the back seats. Lol.
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    From ^^^ To: Drivers seat finally restored It need a few days to cure; so will be able to drive it Sunday onwards and it'll take a few months to smooth off/wear in so it doesn't look as 'brand new' The guy did a superb job and all for £70 and on the drive!
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    Some Japanese Provenance!

    Yep, had flares in a handful of JDM imports. They're surprisingly sought after over here in the Japanese car scene!
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    It's not a medical procedure hehe
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    Called Local tyre fitter who are happy to consider repairing it if no damage to sidewalls which they are happy to think won't be the case as it wasn't driven on whilst flat, but they would check it out. Sounds hopeful.
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    E38 740i engine into an E39 525i

    That's a big project... Sell them both and buy a 540i if you really must and save yourself a whole heap of head scratching. C.
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    Gun Metal Wheels

    Here are mine in Anthracite grey, gun metal was too dark when i was comparing them and already having the car in Carbon black.
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    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    ^^This, keep the style 66's, whilst I admit style 37's do look good on a sport it's been done to death IMO, leave it alone.
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    That is like sexual chocolate! Ignore the shouts of Style 37s (the most abused, boring and sheep-like alloys known to E39s IMO); keep it OEM/stock/original and love driving it It looks a stunning car and all credit top you going for it
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    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto £6250

    It's time to sell my 545i. This is a particularly well equiped car, in good condition with a full main dealer and BMW specialist service history. I bought the car from a BMW dealer as an approved used car five years ago. It has done 87,200 miles. A few of the highlights are: 4.4L V8 with 333bhp. Comfort seats - these are 20 way adjustable, heated, memory seats that 'hug' you when you start the car. The Active Seat option was also ticked which gives you gently massaging seat bases. The most comfortable car seats I've sat in. Head-up display - this displays speed, cruise control settings, sat nav directions and warning messages on the windscreen. Hi-Fi professional DSP - Logic7 surround sound system with 13 speakers including subwoofers under the front seats. Digital TV. BMW iPod interface - allows control through the i-drive, replaces CD changer in glovebox (changer included). Professional Sat Nav with 2013 DVD. Bluetooth phone integration. Voice control. Heated rear seats. Folding rear seats with ski-hatch. Adaptive Xenon headlights. Active steering. M Sport suspension. Front and rear parking sensors with visual display. Auto dipping, folding wing mirrors which fold when locking. Electric rear blind and manual blinds on rear doors Sunroof. BMW spare wheel kit. Tax is £315 pa (post March 2006 would be £555 pa for an equivalent car). I've not used this car for commuting so it's usage has been only longer weekend journeys. I've averaged 3000 miles per year and, without short journeys, fuel consumption has averaged nearly 25 mpg. I've always run it on premium brand, super-unleaded petrol and have had it serviced every year regardless of mileage, including a yearly oil and filter change and a brake fluid change every two years. I've also just had the spark plugs replaced and the gearbox serviced. The MOT is not due until March 2019. I replaced all four tyres with Goodyear Eagle F1s just over a year and 3,500 miles ago. The computer is currently giving the following servicing requirements: Brake Fluid 3/19, Microfilter 17000 miles Engine oil 18000 miles Rear brake pads 33000 miles Front brake pads 38000 miles Spark plugs 60000 miles A few things to be aware of: As you would expect there are some stonechips on the front of the car and a couple of very minor car park dings. There is some minor kerbing on two of the wheels, and all four have a degree of bubbling lacquer so a refurbish might be worth considering to bring them up to the standard of the rest of the car. Light corrosion of the rear brake lines was reported as an advisory on the last MOT so these may need doing in the next year or two. The car feels tight, with no rattles or creaks inside. The M Sport suspension gives a good balance between comfort and handling. Everything works as it should and there are no immediate servicing requirements. There are fewer than 50 545i Sport saloons on the road in the UK so this is a rare car.
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    A couple of people have asked about fitting these after I mentioned it on another thread. I'm by no means the first to do this so I take no credit for it. I'll make these up for anyone that wants them for the cost of parts plus postage. They're a nice upgrade, total cost is around £40 but it's an OEM solution that'll last instead of the cheap LED bulbs off eBay that don't focus the light on the plate with the lens not being designed for LEDs. You'll need: 2x 63267193293 4x 61130005197 4x 61130007452 2x 61136925634 Assorted heatshrink or electrical tape Soldering iron and solder Wire strippers or sharp knife Carly or NCS Expert to code out the bulb warning You'll have 8 wires (4 green 4 black), 2 green connectors and 2 LED numberplate lights. Cut the wires down to 3 or 4 inches long each, and strip the ends so they can be soldered. Make sure they're the same length. Slide a piece of headshrink onto the wires. If you forget don't worry you'll be able to pass it over the end of the black wire all the way up. Solder the green and black wires together so you have 4 wires in total and slide the heatshrink over the joint. Shrink it to make a good seal. Slide a piece of heatshrink over the 'bullet' style connector and pass it over to cover the main parts of the connector. Just leave the actual 'bullet' part at the end visible. If you're unsure how much to cover, pull a numberplate light out and unplug it. Put the bullet connector in the plug on the car and you'll see how much you need to cover. Shrink the heatshrink. Repeat this process another 3 times to make the wires up. You may need to lever up the locking part of the connector, this can be done with a flat bladed screwdriver. Insert the pins on the black wires into the green connector. Flat side to the flat side of the connector. They will click into place. Push the locking flap down to lock the pins into place. Push the bullet connectors into the socket on the car and plug the LED units in. Switch the ignition on and turn on the lights. They should light up. If not just swap the bullet connectors round. Code out the bulb errors with Carly or NCS Expert Done
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    535i Andrew

    F10 530d Owner - Remap Question

    A remap will use more fuel. They all do, the primary aim of a remap is a claimed increase in power/torque. It will also potentially invalidate your insurance policy. If mpg really bothers you you can always flick it into Eco Slow mode and watch the range extend over many many miles. It will make the car numb to drive and you will be late for everything you drive too. But to quote Top Gear, a 530d in F10 guise is all the 5 Series you will ever need.
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    Pot hole! Burst 2 tyres

    Shut up dan! I’m not a member yet! Maybe I should be.....
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    No 520 d badge on boot.

    As already stated they are stuck on and “most” people don’t want their neighbours to know they have “only” got a 520d so remove said badge
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    Matthew Ashton

    Window Tints

    Clever clogs! I know right?? When will I learn about framing the picture. A great angle of the car but then saw option S6FIN sticking out the back. And if you look closely I have a second camera just under the indicator repeater in the wing - Factory option S6BIGFLY.
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    Dave, thank you for raising this, like Pigeonpost I get a test kit every two years which I do myself and send off, not a great experience, but effective. I mentioned it to a few friends and was astounded at the number of people who reacted with horror at the thought of taking their own stool sample! Surely far better a few moments unpleasantness in the privacy of your own bathroom than the situation the OP and others have found themselves in?
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    New car time - decisions decisions

    I do like the look of the 4’s (only real head-turner in the conventional BMW range imho) but am 6 months into a F11 535d and loving it. It’s no go-cart & too big to really enjoy back roads, but in all the places where you can actually use performance in the modern world (joining motorways, overtaking, blasting down dual carriageways at night) it’s astonishing. Plus mines in SE trim so has shocked a few chancers in its time. Electric towbar is icing on the cake. 50 mpg if you want (haven’t seen that very often...).
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    An xDrive in snow with summer tyres will still slide around just with 4 wheels spinning instead of 2. Still need Winter tyres.
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty One 2/4/2018 Last week we stumbled onto a little bargain, and ended up with two new old stock Hella lenses. - For the grand total of £5:00.. Well I purchased the two lenses and a unopened e34 first aid box for £10:00, we have also swapped the plates over from The Orient Express ( TUI1540 )... So she now has number plates to match her model. Please excuse the dull side of the bonnet, I'm learning the skill of wet sanding and there was orange peel all over the bonnet. So I thought it would be the perfect base to learn and lets face it, She will probably be getting a full respray within the next year. All For Now Comments Welcome
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    My 530i SE

    Hi, The OEM colour Anthracite on the E39 colours chart isn't common, it's relatively rare. In the metal, I really like the colour and when it's all clean/polished/waxed and the sun hits it, I think it looks fantastic ! Grey and Gold can look fantastic when done well; An Anthracite Touring on 19" style 5's converted to 3 piece with Gold highlights on the centre cap and wheel bolts. E30shed - any more plans for your car? or going to keep pretty much as is ?! Cheers, Dennis!
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    The Flying Banana

    Garage Workbench

    guy next door built one out of sleeper.....2 on each side of garage wall as legs ...4 deep on top...its at a height too the nose of car goes under .....its rock solid
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    Amen to that brother. Mine, is proudly at 24.9 mpg.
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    E28 527i / very special car

    A beautiful and very unique E28 525e in Dolphin Grey, with Pearl Beige leather M-sports interior. This is my second E28 and I've owned it for over 8 years in which time it has had in excess of £20,000 spent transforming it's appearance, performance and handling. It breaks my heart to have to part with it, but with two daughters at University I have to re-think my finances and pack my toys away for a few years! EXTERIORDolphin grey.Steel sunroof.M5 wheel arches.Alpina front spoiler.M5 rear spoiler.Spotless 17” x 8 Alpinas on 235/45/17s.Recent new front wings.Clear indicator lenses.Headlight washers.INTERIORPearl beige, M Sports interior with 2-stage heated front seats.Leather wrapped door cards with stitching to match seats.Leather-wrapped steering wheel with M-sport stitching.Leather handbrake and gear gaiters.Illuminated gear knob.Electric windows.Electric mirrors.M535 Tachometer.German sourced OE carpet mats.Becker Indianapolis head unit (£450).Aux cable for iPhone.£1,500 professionally installed sound system with slimline Alpine sub under passenger seat.MECHANICALManual conversion.LSD with 3.45:1E34 530i V8 brakes / EBC red stuff pads with braided lines.M5 replica lowered springs (Fritz) with Bilstein B4s.Blueprinted engine rebuild (3,000 miles ago)83 bottom end with 10.6:1 CR.Polished and ported head with big valves.ITB kit with plenum.Augment Automotive ECU / stand-alone engine management.Complete Fritz stainless system with custom 6-branch manifold. This is no DIY project – all work has been undertaken by Fritz’s Bitz over the last 8 years with bills c. £20k. The body shell has covered 206,000 miles, but in my ownership I have replaced pretty much every mechanical component with new or re-built parts. Never had any major welding. Most bushes replaced, rear sub-frame mounts done, had the drive shaft balanced and new giubo fitted. The car has a history file containing every bill and receipt from new. BMW car magazine feature back in 2011. It's been garaged and pampered and only used on sunny days and weekends. It's a real one-off, makes an awesome sound and is the most enjoyable drive I've ever owned. If the Alpina look isn't for you, the front spoiler unbolts in 5 minutes, and the alloys will fetch a few bob on ebay, so it can easily be re-invented for it's next chapter of ownership. Really keen for this to go to a good home, to be appreciated and enjoyed. Priced at £12,995.