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    I'm sorry but I just don't buy into this good triumphing over evil crap that pours out of the media after things like this. The people that jumped in to help out were great and did the right thing. I'd like to think all us right minded people would do the same. But, try telling one of the 19 victims families that good has triumphed over evil because they got a lot of love and a free taxi ride home and I bet they don't see it the same way. As a father myself the only emotion I have is utter hatred and contempt for bastards like those that would deliberately target a venue packed full of children. The evil bomber won. Simple as that. Sorry if I offend anybody.
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    On holiday for a week.
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    UK: We want a rebate on the fees EU: OK UK: We don't want to be in the Euro EU: OK UK: We don't want to be in Shengen EU: OK UK: We want a restriction on benefits until people have worked here for some time EU: OK UK: We want to stop child benefit being paid for children who aren't in the UK EU: OK UK: We want to kick out people who come here but don't work and can't afford to support themselves EU: That's fine, you already can UK: We want loads of preferential treatment that other countries don't get EU: Errr, can't really give that without everyone agreeing UK: Don't give us what we want and we'll leave EU: That's a bit of an over reaction, but your choice UK: OK we're leaving EU: Bye then UK: Now we're leaving, we want all the things we had before EU: Errr, no, it doesn't work like that UK: Don't give us what we want and we'll leave with nothing EU: (Scratches head) OK, umm, well, yeah UK: We're serious, we'll walk away with nothing to teach you a lesson EU: Bye (again)
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    Well, another BMW has crept into my newly enlarged garage space. I warned the missus this may happen I was browsing the web on a Sunday night last month (as you do) and a nice looking M3 saloon popped up that had just been posted up and it looked interesting. The chap was a little difficult to get hold of but when I eventually got hold of him I managed to arrange to see it during that week as it was not far from one of my company's offices. It's Cosmos black with Black leather interior #402 of the 415 3.0 saloons. He had owned it for 5 years and driven it around 300 miles, basically getting a jacking point repaired for MOT and a some paintwork done whilst there. Then going a bit mad and spending a fortune on new parts from BMW and then mothballing it, afraid something would happen to it I think. Then he bought other daily cars including an E46 M3 and now a 996 turbo which he now wants to get in the garage so finally coming to the decision he needed to move the M3 on. When I turned up he removed the covers on it and brought it out of the garage into the sunshine and it presented well, sounded alright and drove well. The interior is in nice condition apart from some screw holes for a phone and a mark on the dash. He (like alot of people it seems) did not like the wood trim so replaced it all with brand new black items. But had all the original stuff still. The list of new dealer items is quite large: Exterior: Door trims, Bumper, bumper inserts (front and rear), door handles, grilles, headlights and covers, front indicators, rear light units, side repeaters, windscreen wiper arms. Interior: Steering wheel, door handles, dash Trim, console Trim. Mechanical: Radiator, springs, shocks, wishbones, ARBs , Evo exhaust (stainless), brake discs, calipers , pads Misc: Bonnet catches, boot fittings, battery and spare wheel fixings etc Refurbed all 5 wheels with new tyres. Has complete tool kit, first aid kit etc and is nice and standard which itself seems unusual with these. Not an optionmeister either: S255 Sports leather steering wheel S401 Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric S411 Window lifts,electric,front/rear S428 Warning triangle and first aid kit S473 Armrest front S498 Headrests, rear, mechanically adjustable S554 On-board computer V with remote control S687 Radio preparation S773 Fine wood trim L812 National version Great Britain S850 Dummy-SALAPA Anyway I decided to sleep on it and changed my mind about 4 times overnight then gave him a bell and agreed a deal. I could not collect it for a few weeks so I only picked it up last week. In the museum with the E28 The sombre inside after a quick spruce of the leather (yes I know it needs a hoover!) I got the machine polisher out to detail the outside (got to get it up to standard) at the weekend and it's starting to look quite good: It drove fine on the way home, it sounds nice and pulls really well. However despite changing all those suspension parts I think it needs rear trailing arm bushes as it feels a bit wayward at the rear after driving it and the E28 hard back to back. So I will need to address that shortly, there is a metallic scraping sound which is road speed related, possibly from the brakes when it is hot at low speeds and not all the time ? It may just need some use but will have a dig around and see if I can find whats going on. Then give the underside a clean up and address anything needs doing and get someone who knows these engines to give it a once-over, it's been serviced recently but I want to be sure all is well and anything preventative that can be done is sorted before we begin this little adventure. Then clean it all up to standard try and improve it as we go along (as usual) and enjoy it
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    At last I have 4 matching wheels with tyres fitted!! Just need to give them final clean to get rid of the tyre mounting glue and seal with Gtechniq C5, then they can be fitted to the car when I get it back from Sandal. I could not fit the BMW metal valve stem to the front wheels as the angle meant you could not get a air hose on the valve! The rears were OK, but I went for stubby rubber ones with the metal caps. I think they turned out OK in the end.
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    Here are my pics from the day. Thanks to all who turned out in the cold !!! With Jeremy (Style5) before we set off for a nice sedate drive to meet Jamie, Chris and Justin It's quick that M5.18 At the Fort
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    The West didn't like Saddam Hussain because he was a ruthless sod. We didn't like the fact that he maintained order through terror. We didn't like the way he tortured, imprisoned, and killed people in their thousands. We didn't like the fact that he used chemical weapons against people, and we definitely didn't like a dictator like him having weapons of mass destruction. But what we disliked most of all was that in walking into Kuwait the way he did he posed a threat to the West's oil supplies. I remember one US official stating that if Kuwait only grew carrots we wouldn't give a stuff or words to that effect. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Does anyone really believe our actions abroad have no repercussions? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Me trying to be artistic with a phone... lol They look so different under warm light. Sp hard to capture though. Cant wait to slap em on
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    Because people believe in sky fairies
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    Love this. Theres an abandoned one identical to yours near me in Hampton that's not been on the road since 2009. Despite being mid restoration on the 535 and paying for a wedding in 2 months i may have left a note on the windscreen asking if its for sale
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    she attended her first show of the year Stirling car and Classic
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    Not been around for a while. Had the Touring a year now - love it completely. Not sure we'll ever part! Most work has been preventative maintenance like having the big end bearings done and a few bits tidied up. Also lowered the front on h&r springs and replaced all the chrome with black.
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    Probably time for me to fess up at this point. I am Classic Bahnstormers. It all got going by accident really as these things often do. I bought a donor car because I needed a few bits and bobs (the basalt blue 525i on the website) and when I got it home and realised how good it was I couldn't bare to break it. In fact another forum member and I had gone halfs on it so we set about restoring it. Smoked it about for a while and then sold it on and so the story has gone on. Quite by accident we've picked up some repeat business such as from Darren above and I am now at the point where I am negotiating to buy my local BMW specialist. The plan is to service all BMW's but specialise in 80's stuff which is what we know and love. The car in question has been off the grid a long time so I doubt you'll be able to source any info on it although I'd love to see it if you do. I had planned to go to town on this car before offering it for sale as the website ad suggests. It is a superb basis for a project with spotless unwelded sills and wheels arches. It does as I told you on the phone require rear disc baking plates as what's on there is totally shagged and the ABS is not working. I believe this to be a front sensor rather than a rear abs ring but I would have changed those when doing the back plates anyway. To be totally transparent, I have done literally what was required for an MOT and so the car could be shaken down. It's had spark plugs, oil change, rear camber limiters, some brake pipes, front drop links and a new viscous fan coupling. I have also flushed the brake fluid and removed and serviced all the brake callipers. This is a nice honest unrestored low mileage M535i with a good spec. It's far from a perfect car but it has bags of potential and the doors, pillars, sills, wheels arches and other normal rust spots are all sound. It also drives very well and feels nice and tight. It's all there with complete tool set and original wheels with tyres that aren't perished. The only reason for me selling as an unfinished project is to raise money for my acquisition. I am having a fire sale and will be listing pretty well all the stock I have on car and classic within the next month. I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and hope that you find the car as described. As I said on the phone it's not my business to waste people's time by pretending things are better than they are. I hope everyone else will understands the nature of how I've come to this point. It's only been a conscious thing for about a year although I have told a few people on the forum what I'm doing in that time and have every intention as reregistering myself as a commercial entity on the forum when it becomes my main income. I had hoped to launch myself by inviting everyone to a breakfast meeting (bacon butties on me) if I am successful in acquiring the local specialist. I thought it would be cool to offer people the chance to get their cars up on a ramp and use the workshop for the morning. Please feel free to have a good noose through the website. I welcome constructive feedback and comments. www.classicbahnstormers.com Many thanks Steve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ha ha, yeah, or quad and dual zone climate control in a car.
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    "The EU is an undemocratic dictatorship and I look forward to seeing it collapse, vote *insert far-right dog-whistler du jour* today!" "The EU needs to change or it will fall apart" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Buddy I went to see a similar car in High Wycombe last year, similar not the same. Do yourself a favour find the nearest Kwikfit, tyre depo whatever get on the phone to them and ask to rent the ramp for 10-15 minutes, its the best thing you will ever do. If there is something to hide you'll find it, if the seller knows there are issues they will be on the back foot straigh away, however if they are honest and there are ant small issues you can discuss them openly. If you are serious about paying 11k then 50 quid is nothing for a little security
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    There is no direct link between the Police cuts and this incident. If you have clear evidence of it please post it. As for this chap being reported and perhaps not being followed up and that perhaps having led to this attack succeeding I read, and I'm happy to be corrected, that the 'reports' were filed approximately 5 years, along with probably thousands upon thousands of other reports on other persons of 'interest' to the Security Services concerned with the prevention of terrorism. It was recently reported there are approximately 23,000 persons in the U.K. under some level of suspicion and differing levels of scrutiny. It would naive in the extreme to deny that at least some of these are playing cat and mouse and falsely sailing as close to the wind as they dare in order that they occupy disproportionate amounts of security services time so the more determined bastards more quietly plot their murderous activities. So behind the scenes it is a huge guessing game being played out by people who want to indiscriminately kill any and all U.K. citizens of any religion, colour, creed and tragically, age, and the people who are trying their absolute best to stop every single attack, death, injury and incident. To amateurishly suppose that perhaps you know better than the experts in their field and would, with your pin-sharp hindsight have in some way treated this one individual of 23,000 differently in any specific way is grossly stupid and naive and ignorant in the extreme of the task facing the teams of people who work day and night to prevent as many as possible, and be in no doubt their target is ALL, incidents that could harm any one of the other 60,000,000 people in this country. To those who can't stomach the comments that the next attack is a 'when' and not an 'if', perhaps you would like a return to the 'there, there' days of previous administrations who would much prefer to lie to you and maybe even find someone else to blame. Between 7/7 and the Manchester attack last week there were 4337 days in which there was no mass attack in the U.K. and for each day and each night the Police and the Security Services went almost silently about their business of keeping 60,000,000 pretty much safe from a mass terrorist attack. To most people that is an amazing effort considering the 23,000 people who perhaps have some degree of murder in mind so while saying 'it's impossible to stop them all' may not be palatable to everyone it is actually a statement of fact for grown-ups to soberly digest and take the underlying message that we all still have to remain vigilant. It is not a lazy statement. It is not a throwaway statement. It is not a lie. It is a responsible statement of fact given the extreme lengths that one faction in the world and its adherents globally wish violence on anyone who will not strictly bow down and accept their perverse way of life and pattern of beliefs. Stop the self-righteous hand-wringing and the second guessing of the people who know so much more than you about the things that evil people around you are plotting to do to you and your family. Just take their advice, remain vigilant, don't discount things, be watchful and perhaps, just perhaps say a quiet thank you to the faceless people who have quietly watched over you for the last near four and a half thousand days with just one incident slipping through their tight-knit net. Lastly, be in no doubt they care. The faceless ones. They care and they will have gone home and shed tears that the atrocity in Manchester happened at all. Then they will battle back the tears and swear to themselves that they must do better in the job, because their job is about preserving life and preventing murders. Their jobs serve the heaviest debt when the job is done to its highest degree and still isn't quite 100% successful and they hurt because of it, but, as has clearly been shown with far too many posts here, when the job is done to the highest degree and is 100% successful people seem to pay little or no regard to their efforts and even suppose they would have done better themselves...... The weight, responsibility and burden of a job where getting it wrong means people needlessly die seems to pass most people by. Many people have to work and live with decisions that directly affect other peoples lives every day. They have their peers and masters to provide checks and balances that ensure they carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities and to the highest standards possible. To think that you know better than them, could do better than them and then post about it is pitiful and quite frankly disgusting. Just be thankful; if they could ask, and be assured they can't and won't, that's all they might hope and wish for.
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    IMO there are too many holes in a lot of things to put the blame on just one person (or politically, one party) The cuts have not helped; we all know that! The leaks haven't helped, the 'oh yes, we knew him' lines don't help as people simply ask; 'why did you let it happen then'?! The issues abroad won't help; we all know that. The lackadaisical security on the night at the arena didn't help; but then again, it was a concert full of children, they were more concerned about alcohol rather than a terrorist bombing! My point is there's no point in trying to blame one thing, we can't. But what we do need to do is tighten our grip on these arse sniffing cock wipes and start to make a move against them and stop being so goddamned politically correct/bothered about human rights and get these fuckers out of our country... IMO
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    More welding... A rather productive week, though still a way to go. The n/s/r is easily the most difficult of the four corners to repair due to the fuel lines running directly adjacent to the repair area. This side looked great but turned out to be just as bad as the other side if not slightly worse. I can only work on it during the evenings, so I'm doing on average at least two evenings per week though mrs five-oh is not particularly impressed. Here's a few taster shots.
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    Nice! A bit more tricky to park mebbe? [emoji6] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    I read both of these this morning. I couldn't remember the last time I told my Dad that I loved him. He is going on holiday now to visit family (I phoned him just before the taxi arrived), and said "Dad with what happened in Manchester this week, I love you". I now have to phone my Mum later and say the same thing to her Cheers guys for turning me into pussycat
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    Gutted. Enough of the gloves on approach, if the services suspect them, take them, along with their families, and sling them the fuck out.
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    My farther in-law's friends wife and 2 daughters where there last night! The mum has lost both legs and one of the daughters has been under the knife today for over 6hrs trying to save her legs! They don't know if the operations where a success yet.... Ok it's not as bad as the other unfortunate people that lost their lives but Still..... as a father myself (newish) I simply can not compute the reasons why this has happened! I have very few words to say on the matter as that is all they are, words! All our thoughts and prayers should be with the victims and their families! If you are fortunate enough to have children (young or old) go and give them a hug or a phone call to tell them how much you love them! As you just don't know the last time you will get to give that hug/phone call....
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    A true gentleman by all accounts, and quite the tough guy too. I'm paraphrasing but according to Lee Marvin, actor and U.S. Marine Purple Heart winner, Moore was the only guy who could drink as much as he could, still stand and still take a punch better than anyone else he'd ever met.
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    The Live and Let Die boat chase scene through the swamps with JW Pepper is an absolute cinema classic - RIP Sir Roger
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    Hi all, Im Rob and I used to work for BMW about 10 years ago as an apprentice. Absolutely loved the E61 and the 535d engine and finally decided to go for one. Pictures below! INPA ordered. Few little bits I want doing: tailgate centre light strip replace needs a new brake sensor on the front as they put new brakes on for me but no sensor grrr! maybe order some or vinyl cover the lower steering wheel plastic trim and the train around the start stop button and finally get myself a new cup holder as one is broke. I will have a look through the classifides Will also have a look through the DPF, EGR, swirl flap section and think about what to do! Until then, thanks all
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    On the face of it, you can vote to: Scrap student tuition fees, keep the triple lock on pensions and increase free childcare OR Keep student tuition fees, remove the triple lock on pensions and stop free school meals Mavis hasn't spelled out what the Brexit deal will be. We have to take it on trust? Yeah, right. 'The working class can kiss my arse, I've got the foreman's job at last'
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    Not technically all this week, and due to time constraints I've done very little of this myself, however recent work includes: - Fitting powdercoated rear beam with new subframe bushes - Replace hard brake and fuel lines - Replace OSF hard brake line - Replace fuel pump, filter and bracket with new - Fit powdercoated E34 M5 rear trailing arms, with new bushes, bearings, brake backing plates, ABS sensors - Fit powdercoated front struts with new springs, top mounts, bearings, brake backing plates, ABS sensors - Fit new brake rubber hoses front & rear - Fit new front upper and lower control arms - Fit new ARB drop links front and rear - Fit new prop centre bearing and guibo - Fit refurbished brake calipers front and rear - Fit new discs and pads front and rear - 5x new tyres - Fit new rear Shadowline tail lights - Fit new complete headlamp units, with new washer motors - Replace dodgy headlamp plug on loom - Replace headlamp wash/wipe loom - Replace gearbox & diff oil - Align bonnet correctly - Fit Momo Prototipo steering wheel and boss - MOT Next job: drive the sodding thing!
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    When she said she was gonna fill the boot with green, I thought she meant something else. I left her alone for 5mins at the RHS Malvern flower show today and now we have enough cabbage to feed an entire Bavarian work force. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, longtime lurker here but I suppose I've got something to post now. This is mine on eibach sportline 45/40 - I had the proline fitted before but there wasn't much of a difference over the standard m -sport ride height. The ride is fantastic and it's fine over speed bumps, but only just! I would recommend 100%
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    I had to reverse in here off a main road in London whilst all the cockney wankers were blowing their horns at me because I delayed them for a minute or 2 [emoji35]forkin hate the the place and the mutants that inhabit it.
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    young too .. i listen to the gash that is classed as legendary today ..Jay Z , Kendrick Lamar , Drake ...my god ..without sounding like my dad it is no where near as good as the late 80s and 90s music ,
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    Here are some more clues as to where I was last weekend:
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    The scrappage scheme and other measures are only at the 'consultation' stage as part of the governments draft clean air plan, so in theory the value of diesel cars shouldn't change just yet. More importantly and as pointed out earlier, no attempts are being made to reduce the number of wood burning/multi-fuel stoves which are proliferating at an enormous rate as they are considered a 'must have'. We looked into buying one for our new extension, despite living in what is effectively a 'smoke free' zone there were no questions from the shop and no discussions about how these items contribute to pollution. As usual with this and all previous governments the motorist is a soft target! Incidentally does anyone else agree that having clean air zones is about as useful as having a no-pissing section in a swimming pool?
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    Here we can see the flange distortion to the exhaust downpipe - compared to the genuine replacement i have sourced. Finding one wasnt easy and it wasnt cheap at £100. But it means the exhaust system is where it should be, and the system is now gas tight. Many many many many gaskets had to be used to cancel out the distortion to the neck. This is the last damaged item to be removed from the vehicle. Jubilee clip with a patch of beer can - plus plenty of paste silenced the split in the pipe, for the first solo flight with the new engine. I had bought a pattern part from Germany, but was dissapointed to find, it was utterly wrong in every way so it went back. This part is now Discontinued by BMW. Its nice to be back on with the project, now the weather is milder and progress continues, a man in his man cave is a man in his own creation.
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    The biggest problem with privatisation of the NHS is that some of its services won't make any money. Currently private healthcare suppliers cherry pick the services they can run at profit. You also change the culture from one that puts quality of care first to one which puts profit first.
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    Mavis being a 'bloody tough woman' during dinner with Juncker:
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    Huh! They treat the vans like they treat the parcels. [emoji6] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    Washed and aqua waxed; again! It's painful owning a black car
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    Managed to squeeze in a polish in between the rain. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    Parked it up and blasted a mates ~650BHP Porsche 911 down the strip at Santa Pod. I never thought driving home with ONLY 420BHP would feel slow. How wrong was I!
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