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    Had some stuff done on the M5 touring

    Had the M5 in for a tidy up and a few details: Front bumper re-sprayed Kidney and side grills sprayed contrasting body coloured / frozen black Black M5 badge Detailed + ppf on back bumper Engine steam cleaned Full wheel refurb Oh, and the engine cover done to match the Indianapolis red leather Took to many pics but sorry not sorry!!
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    F**k all, it's a Yank thing. We've got enough of their ott customs over here already, what with baby showers, trick or treat and school proms, we don't want any more thank you very much.
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    With 5k miles a year, go for a petrol. Also, whats with all the hate for the 4 cylinder diesel cars? I know a "proper" BMW is a straight 6 but to those that slate a modern 520d or 525d because they are only 4 pots, please get a grip. Line up a G30 520d and it will out perform of e60 530d, seen it done. A G30 525d is almost as quick as a F10 530d. The age of big engines is gone and the current BMW line up is likely to be the last generation of big engines. Plans for the 540d and 550d scrapped in the UK. Its all heading towards smaller engines with bigger turbos. S class now has a 4 cylinder, so has the 7 series. Time to get over the complex lads
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    As I told a very good American friend not long back, Thanksgiving Day in the UK is right up there with Washington's birthday, the only thanks we give is that the Colonies are no longer a drain on our resources! Needless to say that was very tongue in cheek, but ask the average Brit and they have no idea of the history of Thanksgiving Day and most don't even realise that it is the start of a four-day holiday and is the forerunner to Black Friday (another insidious colonial trait that has inveigled it's way across the pond!)
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    3.0 petrol oil consumption

    I'm glad to see even you petrol loyalists are actually secret oil burners too!
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    Yeah, how about no ? Enough opinions, if you are not interested in buying it, don't comment
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    Back on the drive; had another ride height tweak and steering geometry tweak and all is as it should be now Haven't gone too low for now; want to see winter out before I drop it any lower; it's 25mm lower at the rear and 30mm at the front; more than enough for what state the roads around me will get in soon and for when we trek up to Dunkeld and back in Feb etc:
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    Fitted: D2 coilovers New front end drop links New rear end drop links New front ARB bushes (poly ones) and OEM rear ARB bushes 82mm stud conversion kit fitted New rear bottom damper bolts as original ones were damaged upon the nasty task of removing them New front pinch bolts as they were damaged on removing them (original ones again) Hell of a day Suspension needs a bit of height tweaking and steering needs a slight alignment tweak, other than that, car looks great... Will get pics up in project tomorrow when I've put the car back together inside...
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    No more flirting - EVER

    So.... Is everyone who ever touched someone's knee, come up with a cheeky chat up line or tried it on in one way or another going to be forced to resign from their jobs, be flogged in public and cast into the wilderness to die? Why does society always have to be at one extreme or the other? I believe that genuine abuse should be answered for of course, but can nobody accept that we once lived in different times? Things change, attitudes change - move on ffs! We live in an era of professional bloody victims - and I blame two things - lack of common sense, and the internet. God bless the 70s and 80s, that's all I can say.
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    Mojo Jojo

    Spiral rod in boot

    That looks suspiciously like a masonry drill covered in brick dust.
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    E39 restoration project.

    Hi all, I’m new here! I have recently (last week) purchased my first BMW E39. I have previously had 3x E46’s and loved them but fancied a change this time. The reason I went for the E39 is that I plan to purchase a Jet Ski so needed something nice to tow with & I hate 4x4’s so, here’s the details: BMW 525i Auto Msport Topaz blue with grey leather interior 1 owner from brand new! (I’m second owner) 120,000 Miles full service history with stacks of paperwork! My plan is to restore the car back to as perfect condition as I can. A few bits that need to be done: wheels require powdercoating & refurbishment (being done as we speak) front bumper requires painting OS side skirt requires painting minor damage to boot lid needs to be rectified new floor mats & leather treatment full paint correction so far i am absolutely loving the car & much prefer it over my E46. i will post some more pictures once it’s back from having the wheels done & ive carries out some paint correction to the bodywork. Thanks for looking.
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    Update Fourteen 19/11/2017 23758203_10214669360385441_1292536889_n ..REWIND REWIND.. Boudica was booked in to be fixed last Monday witch would have been the (13/11/17) in preparation for this milestone i borrowed The Tea Bag Lady's wheels.... and spent the Sunday before cleaning her up ready for her appointment. 23782170_10214669415346815_1850479945_n 23782344_10214669413666773_1617963537_n 23804295_10214669420746950_851689136_n 23772056_10214669421106959_1826807994_n 23758095_10214669413546770_664868588_n Its been a week tomorrow and the inde want to speak to us tomorrow. All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
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    Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    You're just a fountain of utter shite arnt you? So going by that ludicrous statement, every car that is six years old is running a new engine? First off you said petrol is a con and now engines don't last past 5 years!!!! What a tosser! You're lucky I'm not drinking tonight as the torrent of abuse you would of got from me would of left you crying curled up in a ball on the floor whilst in a puddle of your own feces..... God damn it! It's people like you that turn me to alcoholism......
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    Making up wiring looms - trailer

    I did a similar project on a friends trailer few years ago, we fitted resistors in aluminium electronics project box (lots of diferent sizes on ebay) and sealed it with rtv silicone. We attached resistors along the bottom of the box so it acts as a heat sink and attached box at the front of the trailer. Cable goes in the box and much thinner cables are going from box to led lights.
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    Bmw E34 525tds - Giving some TLC

    O quadrante é o High-Kombi dos E34, já o Volante veio de um E39 Fase 2 e teve que ser ligeiramente modificado. Um abraço Thank you Guys. This needs an Update, so here it goes! Got some H&R Springs ( Still on their Box. ) A mate of mine went to a scrappy and got me some oem rear blinds. Got some 17x8 Alpina Reps for a good price. Managed to get an Cruise Control Stalk, pretty easy install along with the new Gear Knob and the original Phone Retrofitted And how she sits at the momment. .
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    Yesterday saw a Audi A3 1.6TDi for ECU unlock to be read and written through the OBD port and tune, and a Focus ST to be cloned due to an ECU fault, with stage 1 tune and crackle on the overrun. (And yes, I do look like Sideshow Bob)
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    Diesel vs. Petrol

    You can't reason with stupid but I'll give it a go! I actually have a cancer causing DIEsel BMW and I hate it! It stinks, it gets to big numbers slowly but it gets me around 700 miles away from where I am on 1 tank! Its the first shitty DIEsel that I've ever owned, will it be the last? Probably not! we have came from a series of petrol V8 motors, they smell better, run better, sound better, got more power, get to the silly figures quicker, are cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain, don't use as much oil and know one hates you quite as much as people that drive DIEsel cars! So I don't know why people choose to run a more refined engine? But what I do know is people run disgusting DIEsel engines due to necessity as oppose to actually WANTING to! Unless of cause your a bit special!
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    A pic i used when i announced me and my mrs are expecting our first baby, Sam
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    Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    Nope - no less besotted Dennis! I like the SE interior, and personally I wouldn’t miss the LSD - the car is an auto after all. Id love it - I really would. Or a nice E32, same colour, decent spec. But - I’ll probably stick with my F10 for every day, and my old E34 520i for high days and holidays - it’s getting there!! Facelift interior in now bar the glove box. It’ll never look like that Calypso one tho....
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    Suspension/coilovers installment part 1: Will sort Part 2 out tomorrow or Friday (when interior is refitted and car sits as I want it) For now, this will do as I'm brain dead, mad hungry and missing skin off various knuckles and the middle of my scalp (stood up when I shouldn't have)
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    Had some stuff done on the M5 touring

    The art on your house looks good.....
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Put more petrol in it. During the last few weeks, I've had big changes to my life, including moving to a different part of the country to care for my mother. This BMW thingy has proceeded serenely to swallow up several long journeys and paraphernalia without issue. On top of that, my mother who never passes comment on such matters said "mmm, this is a nice comfortable car dearie, are you keeping this for a while?" So if it gets mother's approval... This has only been possible because of the help and info available on here, and the kindness of many of you - thank you all very much.
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    Fitted 15mm wheel spacers all round this afternoon. Subtle but noticeable, well to me anyway... First pic is before, all others after.
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    Airport woes

    Paddy and Mick are standing in the queue at the airport check-in. "Ah fek" sighs Paddy "I wish I'd brought the TV" "Bored?" asks Mick "Nah" says Paddy "The fekkin tickets are sitting on top of it!"
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    My 2011 F11 520D SE (N47 engine) is now up to 174K with no timing chain issues, ......my previous 2008 E61 520D (also an N47 engine) got to 200K before I sold it with no Timing Chain issues. I religiously change the Oil every 10K and fit anew Oil filter every 20K.....both cars were 4 years old and had 130K on them when I bought them. So in my opinion, if you take the wise "preventative maintenance" approach................There's no need to stress over having a N47 lump under your bonnet. NB: I don't even have to get under the car, as I use a Sealey Vacuum Extractor to suck the oil out through the dipstick...........This way you get most of it out and whats left get regularly diluted with fresh new oil. I use GM Dexos 2 5W30 Oil @ £20 for 5 litres..............and Mahle Oil Filters, which usually cost ~ £9 each..............Simples....... PS: My First BMW Diesel was an E46 320D which I took up to 385K Miles before I moved it on ...only due to wheelarch rust bubbles... Peter.
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    My E26!

    Removing the revealed that the base of the antenna was in fact just a plastic cover and not a metal casting It's obviously split because it's under considerable pressure when you tighten the nut inside the car. Not surprisingly, as anticipated, it had left a significant indentation in the paint almost all of which would be outside the covered area of the new base. I really did not want to go through the paint, as that would probably require a respray of most of the car! But I gently wet sanded it starting with 2500 grit and the 7000 grit, followed by polishing. I did not aim for a totally flat finish as the new base would cover some up, the reflections from the antenna would mask some imperfections and some of the indents were just too deep brave sanding out! With the 'new' antenna fitted, you really have to look hard to see any of the remaining marks. There is one at the rear that if you get the light just right stands out a bit.
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    No more flirting - EVER

    This is a discriminatory and anti feminist thread that should be removed by admins...................................................
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    No more flirting - EVER

    It's all a load of bollocks IMO Sick of these stories coming out from under 30 year old stones etc If it was such an issue then, why wasn't it dealt with then instead of it being dragged out into the media now, just for everyone to stand with their fist raised demanding justice. It's all political, feminist/activist/wannabe in the media bullshit really... Anything for their 2mins of fame and maybe some £££ in the back pocket How's about fuck off!!! However, I do believe that all sorts of shite happened and still happens in Hollywood, it shouldn't, but it does. That needs to be stopped, but can it be stopped?!
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    No more flirting - EVER

    I'd give anything to be able to touch my wife again... but I'll have to make do with putting some fresh flowers on her grave today.
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    Seen this a few years ago at a local Pistonheads meet, she was back out today. Massive road presence, what a machine!
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    It's happened AGAIN.....

    I have a real issue with the way the media reports these events... My thoughts go out to those affected and to those who lost their lives, but it appears that the likes of the BBC and others put a higher value on acts of terrorism in the US and Europe over and above those that happen daily elsewhere in the world... Just over 2 weeks back a truck bomb in Mogadishu killed over 300 people .... hardly a peep out of the BBC - no bleeding heart frames etc on Facebook And just last weekend another 23 people were killed in Mogadishu - again hardly a peep. I'm personally sick to death of the narrow minded reporting of global affairs in the UK - sadly following the US view on how the world looks and is shaped... The media will be getting their knickers in a twist later tonight, talking to "witnesses" and reporters talking rubbish adding speculation as well as talking about how it can be stopped.... If the same effort went in to reporting on other parts of the world I think people of the UK would have a much more balanced view as to the global issues in regards to what is essentially mass murder. It's not terrorism let's start calling it what it is... murder...
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    Lancs Newbie - BMW 530d

    Hi All, Just found the forum. Very new to the BMW Scene. Wish Id got a 5 series earlier, can't believe how nice they are I have a BMW 530d M sport Running small remap usual refinements - horrible sat nav system 20'' wheels
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    Washed, dried and waxed Car had been back to the body shop yesterday; he wasn't happy with how the lacquer had settled on the front-end respray; so he's flatted it off again and polished it to a gleaming finish I'm really happy with the bodywork now; it's not perfect, never will be, it's a 15 year old car! But, it looks massively cleaner now and the panels all feel like glass (bar the roof ) I need to 3M refurb the OS headlight, you can see in the pics the difference between that one (original) and the replaced OEM Hella headlight on the NS (was replaced a month before I bought the car). Will get on to that in the next day or so as weather looks to be fine for a few days
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    e24 -genuinely getting rare now

    Oops, here you go. BMW 635CSi, 1982, Baltic blue with Pearlbiege leather, with optional extra's of cruise control, air-con, genuine Recaro's, and LSD.... (I have since retro-fitted the rear headrests as well) 1985 M635CSi in alpineweiss with Taurusrot sports seats, with optional extra of air-con and I have since retro-fitted the rear headrests and very, very rare rear air-con... The price difference was actually pretty big as under the skin there are a massive amount of differences between the 628CSi and 635CSi; brakes, suspension, gearbox, final drive, engine management as well as big difference in standard equipment. For a range comparison as well, the September 1985 UK price list gives these prices; 325i, £11,920 M535i, £18,950 735i SE, £25,995 628CSi, £20,995 635CSi, £26,795 M635CSi, £33,875
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    Morning All. Thought I'd share our recent acquisition. No reason, other than "what is a car forum without gratuitous pictures of cars?" So, the Boss bought this F20 a couple of years back. Standard fayre: puny diesel, many mpg, finance deal. Parents wanted her to have something reliable / EuroNCAP / whatever. Obvious. Lovely car. Boring. Bored. Nearing end of warranty, what to replace it with? Another one? i3? Golf GTE? E30/36? Maybe even E34/39? Plenty of dodgy ones out there, plenty also for mega money. Totally uninspired by the current phoned-in me-too niche-within-niche excuse for a model line-up from Munich. In fact, the harder we looked the more we realised nothing from this century was going to cut it. So we enrolled in hairdresser's school: Blah blah IMS bearing blah blah I don't care. One owner from new, possibly the nicest man I've ever met. All of the history laid out in chronological order. His lovely wife made us sandwiches. We took it home. It's a 2.7 with no options. It's a boring colour. And I couldn't care less because it's honest and it's clean and it has a lovely story to tell; and it's timeless and elegant and the build quality is in another league. It goes where you point it, the steering has actual weight and feedback, it has proper brakes, the engine is tractable and docile and yet gloriously musical and free-revving. And best yet; as a package, a whole-vehicle-concept, it works so well together. The harder it's driven the more alive it becomes. I love it and I need a 996 with a Mezger engine.
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    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    And she's now looking much more purposeful. From Nan's shopping trolley to Mean Machine All of a sudden that SE bumper doesn't look too bad. How good are Style 128s! 10mm spacers fitted at rear. Wheels are 9j ET 24 all round. Fronts didn't need spacers. Front bolts letting the side down, needs a wash
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Quick wash, from to in 37 minutes. More pictures at
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    Doorcards complete. Not too bad for a man with zero qualifications in upholstery. I bought a big sheet of 1/8" hardboard from B&Q, and a couple of metres of polyester wadding from a local upholstery shop (Masons of Abingdon - 01235 520165) I used the old, warped and water damaged door card back boards to mark out the new board, which I then cut out on a bandsaw and neatened up with a file and sandpaper. I then used a holesaw in a drill and a plasterboard saw to cut out the window winder blank and the door handle respectively. I cleaned the old cloth material with a pressure washer while it was still attached to the old doorcards. I then carefully removed all the staples, and put it through the washing machine at 40 degrees. It came up better than I expected. Then I used a craft type stapler to put the whole thing together, incorporating new wadding. I don't know that it was up to the job- it was constantly jamming and/or breaking the staples but we got there eventually. Its quite a fiddly job to get right. You have to stretch the material correctly and straight, otherwise it will show up in the check pattern! Next stop- SEATS. Bye for now, I'm off to wales to go and watch Rally GB.
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    On the e28 you could set a 4 digit pin. Easy to over come in hind sight but ahead of its time
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    Update Eight 23/10/2017 There comes a time an E34 owner must do the dreaded.. sill cover removal and this weekend was our turn. Again.. Remember the longer you put if off the worse it could be.. or couldn't be.. 22782180_10214457162360623_1925019757_n 22773409_10214457162640630_1238907348_n 22834351_10214457162680631_776851132_n 22781996_10214457162280621_929352444_n 22834696_10214457162760633_243967340_n I can't stress enough how important it is to clean behind the wing it will most probably put years onto your car. All rust is wire brushed away with a wire attachment or stone attachment then soaked in rust converter just for peace of mind. 22811564_10214457162720632_364175830_n 22834648_10214457163400649_1997007771_n 22773444_10214457163000639_218143275_n 22811404_10214457246802734_833284871_n One small hole appeared about the size of a small cotton wool bud so we filled the hole with rust proof and smeared some Corgo quick steel after another going over it was as good as new.. It's nice when you find no real horrors. Red Oxide Time. 22752879_10214457164000664_773639574_n 22752434_10214457163920662_2120182015_n 22752879_10214457164000664_773639574_n 22809915_10214457163640655_2016748984_n Why the red oxide was setting we set about removing the wing and see what was lurking.. 22782173_10214457164440675_1357659192_n 22773667_10214457164520677_368839156_n 22752803_10214457164480676_25755952_n 22811257_10214457164600679_1592842196_n I seem to have not taken any photos of the cleaned up stage lucky the little bits cleared up great much like the sill apart from a small cotton bud size hole which was treated the same way as before. Red Oxide. 22811313_10214457165160693_380118831_n 22752671_10214457165080691_35343594_n Final Stages. 22752262_10214457165720707_1113935840_n 22752758_10214457246602729_1621079403_n 22773486_10214457165440700_896349646_n 22810019_10214457165600704_850055033_n We also saved the bottom of the wing. 22834477_10214457246322722_2133844838_n On a whole we are really happy with the first sill It could have been so much worse all the rust has been removed then socked with rust converter for good measure then coated with red oxide and then Hammerite Hammered black. 22752881_10214457166400724_171616742_n All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
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    turbo failure

    You wouldn't have this problem with a V8 petrol engine..... just saying
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    Mick, I've started to sample the captain morgans spiced rum (I think it is?) an I must admit I'm not offended by it! but you know what they say if you drink rum at 10:30am? It doesn't make you an alcoholic, it makes you a pirate!
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    Very odd service history

    "Is it as cunning as a fox that has just been made professor of cunning at Oxford university?"
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    Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    This caught my eye on that well known auction site. I am relieved that it doesn’t come with electric heated leather and air conditioning. Why? Because I’d be going down there to sell my F10 and buy it, that’s why! Much as I really like my F10, this is special. A shade under £8000.
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    Alas, yes - mine is the Deficient Dynamics model. You love them: I know. Don't fight it. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway - yes, Eco Prong is like driving a sofa to work...hence my coding enquiry. SPORT mode makes the 520 a real beast. Let's drag race.
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    After a week performing transport duties for my step fathers funeral on Wednesday, 700 miles over 3 days, she was in need of a wash. Due to mother in law now staying with us, I only had an hour, so I had to be quick! Copious Snow Foam Rince Gentle wash with shampoo on a mit Another rince 'Dry' by pouring on distilled water Final towel dry and blast around the block to dry the brakes, you can almost watch them rust when they get wet. Not exactly concours standard, but I can detail when I have time in the evenings this week.
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    Cheap run about

    Hmm ok, I'm definitely not up for that scenario so I'll proabably just leave it standard then. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. It's funny that you mention that because only this morning I read somewhere about a P38 owner putting a con rod through his M51 rangie and I though, wow that's odd......
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    Might be the new 515d. It is a 0.9litre. 2 cylinders... 4 turbos dual stage... 150bhp 95mpg official 20mpg real There is a speaker in engine compartment to make the noise of 4 additional cylinders Apparently there is an option. The car can take itself for a spin every night on closest motorway to clear the 3 dpfs and 5 add blue