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    Warm enough to take the beast out of the garage for a wash, wax and a quick run. Looking forward to spring and being able to use it more regularly. Got chased out of industrial unit car park by security guard for taking photos!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT today. First one since I bought it exactly a year ago. Mileage is now at 60k and a bit so wasn't really expecting any issues. It was nice to hear the Tester querying the age of the car relative to its overall condition. Though you can't see it in the picture there was a chap with a four year old Range Rover sport getting his MOT done in the adjoining bay. A sporty sort, sheepskin jacket, Churchill brogues, golfing trousers, you know the type, anyway he looked over at my car and with a patronising tone in his voice said 'they don't make them like that anymore do they' I smiled and let it go then he had to ruin it by adding 'they go for ever those old bangers' A short while later he was in an uproar as the examiner failed his Rangey on a leaking suspension strut, excessive play in the steering and a worn wheel bearing. As I collected my new MOT certificate I nodded towards his car and said 'they still make them like that then?' That shut him up.
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    Captain Beaky

    What did your wife do today?

    Quick back story For a few years now a couple of the lads and I have had a stupid wife board, just a bit of banter because we all know each other and the wives give us as good as we give. But today I am king of the board. She only went to make heart shaped pancakes for me on Valentines day, what a darling wife! how she achieved it is priceless she only tried to use a plastic heart shaped cake cutter as a mould on the frying pan and pour the mix in. awesome!! Now i have plastic poisoning and have to buy a new frying pan
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    M88rt j

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Detailed the engine bay after finally fitting the m5 arch liners, changed my vacuum hoses for some funky orange silicone ones to try and brighten up the bay a bit whilst I was in the engine bay too,
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    New Plate :)

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    Thought I would start a project thread to share my E39 528i with a rather unique factory spec. I bought this to replace my E36 328i Touring which suffered from rear corroded brake lines. Decided to sell as I didn't want to stomach the large bill (later found out it's not that bad of a job). Sold that early summer, and bought a E46 318ci M Sport, worst decision!! A few weeks later and the vacuum pump failed and back filled the servo with oil, and me landed me in £850 bill. A few weeks after that the DSC module failed on me, and I decided to get rid! I really missed have a straight six, and set my eye on owning a E39. Really wanted a facelift, 6 cylinder petrol, touring M sport with a manual box and ended up with the complete opposite E39. Purchased at the beginning of November last year, from a average listing on eBay "BMW 528i Luxury Pack" with 146500miles on the clock with 15 stamps in the book. It was fully loaded when ticking the options list - pretty much everything, minus PDC and a sunroof. The bodywork is pretty good condition, tiny bit of bubbling at the rear.The two tone paint is not too everybody's taste, personally I am not a fan. I will eventually get around to painting it back to full arctic silver. Factory Options:- Ordered Options 0216 Servotronic 0223 Electronic Damper Control (EDC) 0261 Rear Side Airbags 0291 Bolted X Spoke 5-8Jx17-235/45 0302 Remote Control Anti-Theft System 0352 Double Glazing for Side and Rear Windows 0354 Graduated Tinted Windscreen 0428 Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit 0431 Auto-Dimming Interior Mirror 0456 Comfort Seats - Electric 0464 Ski Bag 0494 Seat Heating for Front Seats 0500 Headlamp Wash + Intensive for Windscreen 0522 Xenon Headlamps 0534 Automatic Air Conditioning 0540 Multi-Function Steer Wheel + Cruise Ctrl 0609 Navigation System with OBM, TV and OBC 0628 Telephone Package 0629 Phone - Fixed 0694 CD Preparation 0773 Polished Vavona Wood Trim 0812 GB Specification 0850 Additional Fuel for Export Vehicles 0863 Dealer Network - Europe 0877 Remote Alarm Setting Only 0880 English Handbook 0962 Registration-plate carrier front, deletion Standard Options 0260 Side Airbags for Driver and Passenger 0411 Electric Windows - Front and Rear 0520 Front Foglamps 0853 Instrument Panel Lettering in English Info Options 0459 Electric Adj - Front Seats + Driver Mem 0473 Front Centre Arm Rest 0488 Lumbar Support for Front Seats 0555 On Board Computer 0602 On-Board Monitor with TV and OBC Jobs needing do - SatNav is intermittent - Correct the two-tone paint scheme - 17" BBS RC alloys need a good refurb. - Washer jets are very weak, I'm guessing the pump is shot, or the lines and filters are blocked. - Some of the pixels are gone on the instrument cluster, but is pretty good and readable. - Full service - Gearbox & Diff oil change - Cooling system refresh - Water Pump / Thermostat / Expansion Tank / Radiator - The box can be pretty slow changing from 4th to 5th. I'm hoping disconnecting the battery will reset the learning algorithm on the box, and maybe fix the SatNav as well.
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    Back in an ‘M’...

    Girlies 50 th next week, so being the kind hearted bast i am, i bought me her an M4 Vert. Should collect it next week though ragging will have to wait till 1st service is done. (23 miles on it at mo)
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Retrofitted nbt into my e60 took a while but have nearly all features working
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    Ordered bigger hybrids, strip down starts on Wednesday... Expecting to run out of fuel pump around 460-470BHP but I already have a bigger pump sat here ready to go on it. I'm interested to see how far the R70 pump will go though. That, with methanol will hopefully clear 500BHP. If I make it to 508BHP I'm going to buy the numberplate M55 ETR for a laugh!
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    Re Mapping G31/G32

    Ah, right, I'd better play ball. A weekend away in the Peak District.
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    New Roof or Repair

    Re Roof using your existing slates. You’ll need to buy some more to match, but the slate you have is not only good quality, but one of the best there is. You can see how thick they are. The hips and ridge may go again also, if they clean off ok, but if not, can be found in salvage yards. Your current roof has nail sick, perfectly normal for a roof that age. Put decent underfelt and eaves tray in, and re point the chimney with new back gutter/flashing. Will last another 60 years with ease. Allow for some rafter repairs also.
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Fifteen 25/1/2018 Considering this is the first update of 2018 I'd like to wish you all belated Happy New Year. 27329740_151801838943762_796702520_o In The last updated I explained that the Inde ( BM Euro Service ) wanted us to pop in for a chat.. Upon arriving we where told we would need a new gearbox cooler as the cooler had corroded along with the cooler rubber pipes and plenty of automatic transmission fluid and transmission filter. Parts where ordered direct from BMW Classic Parts Shop and it was a very easy and satisfying experience all be it an expensive one. Christmas time I had these in my stocking and I'm itching to get these fitted which will set the tone for how the project is going ( Options Options ) with the interior so nice and factory I will be looking to fit as many nice easy options as I can to complement the lovely interior. The BIG Question.. Is she running well the answer is .. YES ! We have all forward and reverse gears.. A sports mode and adaptive mode.. All For Now Comments Welcome As Always
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I Think I saw one on it's way back earlier.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Wife’s out so in they pop
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    First wash of 2018 for the Touring. Tourings getting its first wash today (20/02/2018) since i attended the BMW E39 Club UK's (Facebook group) Midlands meet back in December 2017, And here is the reason i had to buy the Touring in the first place - Millie my Alaskan Malamute
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    E39 Road Presence

    I agree, however I'm biased ... b10 3.3 manual
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    Just finished the conversion work...took us about 2 weeks to complete it. Nice way to have 375hp Car was originally 530i Sport Aegean Edition imported myself from UK 8 years ago to Malaysia and had done 360,000km (about 224,000miles). It started sounding rough so decided to convert it to this. I don't really want an S62 since this is a daily driver and traffic where I live are horrendous so cant really drive it with the manual box. Most other stuffs are already M5 though (interior, cluster, mirrors, etc etc). The 'halfcut' came from Japan, I only took the engine, gearbox, undercarriage and the brakes from the E39 B10 V8S breaker unit.
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    535i Andrew

    E60 Brake wear sensor question

    Read this on how to replace discs and pads inc wear sensor which is needed to reset idrive. Wear sensor will be the cheapest part to buy doing this job.
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    V8 curiosity

    I've been wanting to scratch the V8 itch since I was about 10 or 11, with many years having passed since then! However, tomorrow I go for a second viewing of a Jap import E39 540.
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    Or save yourself the bother and print this out instead? PS I accept no liability for any injuries that may result from you giving this to your other half.
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    Had mine two stage machine polished and ceramic coated...
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    It actually does yea, would suit you perfectly This was my previous car on air which had a 6 page feature in performance BMW and voted 2nd in best modified in 2016. Still got the shoes from that - happy to pass them down
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    M5 deposit paid

    I doubt very much an M5 is needed for a robbery! I was saying depends on where you live as the OP was asking about disclock and other deterrents, so it's slightly more relevant as to where you live as to what visual deterrent you used/need. I suppose you could go for a big feck off dog that barks fire to sit on the back seat through the night? Or this-
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    V8 curiosity

    There's a few crappy iPad pics taken this afternoon - a few more on the newbie section.
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    V8 curiosity

    Hello gents, new here but had my v8 for over 5 years now - and a rare old girl she is too: E61 550i manual box.
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    A man after my own heart.... this was me last night
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    We have a dog but he's a 10 year old Schnauzer and has been asleep in the living room when the window cleaners cleaned the windows and never woke up! I'm being a bit unfair, they'd have to step over him t get up the stairs...
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    F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    I contacted ZF UK earlier this week regarding a gearbox service and they have pointed me in the direction of one of their recommended service facilities local to me who I will be contacting in due course.
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    LUK clutch kit and flywheel is OE. Available at huge discount compared to sourcing from a BMW dealer. Use this Schaeffler (parent company of LUK, Ruville, FAG etc) web catalogue for part numbers and do a google search for best deals. Web cat here: http://webcat.schaeffler-aftermarket.com/web/schaeffler/en_GB/applicationSearch.xhtml?reset=1 At the sort of mileage your car has done - and if your car is a keeper - I'd strongly recommend you replace all of the following :- clutch, pressure plate, release bearing (AKA 'clutch kit'). And the flywheel. Plus:- - the guide bush (#1 in the diagram): http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=23_1400 - the release fork (#5 in the diagram); the ball pin (#6) + the spring clip (#7): http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=21_0140 (A small dab of grease on the ball pin when fitting to the car.) - the clutch slave cylinder (#15 in the diagram) http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=21_0150 Did all of the above on my car and now have a beautifully light, smooth and perfectly quiet clutch. With the gear box out, consider overhauling the wearing parts of gear change mechanism. They're relatively cheap parts and it's a cinch to do without the gearbox in place. These: #3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=25_0009 (If you were to only do one of the above then definitely change #14. Yours will be utterly shot if it hasn't been changed already.) "While you're in there"......would be silly not to replace: The rear main seal (#7): http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-09-2001-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=11_2644 I did all of the above (& more...other gearbox seals etc.) because I didn't want to go in there again. Ever.
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    Ordered the rest of my methanol injection kit for it!
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    E39 restoration project.

    Finally got around to carrying out the service the weekend: - oil & filter change (5W40) oil - air filter replacement - pollen filter replacement - spark plug replacement - brake fluid change - coolant change - AC service the car seems to be even smoother than before now & the brakes feel much sharper, I don’t think it had a brake fluid change for years. I also removed the old man mud flaps which makes it look much better & gave her a well deserved clean!
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    Matthew Ashton

    F11 530d Interim Oil Change

    One year on since my last service at BMW and the next official one in a year's time so thought an interim oil change would be a good idea. BMW lists the correct oil from many manufacturers to use in ISTA but it is still a minefield. BMW's own brand would have set me back £91 for 7 litres (0w30) our forum sponsor so I just bought the genuine filter set from them and Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5w30 (£54) from Eurocarparts with their 40% off 2 weekends ago. ISTA shows both 0W and 5w30 oil for my car and after some researching, the 0w flows easier when extremely cold. For the UK the view is that 5w is just fine. It is also the viscosity Shell states for my car on their website. Before starting the car must be up to normal operating temperature - at least 70 degrees. I drove the car for 6 miles before starting the job and the temperature gauge was showing just under 100 degrees. To start I need access under the car to remove the oil drain plug cover and get the oil drain pan under the car. There is a piece of the car's subframe structure exposed through the undertray that can be used to jack both front wheels off the ground at the same time - very cool! But then what to do as there are no exposed suspension mounts for the axle stands and the side jacking points are too far back and the car would have been too high at the front. I used 2 scaffold planks under each of the front wheels that gave me just the space I needed to do the job. About 80mm of additional height and as safe as can be. Both front wheels off the ground: The exposed frame jacking point: Scaffold planks: Next, remove the old oil filter. (Top Tip: put cloths around the oil filter housing to catch the drops of old oil that will invariably mess. (I didn't and spent 10 minutes wiping up the mess)) You will need a 36mm socket for the 530d. (I had one that I used back in 1987 when I was regularly replacing the damage CV joint rubber boots on my Kadett GTE) This is the old filter once pulled off the central "spike" that's attached to the oil filter housing cap: The new filter and the seals that come with it: Seals: Drain plug washer; Oil filter cap seal; O ring that seats at the bottom of the thread on the oil filter housing. Removing the old Filter housing O ring. Insert the new oil filter with the attached rubber flange rubber facing down. Torque the oil filter cap to 25Nm (Same for the oil drain plug) Now drain the oil. Remove the oil filler cap and the dipstick and the access cover on the undertray. (Top tip: Once you remove the undertray access cover for the drain plug, bung cloths or wipes inbetween the undertray and the sump just inside the access hole all the way round. If you don't, once the last dregs of oil start dribbling out, they tend to dribble all over the topside of the undertray. It took me another 20 minutes removing a bunch of screws holding the undertray on so I could bend it down and mop up all of the spilt oil - I was not happy!) Refit the drain plug - torque to 25Nm Refill with 7 litres of oil. I put the first 6 litres in (didn't want to overfill) and then idled the car for 3 minutes at 1100rpm as per BMW's instruction and the iDrive then showed the oil as "Full". Once I drove for around 4 miles the iDrive was showing half way between min and max. I put the last litre in and checked the dipstick and it was just on max. After a drive this morning the iDrive is showing full. The iDrive oil level does change but takes far longer than I had expected. Did a 40 mile drive this morning and all seems well in Ashton F11 land (other than tyres but that's another saga that I'll write about later).
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    day out with the 7 series register at Meguiars.
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    Re Mapping G31/G32

    I know the problem - this boy's 8.5 stone!
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    Winter advice from the AA....

    The AA have warned that due to the extreme weather conditions if traveling it is advisable to take the following: A fully charged mobile phone Sunglasses. Personal medication. First aid kit. A road atlas – in case of diversions. Sat-nav or a printed route for an unfamiliar journey. A blanket, rug or sleeping bag. Shovel. Ice scraper and de-icer. Torch and batteries. Snacks – chocolate or cereal bars. A warm winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves and warm clothes. Waterproofs. Sturdy footwear. A flask of hot drink. I felt a complete twat getting on the bus!
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    2jz swapped E60

    Bought an E60 bmw over a year ago, eco diesel shitter, spent some cash on wheels, lows and a wrap, drove it for a bit like that Then about 10 months ago got bored of the lack of poke, but M5 prices and unreliability meant one of those was a no go...... hence the 2jz transplant idea...... Building as much as i can myself, including mounts, manifolds etc and also tackling the headache of wiring too, but tbh, i thnk deleting the i-drive like i plan too and running a tablet instead connected to the Link G4+ storm will cure a lot of issue Built for around 600 bhp out of the 2jzge motor, TT headgasket to lower comp, hx40 super turbo at about 1.6bar, 850 injectors, dizzy delete, cam and crank sensors, coil on plug etc Engine and transmission mounts were pretty easy to knock up in an afternoon and my mate powdercoated them for £20 lol Using an E39 530D 5spd gearbox as the 6 speed that was in it pushed the engine forward quite a lot and the clutch/flywheel combo is around £500 cheaper too!! Will be using lengthened M5 prop, M5 diff and driveshafts for the rear end. The 3.6 diff ratio should make it fun Currently waiting on the prop to return from modification and its onto mapping 3rd of march!!! Few pics of the project.....
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I gave the body a going over with Soft 99 white coloured liquid repellant hard wax, that stuff is worth its weight in gold regarding the manner in which is shrugs off dirt. After that it was a blast to Amsterdam to see some old friends and see what I could shake loose on the motorway. Got all the way there on three quarters of a tank of Euro 98 motion lotion and I gave it plenty of welly so quite pleased with that. Nothing broke or fell off but I did kerb those damn butter wheels driving around the 'Dam. Now just disembarking the Eurotunnel so home for a pot of earl grey.
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    Advice please viewing a E34 M5

    Looks over priced for a RHD in this country. As always good advise from Simon ^^^^^^
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    Looks a lovely example! What’s that funny pudding stick in the middle in the front?!
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    Andrew S

    Bl**dy handbrake adjustment

    Fitted new disks, shoes and pads this morning and adjusted up and advised and now a great handbrake. Thanks to all for excellent advice Cheers Andrew
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    New V8 owner

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    Faulty driver seat (new G31)

    Then time to find a new dealership! Every BMW dealer I have ever come across, gives courtesy cars for warranty, ok, sometimes it's only a mini, but it's still a car. They still earn money from BMW UK for warranty work, so this is disgusting imho
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    Anyone already supping, or going to sup, a good Scotch tonight (whether it be a blend, single malt or a blended single malt)? I bought this last week; so it'll be cracked open tonight: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/24099/vat-69-bot1970s Got the Ardbeg Kelpie to sup too, only had a small taste of it so far and then, as we're away next week in Scotland for a week, I've bought this for my Dad, brother and I to share: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/302/balvenie-21-year-old-port-wood It should last us until Thursday when we're on a blenders tour of a few local distilleries
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    Old banger?! I'd have been livid, especially given the mileage and condition if your car - it looks stunning. Given the choice between a brand new Range Rover and a mint condition / as new E39, there wouldn't even be a decision to be made! The E39 has more class than the Ranger Rover could ever hope to have.
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    the gearbox has maps to control warm up where it'll allow the box to effectively 'slip' to warm the fluid up. If it's only doing it for the first couple of minutes when it's cold don't worry about it. Mine does this too and as soon as it's been driven for a few minutes, it'll start to lock the torque converter earlier as the heat gets into the fluid. In that 2 minutes when I first start mine the smallest input on the throttle will cause the revs to rise a touch.
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    highbeam on/off in reverse

    How’s the Ford Focus search coming on?!
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    Wheels to fit my E34

    Check here > http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/5/E34 If you are after Style 32's, they will normally be from an E39 or E38, either will fit, but you will need hub rings for the E39 wheels, since the hub size on the E34 is slightly smaller (72.5mm), so the rings will slightly widen it (to 74.1mm) and help to centre the wheel. E38 hub size is exactly the same as on E34, so it will be a direct fit. Front wheels should be 18x8J (ET20) and the rears 18x9J (ET24 for E39 and ET22 for E38) - either setup will fit fine. Just bear in mind that 18's can be quite hard on suspension, so if you prefer comfort, then it may be wiser to go for 17's, as I personally think it's the best size in terms of looks/comfort/handling.