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  2. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Some nearby for £125 on the bay....hmmm.
  3. very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    ^^ +1 sound advice ^^
  4. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Deffo; make sure they've got their bungs as they do come in handy etc They're bigger than you realise though, so the B&W 685s could be a consideration... Dali Lektor 1s or 2s would work well also
  5. Apple Magic Mouse 2

    Fully boxed and in excellent/faultless condition Selling as I've bought myself a Trackpad 2 £45 inc delivery
  6. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Cheers Dan, good advice. I have limited space so thinking the forward facing port on the BXs would make then better suited if positioned closer to a solid wall?
  7. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Stay away from the BR2s' very bright sounding. The BX2s rectified this very well and IMO, are still better than then current Bronze 2s However, I'd still go for the RX1s or 2s over the Bronze range every day. That slight increase in price make for a much better speaker! The first edition of the B&W 685s aren't overly expensive 2nd hand now too and very much worth looking into, superb speakers IMO
  8. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    If anyone is interested please let me know. Otherwise it is listed on eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132543032307
  9. Refurbed wheels from Pentland powdercoating

    I recommend Metal Magic in Barnsley as well - they restored a set of E46 MV1's to brand new condition - better than new as they powder coat the whole wheel inside and out. About 50 or 60 quid a wheel iirc.
  10. HVAC Woes

    cheers, I'll have a play.
  11. very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    Propshaft centre bearing. I would remove the prop and replace the centre bearing and doughnut - you may also find it's thrown a balance weight off so look for a rusty square patch where one used to be. "ive driven the car at 50 in drive and in 2nd gear and get the same vibration at the same road speed" Very unlikely to be a gearbox issue. I would get up to 50 and slip it into N and see what it does. It won't harm the gearbox.
  12. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    My C320BEE was a replacement for the the first amp i bought, a brilliant Sony TA-F488EB class A that ran very hot and then lost a channel after 9 years... my 10 yr Richer warranty covered it but they lost it in the process so had to refund me the original price! Just got hold of another 448 via ebay and its a peach. One think i will say is my Tannoy M2s did not fare well in the loft, every plastic screw hole has a hairline crack. I quite like the look of the MA Bronze BR2s as a second hand buy.
  13. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Give it a few more years John
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  15. E28 Lighting and Body Panels

    Try Tims. The indicators are universal and freely available so a good set should be easy enough to source.
  16. HVAC Woes

    ISTA or possibly INPA.
  17. V8 Tapping Noise

    Yes you are right but the tensioner also has spring assistance and if the spring weakens it will will allow a degree of slackness in the chain, which is why I am replacing it as a matter of course. However this rattle has increased in intensity and frequency which points to the vanos and not the chain tensioner because of the wrong or thinner oil, so i am going to try 10w50 or 20w50
  18. E28 Lighting and Body Panels

    Hi all, not much progress on my e28 build over the last year but I have started building a list of parts that I need to start ticking off. I have priced these up at my local dealer but wanted to reach out on the forum to check where the best sources are for these parts in 2018. The dealer prices are pretty high as I imagined. almost £100 each per indicator and fog lamp. Wings came in at £167 each, Front valance £210 and Upper front panel £241 and that's all with a 10% discount. Fog lamps and indicators (both Sides) Both front wings Front valance Front upper panel (the one the grille attaches to) Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  19. V8 Tapping Noise

    Both the tensioner and the Vanos work by oil pressure in a piston so changing the grade of oil could have a similar effect on each.
  20. HVAC Woes

    I haven't checked the temps, but the moving redline goes all the way to 6.5k pretty much. I assume that's coolant temp it uses. I have used a thermostat to measure the temps from the vents and there were around the same as my E46, although the E46's cabin felt hotter. Which software should I use to test? I've lost my Carly adaptor, but do have a laptop and cable.
  21. Bromley motor pagaent

    I am going to book a stand
  22. 51477137461 price please

    Can I have the price for the E61 boot liner 51477137461 please. Thanks.
  23. V8 Tapping Noise

    I've bought a tensioner and will change it soon, however if there was the possibility of any debris in the sump I would have seen some evidence in the oil with the thorough examination it was given, I checked the plastic and muslin with a illuminated bench mounted magnifying viewer, the filter was washed out with petrol and both checked. If there was anything, even fine bearing material in there, this method would find it and is a proven method previous to this. I am convinced now it's the Vanos, ive changed the oil and the result is the rattle is more frequent, it's a definite step change which has caused a reaction. Opie Oils recommended 5W40 so I opted for the Gulf ULE, I don't know what oil was used previously this is the first change i've done on this car but it seems to have worsened the issue. The only other change was the oil filter, Opie supplied me with a K&N filter, has anyone used one of these before? The plan now is to drop the oil and try something else.
  24. Pair of wings e39

    These one's are very good 40 each plus 15 post
  25. 2002 e39 losing auto gearbox fluid

    The pipes and cooler are all availble seperatly
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