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  2. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Had an Alhambra for nine months before returning to the 5. It was a dull drive but it swallowed everything and the rearmost seats had a decent amount of room. Smax has a much more car like driving position.
  3. Quote for a dsc unit

    Sure it’s cn19315 thanks
  4. Remap of 525d

    A number of solid discussions on the autobox service. Get it done and by a garage that knows what it's doing. But also with the only service kit by ZF..
  5. Remote pre-conditioning (Heating)

    Mmmm - not so much a climate control then? Just a fan moving about the air in the car at whatever temperature it naturally is??
  6. Battery Drain Problem

    Thanks guys. Is the traffic master that knob under the heater controls that flashes up a clunky map of the uk? If so, it does. So Im guessing I can pull fuses for the sat nav and traffic master if I can find which ones? Also I did replace my hedgehog about 6 years ago so I know how to get to it although Im not having any heater blower run on problems.
  7. Non stroker E39 on eBay & autotrader

    It actually looks like an honest car, someone has ploughed some love and care in to it... facelift bits added including nav screen. He does mention TV - I wonder if that has been updated to digital or it's just the old analogue receiver that's been left there. The Mot history doesn't have too much to worry about either, along with most services appearing to be having been done a little early based on the space between the mileage..
  8. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    I had both on mine, standard Sport plinth with an aftermarket plate holder on top. I managed to find one with "BMW Autohaus" on it. I didn't want one with "M" on it as it wasn't an M car.
  9. Back in an ‘M’...

    Gorgeous. I also like the colour combo.
  10. Quote for a dsc unit

    Hi, If I could get your REG or chassis I can look into the above for you. Kind Regards
  11. 535d Front Discs

    Hi, The price for the above would be £221.28 inc VAT and delivery to mainland UK. Payment Options: This price is valid for 7 days today For orders under £500.00 and if the delivery address is the same as the registered card address. Call 01242 335365 with your card details and use customer reference 36877 For orders over £500.00 we will only accept either a bank transfer or payment by Paypal. Paypal – partscheltenham@cotswoldgroup.com Please send payment as a gift to friends and family with your customer reference and your delivery address in the notes section. Bank Transfer – Sort Code 20-07-71 Account Number 40292230 with your customer reference in the notes section but please call or email us with your delivery address.
  12. E39 Saloon rear booster seat base ideal for retrim £25 + postage Located in Birmingham
  13. Having a clear out and found this in the stash. BMW E34 Westfalia towbar complete towhook and wiring (key for tow hook is missing) £60 Located in Birmingham
  14. E39 530d Titan Silver Breaking

    there not sport liners sorry budd
  15. New owner of M5 3.6

    Very nice, bit jealous , but I love my 525. Alex
  16. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    The M Sport number plate holders show nothing as it's all hidden behind the number plate
  17. Battery Drain Problem

    Does it still have the trafficmaster module? Throw that in the bin first if it does. I found it easier to just unplug the hedgehog as it's easier to get to the plug for it than the fuses, which are buried behind the glovebox.
  18. Remote pre-conditioning (Heating)

    I have the remote services app, but as Frazad says it doesnt heat the car up. Is it an optional extra on the car itself too?
  19. If I were to do it again, I'd buy two. Learn from the first and remove, to be able to perfect the second.
  20. Remap of 525d

    I have that map on mine, very happy with it!
  21. BMW E60 520d SE Automatic. £3250.ono

    Style 69s on an E60! What is this i see before me? Love it
  22. To all the newbies :-)

    Hi all! New to this forum, back to BMW ownership after a very long year on the other side.. Glad to be back...! I have an F10 since two weeks ago and changed speakers to Focals, new parking button, new parking brake tray, new mats. Plan to change subs, bigger alloys (19" anyone?) as currently on 17 nrf originals in very good condition (I'm up for swaps). I need to do a major service, if you know any decent specialist indie in Cardiff area please give me a shout as the quotes I've got from BMW and two other garages are absolutely massive. What should i expect to pay for an oil and filter, all cabin filters, fuel filter and a visual inspection? Thanks guys!
  23. 5 weeks late but thanks Dave! My daughter has just started a 60 day Spotify trial and it didn't take long, playing with her phone, to realise that I would rather have Spotify family than Apple family! Now I know it'll be OK in the F11, I am raring to go. But not till I've leeched every free day from Apple!
  24. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Thats how I would describe my winters. But judging by the state of the B790 this morning, there is no way I'm going to risk putting my 19" rims back on anytime soon. The potholes on this road are lethal.
  25. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    Could do, it's a better look than drilling holes and having screw heads showing. I use Unibond double sided pads on my bike plates, as well as on one of our other cars. Sticking it straight is usually a mildly stressful experience though!
  26. rear seat and dashboard top

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I've been working night shift. yes I have head rests with the seats. The seats are in really good condition and are heated. I have electric or manual ones too. They are packed away so may take me a few days to take photos. Door cards and alcantara headlining if needed too?
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