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  2. Thanks Hippy, I'd be interested to hear how you find them. I'm torn between these and going for coilovers, but want to retain the SLS if possible.
  3. Hi. New to 545i ownership. I want to change ignition coils, but confused as to which type as I am seeing 2 types listed, either 8 straight items or 8 with a central 'lug.' am I just being thick? Any advice appreciated
  4. They are for the rear, and are the B6's. I believe the B4 is pretty much a direct replacement for the OEM shock, so the B6 will be an upgrade. B8's are listed for the rear of the Touring, but oddly the part number is the same as the B6, so guessing this is a typo!
  5. Just remembered, I need the interior trims around the tailgate window if yours are in decent condition?
  6. Alternator could be the culprit of the electrical gremlins,mine was very similar with the radio and I would also hear the gearbox message and tyre pressure loss on random occasions. as for the power loss I had exactly that issue and it was a hole in one of the vac hoses
  7. No roof spoiler sorry
  8. Thanks for sending the first parts out. Can I have a price for the following and can you just tag them onto the order and ship them when the remaining 2 bearings arrive. 07119913653 x 6 07119932122 x 8 07119913834 x 8
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  10. Yes a 2200 HL auto that I did alot of my learning in. Much maligned but exteremely roomy and was quite a giggle to drive...
  11. Is that the same engine as the M5? Just 150ish bhp down? To me it just looks like every other 520d F11 out there.....
  12. 4 litre vs 5 is it not? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Is that a Princess lurking in front of the RS?
  14. Had my fair share of Fords in the past, my first car was a Mk1 Escort 1300 Super that my brother gave to me when I was 15. Hmmm slot mags lol An Xr3i followed when I was 18. Then an RS2000 Custom some time later with some nice bits And a little later a 1.6i Ghia Orion with RS Turbo rims and Canoe option
  15. strange they are so close in bhp and capacity but a vast difference in torque peak figures.
  16. Sharkfan is the bootlid different on the Alpina or is it a bumper fill piece ?
  17. tightening procedure has nothing to do with distorting caps, purely rod stretch, for which you need a stretch gauge, failing that there is a torque setting specified, I'm only using ARP's in my 240 bhp 2.2 Citroen as they came with the rods the rod distortion is common as many neglect to clearance the rod with a chamfer and sometimes a larger counterbore is required to clear the slightly larger shank under the head of the bolt, many oem bolts don't have this shank and radius. unless you are pushing well beyond the design spec of the oem bolt then oem will more than suffice, this is highlighted with RPM not boost, boost compresses the rods, rpm stretched rods and bolts, if the bolts are the same as the S50 then a standard 7k limit of the S62 is well under what they can go to safely (7700+ afaik)
  18. Yes it'll be late next week mate, had a bit on this week, need to get a working battery on it to get the glass up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. BUMP At the first turn in the Fort Nelson E28 flat race its Eta's [5] by a nose (shark) from M535i's [3] followed by 528i's [2] ahead of 518i [1], M5 [1] and TBD [1]. A grand total of 13 E28's in total out of 19 attendees with some more yet to confirm. Only 15 more required for the target of 28 E28's. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Regards, Mick
  20. Yep, the logic of this approach is obvious, we teach saving and frugality to kids, but it seems to have escaped the Government mandarins!
  21. [emoji23] With ya name on the side Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Are those shocks for the front or rear? I need something stiffer all-round on mine and looking at B8's I think instead of my standard Sport ones.
  23. This little lot has arrived over the last few days....... Meyle HD subframe bushes fitted last month, now need to find time over the next couple of weeks to fit these .
  24. Im sure it will will be great. Comfy, fast and decent interior! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  25. It's back from 3D Transmissions. A full recon was recommended and it's now back working again. After a 45 minute drive, it seems happy and the occasional 2>3 hard shift appears to have gone.
  26. Spoke to prior owner and suspension not changed in his ownership. Then it was with a dealer and sold to me. Looked at the KDS printout from a year ago and it shows the ride height as 17mm higher than it should be up front but no comments as such. Wondering if it left the factory with the wrong suspension. I have the original bill of sale which shows msport suspension and no deletion. Either that or the msport range have the same spring rate and the n53 being light just raises the front up a bit. Must admit I'm more curious than overly bothered by this. Just seems odd.
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