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  2. 2007 E60 523i (LCI) Xenon

    Doesn't mean it's got adaptive xenons though. Different option
  3. The old thermostat questions (again)

    100% gearbox heat exchanger mate. Just pop an inline one in the top hose .... standard mod that I and many others on here have done with no detriment. Only costs a £5er as well.
  4. Will these work?

    As above Stick with OEM You'll find a set for that price, that should be working with no issues and you can always refurb them with the 3M kit if necessary Seek out *best for fresh lights* on eBay too; he buys & sells refurbed headlights for E39s and will buy yours back as well!
  5. Studs for winter on front wheels for e39 530d?

    No idea Not something you hear of over in this country; but in Scandinavia and the likes, they're used when it's very cold However, will they work in hard, icy conditions? Front wheels are for steering, no power to them, but for me, all 4 wheels are better than just 2!
  6. Best cheap anti theft solution?

    ouch... not pretty it looks anything with gps and mobile?
  7. Studs for winter on front wheels for e39 530d?

    front wheels have no meaning right? just pure cosmetics with no significant traction on? since e39 is rear wheeled
  8. Choosing an E60 M5

    Warranty on a 60k mile car will be 3k plus.
  9. Studs for winter on front wheels for e39 530d?

    I mean spikes against black ice
  10. G30 in the Snow

    Nothing to complain about here - 100% correct My driving test in Aberdeen (many, many years ago) was cancelled due to snow...but my driving instructor still took me out to drive in the snow...can't imagine that happening now.
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  12. Fitting LED day time lights

    Please don't councilify it. what with this and somebody being "magpie Barry", you can make a nice car look utterly tragic
  13. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    Bought mine about 13 months ago, covered 20,000 miles in that time. Really, really like it. Some money spent, and more still to spend, but (hopefully) on more cosmetic things
  14. Hi guys, Hope your all enjoying the snow lately here in the U.k.. I drove over a pot hole not too long ago, which had cut my front passenger RFT tyre and left a slight buckle to my alloy which wasn't visible juntil the tyre was fitted. Anyway I had the tyre replaced and new genuine alloy fitted but noticed that my car had lost the tight steering feeling it had prior to this, and the car seems to wander alot as well as require some over steer when turning around roundabout etc. I had a 4 wheel alignment done to the car by BMW on KDS but this didnt solve the problem and i have just hated driving my car for a few months on long and short journeys, however I have only just realised that one of the features in my car is "Integral Active steering" which i understand is what provide precise turns and less steering input which I used to have before the damage to my tyre and alloy. I have checked through my wheel alignment sheet provided by BMW and noticed that under vehicle spec is states: BMW 5 series F10 2010 - Rear wheel Drive model: without AFS (Active Front Steering) Sport suspension with lower height ride. I cannot understand why the technician has stated without Active Front Steering and there is no mention about Integral Active Steering? I have done some research on Active Front steering and Integral Active Steering which seem to be very similar and the characteristics are exactly what I had with my car where I had full control of my car on fast and low speeds, didn't turn the steering much when doing turns etc. I have now noticed that my rear tyres have wear on the inside and besides the car wandering and pulling left, my steering has to be kept towards the right to keep the car straight yet i find my self constantly having to correct the car when driving straight. Did the technician carry out a wrong wheel alignment on my car at the time and missed out anything such as active steering calibration which other forums have stated? Many thanks for your help in advance.
  15. G30 in the Snow

    Likewise in the 530d, not even full winters (crossclimates) and she ploughed on like a trooper, much to the surprise of a few drivers who expected otherwise i think.
  16. iPhone X and Intravee

    I have an iphone8 and i have noticed that it will show no ipod sometimes. I have to disconnect/reconnect a couple of times and also ensure the single song (Silent MP3) that's loaded onto the phone is playing. I have the latest IOS so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Maybe it's time to use bluetooth as I have the Carphonics upgraded BM54.
  17. Will these work?

    They might well plug in and work, but the light output may well fall short of genuine units. With that budget im sure someone on here would have a half decent set of facelift lights they might be willing to part with...?
  18. Don't know how I missed this thread but it's brill. Ecxellent stuff sir! Keep em coming.
  19. ger's e61 LCI 535d touring

    Thanks for the comments. I'll get the m5 photos into a pdf sometime. Certainly not finished, but not being able to do much at the moment...
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-BMW-BBS-alloy-wheels-7x16-ET46-Rims-Jantes-RX229-Cabriolet-m-technology-E36/182956010753?hash=item2a99072d01:g:OrEAAOSwW6BaLGlA
  21. Will these work?

    I'd like to do something about the utterly appalling headlights, I can hardly see a thing! While I'm not a fan of the glitzy look, will these plug and play, and will they improve light output? Ad states that auto adjusters won't work with these, they have to be manually set - fine with me, but is that ok? Many thanks for your input.
  22. 2-3 inches here and PITA with kids off school tomorrow.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    The small turbo orifice is different and pre-LCi has 4 fixing holes whereas the LCi has 5 holes. I'm not sure about the large turbo.
  25. G30 in the Snow

    Been everywhere today in a rwd 535d F 10 on winter tyres. No problems even when 4wd SUVs (including the wife's 4wd Kuga on all season tyres) were struggling. I lived in Germany for a number of years where they have proper winters and i learned a lot about winter driving. Tyres, not number of driven wheels, make all the difference. You may not like it but that's how it is. Let the torrent of abuse from the sceptics commence....
  26. The old thermostat questions (again)

    So, both the old stats check out ok, main one starts to show signs of opening around 86 and is fully open at 95 using a pan of water, cooking thermometer and IR thermometer to check against. When it is closed it is sealed tight. The EGR stat also shows signs of life mid 80's and as that is not sealed when shut it always allows some flow through it, when it opens the shaft narrows to allow more flow but the blowing down it trick wouldn't work on that type of stat. Based on this I doubt I need to remove the new stats to test as the old ones check out so I assume it is the gearbox heat exchanger to blame. Some good news, whilst it isn't beyond a job I am capable of I have opted to let a local well recommended indy do a gearbox oil change and mechatronic seal so I sent him a message to see what he wants on top of that to do the heat exchanger as he will be refilling the gearbox oil up on a ramp after doing the service work so I may as well let him do it right 1st time. The old process of elimination at play again.
  27. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    Thank you very much for your effort.
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