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  2. E39 530i oil leaks

    Do the camshaft position sensor orings too. Our exhaust one was leaking, and it dripped onto the AC compressor. after being blown back while driving along.
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  4. Angel eyes / halos

    My lights
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  6. E39 Shadow Chrome Trim (matt black)

    Don't need but I'm sure it'd help if you put your price
  7. Angel eyes / halos

    Hi thank you, yes the picture is here:
  8. If you have no joy selling the four and decide to split, then i'd be interested in taking two dependent on price and manufacture date. C.
  9. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Yes going to try a few. Chris Knott helpful but unable to come up with anything remotely close to Tesco or with better write-off figures. Being an M5 and ungaraged the main issue.
  10. Suspension

    None M-tec 518,520,525 etc
  11. Suspension

    These are the mounts used with the M-tec struts like those found in the M5's, 535's, 540's etc
  12. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    I'll ring you tomorrow. When is best? where in Cheshire are you? I use to live in Bramhall before moving further North. Those OBC figures or pump to pump figures?
  13. Condensation in lights

    On the old E39 it used to be suggested drilling a small hole in the top/back, which would allow any trapped water vapour to evaporate out naturally instead of condensing on the cold front. I use this principle with old double glazed windows on houses that have the vacuum/gas compromised and fill up with condensation, works well.
  14. If you're doing it yourself get one of these, worth every penny! Don't get one of the crap metal ones on eBay that look similar to a grease gun!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Draper-FHP-1L-23242-Multi-Purpose/dp/B008YFX1S6
  15. iPhone connectivity E60 535D

    Just found this. Could be the answer.
  16. First off, I'm not trying to advertise my car on the sly...I am a gold member Genuinely looking for advice to help me decide what to do.... Have a 2001 '51' 530i se auto in Topaz blue with grey leather. Bought Aug last year. Was 1 owner car with full bmw service history from supplying dealer. Has done 108k, done 4k in my ownership. Is in great condition. I removed plastic covers under sills, checked all areas including jacking points and no rust. Have a pit so been under car and no corrosion. No rust at all to arches. Only bit I can find is small area on panel between bumper and boot. Planned keeping car for a long time, still might depending on value, but a 728i sport individual came up that I just couldn't resist! Since I've had the car I've done the following: All oils and filters changed incl. diff oils and auto box filter and oil with genuine filter. Genuine bmw thermostat housing, expansion tank, pulley and radiator cap. New Saleri water pump and antifreeze change. A/c and alternator belts changed. New front fog lights. Have also changed front se seats to sport seats. These are manual, heated with lumbar, but heating and lumbar not yet wired in. Was planning to change back to se seats if won't affect price too much. Chrome trim replaced with black high gloss. Photo attached, now back on original turbine wheels as didn't think the sport wheels I bought suited it. Any advice is most welcome. Thanks
  17. E60 shorter throw gear stick for E39

    Pm me if it's not sold please
  18. Winter Tyres

    Ouch. Guessing they're a premium brand you're after? Currently Goodyear are doing an £80 cash back on 4 tyres. Glad my winters are 16" steels - although to be fair going up to 17" isn't too much of a price difference (non rft)
  19. Winter Tyres

    That's a good price. The winters I'm after at 17" rft flavour are £137 each plus fitting which I can get locally for about £12 a corner. All inc VAT.
  20. Mr

    Hi, I'll get some photos soon as I can. It's in my parents garage at the moment. I'm in Leeds but sure we can sort something out using a courier. I bought it as was planning on changing my se to sport spec but that has now changed. Be happy with what I paid which was £75. Cheers Mike
  21. Brake pad warning

    Nowt wrong with that. When I was replacing a rear spring on my E60, the black clips that hold the rear pad wear sensor to one of the suspension arms resembled dry spaghetti and the merest brush broke the brittle plastic into a gazillion bits, fixed with a black cable tie!
  22. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    Hi Sorry not had any text messages through from you. Its remarkably good on fuel as the EGR and DPF are removed along with a remap. My daily duties are basically taking the children to school in average A and B road traffic with a steady driving style and that returns 42mpg I took her out up to Preston at the last weekend and was driving 70-80 and I returned 56mpg On a hard B road blast then it can be as low at 34mpg. Given the performance available then the consumption is astonishing. It's surprising how restrictive the DPF is
  23. Around 2mm. No I'm in B69
  24. Chrisarfinance@Gmail.com please buddy Yeah no rush
  25. Bought less than month ago, Four Continental Premium Contact 6 - 235/45/17 tyres. No more than 1000 miles on them - 7mm. £240 Collection from Luton.
  26. Suspension

    Reading through one of the links for spare parts I noticed that one of the strut mounts said only for cars without sports suspension, my question is, is there a difference in the strut mounts as I'm looking to swap out the suspension between my 2 E34's, 1 has sport suspension factory fitted and the other does not (my '94). Next, does anyone know if the difference between the 2 suspension systems subtle or or in your face noticeable? All information on this will be much appreciated, thanks in advance Alex
  27. Air compressor

    Don't know I am afraid. Just trying to think of a way to blow them through. I do not believe that a tyre compressor would give the volume needed especially if there is crud in there.
  28. Air compressor

    Are the drainage hoses thick enough to take compressed air pressure? You can get cans of the stuff; might be an idea
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