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  2. Correct in Australia the mk4 had a 4.1 straight 6 Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  3. I did some sanding today. I fully sanded the rim, which was edge driven. It was my son who did that last fall. But as you know that **** happens. I also surface sanded one of the three other rims. Then I'll will sanding those two others tomorrow.
  4. If you're not watching it and waiting for the main event it's on in 10 min! Come on! Oooooohhhhhh Antony Joshua.....
  5. Brilliant. I am now down to my last key and so far got 3 bad copies from supposedly good places - none of them worked! Ill give these guys a try.
  6. Sound advice
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  8. Same as you big shot. I ordered the 30/30 eibach kit last Wednesday, car is booked in for Friday for fitting [emoji30]. Should be a better difference for tho as whilst I have an m sport I think it was specced with se springs. Back of car night looks ok but front looks as if the engine has been removed [emoji12]
  9. I'm getting excited, this has the makings of a good scrap.[emoji482] don't know who to pick but hoping for a belter ding ding [emoji482]
  10. Fitted Motordrive Bucket Seat and VAC Motorsport Seat mounts, must say they are well crafted. and 2 points of the 3 point harness installed.
  11. GoodRain wipers via eBay, or the Continental ones - both are very good Re wiper arms; did mine the other day. Couldn't get them off as they're stuck fast (even after liberal amounts of WD40)! But covered the windscreen with paper and taped it on, the rest of the front of the car and front doors with old bed sheets and sanded down the wiper arms, primered them and sprayed them with Halfrauds Satin Black rattle can; they look like brand new! An hours job, if that really
  12. How far are you? Sorry mate by the time I got to your pedal it got dark, and my battery run flat. Going there again Monday morning.
  13. How much for the passenger side wing mirror?
  14. i looked up the specs for 540 n it states it has a 25mm front are|Plat_Gen%3AE39|Cars+Type%3A540i&hash=item4895a96901%3Ag%3Ay~UAAOSwiONYOPPc&_trkparms=pageci%3Ad2547cf5-2d08-11e7-85ab-74dbd180a93e%7Cparentrq%3Abaf3459115b0ab1cb1f84327ffff52df%7Ciid%3A8
  15. I've notices a lot of modern cars are really noisy even with balloony tall profiles, stuff like VW group not just newer BMW's. I think it may be that the bodyshells are so stiff now that it transmits everything, and that all the panels aren't as sturdily built like an E34.
  16. Good afternoon fellow guys, I am after some audio advice please. My f11 has the base audio 2 mids in front, 2 mids in rear and 2 subs under seat, now I have to admit I find the audio system not to bad at all however in my m5 it has the logic 7 setup which is fantasic. Now Bing I like to do things my self I would like to: 1. Add door tweeters. 2. Upgrade front and rear mids. 3. Upgrade the 2 subs under the seat from 6 to 8". So my first question is do we know what's the best speaker package for the F11? Would any coding have to be done to the audio unit? AMP - will it be better to amp the whole system, if so is there any guides to show how to wiring all this in etc? Any help towards this please would be such a help. Ryan.
  17. Hi, this could be a good option I think, I will have to have a look. I do not want to go down the option quads on the back as it's not an M5 and being a m5 owner I could not do that lol.
  18. I had the same concern with my Continental runflats on my 2010 520D SE and found the solution after an e-mail to them: After having paid for new suspension arms, wheel bearings and a replacement tyre and parting with nearly a grand, I now realise that all I had to do was swap the tyres around. I only replaced one tyre as the noise was most noticeable from the offside front. I can now hear the noise on the nearside tyre and have noticed the unusual 'nick' on the trailing edge of the tyre blocks, as described in the article. Please note that it is not an issue with the Conti's or runflats. The problem is particular with older tyres that do low impact driving or, as in my case, an economical driving style. My tyres were over 3 years old, 32,000 miles since replacement, but still had 4mm of tread left. They have never run flat and have always been maintained at the correct pressure. Wear is totally even across the width of the tyre. I hope you find this article and don't fall foul of my garage's (not a BMW dealership) ignorance on this matter. I went to a non-BMW dealer. Despite Grassicks being more expensive in general, I'm sure they would have been aware of this and saved me nearly £1,000!!!
  19. You mention a change of ownership Geoff, who actually owns the site now ?
  20. Ooh. Got a link? I had a look and it seems to list 24mm as 540 ones
  21. That's lovely. The 1700 was a Cologne V4, much better than the 1700 V4 Essex used in Zephyrs and the Ford Pubic (Coarse 'airs). The German V4 was used in the Saaab 96 as well. I once had a go in a German Capri 1300 - that was a tiny V4, same block as the 1500/1700 but with a very short stroke - it revved like a bastard, very smooth and with a very Alfasud/Subaru beat to it.
  22. Oh. I just read that the EU welcomes the UK's acceptance of the "four freedoms". As one is freedom of movement, it is not surprising that they will make a deal. What on earth has Mavis been up to?
  23. New seats going in tomorrow
  24. And it's still got 2/3 tank in diesel in it, so free fuel for the trip home
  25. If it needed a full restoration (and who did it?), then it's debatable whether it's worth 50 grand. Generally, M3 convertibles aren't. 50k is far better spent on a really good historied M3 hardtop, a nice 215 bhp late model. 50k will buy a seriously good one.
  26. That is very nice work. I think the way you are going about it is the way to do it. Do it in manageable sections so that the car is not off the road for long periods. I stripped my car to a shell and it means that you lose interest and it keeps being put on the back of the line of things to do. Going to far is stripping the diff and replacing clutch and disc parts of the Lsd new bearings and seals. That is why I do not have a car, just a large collection of parts which are in boxes. Keep it on the road and enjoy it.
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