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  2. rob015

    THE NEW PROJECT... NOT A 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    Best color combination ever! Love the interior. Wanted to buy one of these but after two months of looking for a right one - bought an E60. A lot of car anyway, even the standard equipment is amazing.
  3. Paddy O'Furniture

    Been a while.......

    About time we had some pics of your new toy too Mick.
  4. Paddy O'Furniture

    Been a while.......

    I and a few others are using postimage.
  5. Babaikram

    Do I need to pay extra for Apple car play

    It is daylight robbery that BMW are charging an extra time limited subscription for a technology that is not there. A lowly Vauxhall corsa has it free.
  6. Babaikram

    G30 520d vs F10?

    Yes you are correct. It is still a Volvo
  7. Today
  8. Nomis

    Been a while.......

    Oh yeah, and as mick eluded to, I’ve been given a new truck to play at trucking with. If I can learn how to post pics now post tapatalk and now photobucket has killed itself I’ll get some up. What photo sharing sites are best now?
  9. Nomis

    Been a while.......

    Just been pre occupied with other boring life shit and miss the forum being on tapatalk. Yes ive still got the E92. Still the best all round car I’ve ever owned. I’ve even lavished money on it unnecessarily! If you’re interested I’ll go into detail
  10. The oem bmw speakers live in little boxes and are designed to work in said enclosures despite sounding shite. Replacement normal cat speakers of the same size are designed to work in a big door cavity with lots of air space so won't like it when crammed into a little sealed plastic shitty enclosure.
  11. I,m definitely not local now, but can provide last years contact details to anybody who wants to have a crack at running this. Regards, Mick
  12. wallback@icloud.com

    my BMW 530D

    BMW 5 Series 3.0 530d M Sport 4dr 2015 that is what display on the dashboard. monitoring control system unit faulty I reset it with everything even the machine still come back. no temperature display and no pressure reading display on dashboard only symbol of a car and Lines I don't know but I strongly believe this is the problem Tire Pressure Control Unit
  13. Jellyfishfields

    E39 M5 Prices

    Have any decent cars been put through a classic car auction recently? Be interesting to see what one would go for through the likes of Silverstone classic auction, for example.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Jellyfishfields

    New wheels finally on.

    Since the car was in for MOT, service and a couple of new tyres, I thought I may as well get the new wheels fitted, bought them on here back in December. Look a bit darker than I thought once on, but a vast improvement on the wheels I had. Wasn't sure at first, but the more I see them the more they grow on me.
  16. Qasimahmed

    Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio vs M3 Comp vs C63 AMG S

    That does look awesome
  17. BacktoBeemer

    G30 520d vs F10?

    He has but when all is said and done it will always be a Volvo - no comparison IMO ......
  18. sayanthan

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    With polished lips which ceramic coat is best?
  19. BacktoBeemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Feel free lol
  20. SuperDave

    how reliable do you think this new model will be ???

    I couldn't possibly say.
  21. BacktoBeemer

    how reliable do you think this new model will be ???

    No, is that dealership bad then?
  22. sayanthan

    Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio vs M3 Comp vs C63 AMG S

    Thoroughly enjoyed it on the 4 hour drive back from JCT 600 Leeds! Time for the 540 touring to move on methinks...
  23. SuperDave

    G30 520d vs F10?

    The guy they pinched from Bentley to run volvo's interior design has done a fab job!
  24. Technikal

    Bmw 5 series e60 2003 engine over heating

    Hi dan thanks for your reply mate i found were the leak was coming from after the car started over heating i looked under the bonnet and noticed the coolant leaking out from underneath the expansion tank then there was a split in the side of expansion tank I've now replaced it so hopefully its fixed ill keep you guys posted
  25. BarryM

    Jack pads and sill condition

    Things are worse than expected once you start uncovering rust, there was no obvious sign of rust from a quick visual inspection but once I started prodding I came up with this! Offside: Nearside: I've used BH Deox gel a few times today but only for an hourish at a time as the heat is making the stuff dry out (even under cling film), it's getting better but taking a long time. Have left some more gel on overnight as hoping it will stay gel with the cooler temps. I still have the 'top' part to do which I initially thought was not too bad but that's looking worse after I started scraping the paint back. Hopefully I still don't need a welder but I think now's the time to get a few stone chips done on the sills so will get in touch with a local paint man I've been recommended once all the rust is gone.
  26. Yokozuna

    Icon lights failing?

    Damn it! You beat me to it...
  27. SuperDave

    how reliable do you think this new model will be ???

    You dont live in Chester then.
  28. BacktoBeemer

    Icon lights failing?

    Got to be grounds for a full refund IMO
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